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Ancient Egyptian Pantheons
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Aug 18, 2018 @ 8:44pm
Mar 31, 2019 @ 2:35pm
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Ancient Egyptian Pantheons

Updated for Gathering Storm!
Adds 10 new ancient Egyptian-themed Pantheons, inspired by the Gifts of the Nile scenario.

I fully recommend that you use this mod with my other religion mod, Religion Expanded!

  • God of the Watery Abyss (Nun): Sea luxury resources provide +1 Science and +1 Culture.

  • God of Creation (Atum): All Builders receive 1 extra charge.

  • Lord of All Gods (Amun): Palace yields are doubled. +1 Amenity and +1 Housing in the Capital. Government Plaza buildings provide +1 Science, +1 Culture, and +1 Faith.

  • Goddess of Magic and Wisdom (Aset): Holy Sites provide +1 Science and +1 Culture.

  • Lord of Royal Power (Apedemak): Combat victories provide Science equal to 50% of the Combat Strength of the defeated unit.

  • Lord of the Sacred Land (Anubis): +1 Gold from tiles with Charming or better Appeal.

  • Lord of the Horizons (Horus): One extra Wildcard policy slot in any government.

  • Guardian God (Sebiumeker): Cities with garrisons receive an additional +5% Culture and 5% Faith, and gain an additional Ranged Strike per turn.

  • House God (Bes): Happy cities receive an additional +5% Culture and +5% Faith. Ecstatic cities double these amounts.

  • God of the Fertile Oases (Ash): +1 Science, +1 Culture, +1 Faith, +1 Gold, +1 Food, and +1 Production from Oases and tiles adjacent to Oases.

This mod is fully compatible with:
Religion Expanded
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Fnord Jan 1 @ 5:44am 
It works fine and its nice. The only objection I have is I think the one that gives a wildcard policy is a bit OP. Otherwise its quite good.
p0kiehl  [author] Nov 1, 2019 @ 2:54pm 
Yep, this mod is working fine.
Ingolenuru Nov 1, 2019 @ 12:22pm 
p0kiehl did you tell me all of your mods are updated for the Sept patch? I can't remember. It will take a while to go through all of your mods. lol Thank you.
Hoshi Jun 25, 2019 @ 7:23am 
P0kiehl, Can you open a discussion for translation in this one as well?
p0kiehl  [author] Jun 19, 2019 @ 6:36am 
This mod is working fine with the latest patch - the only religion mod of mine that needs updating is "p0kiehl's Better Pantheons" which I'm working on doing.
Rootimus Jun 19, 2019 @ 3:43am 
@Brouillardd - The game is working fine for me with this mod post-patch. I'm also running Faith Pantheons, Religion Expanded and God of Holy War, all of which are working fine.

Are you getting a log error specifically pointing to this mod?
brouillardd Jun 18, 2019 @ 9:06pm 
I like these. With the June patch, I couldn't get a game to launch unless I disabled all the pantheon mods. Do you plan to update this?
XVeris Mar 31, 2019 @ 5:36pm 
@p0kiehl Thank you for clarification. Some Pantheon bonuses have a "+X from Pantheon" listed in tool tips, so I was expecting something like that. Love your mods!
p0kiehl  [author] Mar 31, 2019 @ 2:38pm 
@GiuseppeIII - OK, mod has been fixed and uploaded.

@XVeris - That Pantheon has always worked correctly. It shows up the exact same way the Scottish Enlightenment bonuses do - on the city panel you'll see the extra % from happiness level when you hover over the yield. To verify, if you're at +1 Amenity, hover over Gold for example and you'll see +5% from happiness. Hover over Culture and Faith and you'll see +10% instead. The same for Ecstatic - you'll see +15% instead of +10%.
XVeris Mar 31, 2019 @ 8:52am 
Can anyone confirm if the House God Pantheon is working? I'm not noticing any increase in Faith and Culture output in my Happy/Ecstatic cities, nor any tool tip stating I'm getting an increase. I am playing without Gathering Storm (hoping to get it soon), and with Sukritact's Enhanced UI.