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The Chasm
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Aug 18, 2018 @ 5:05pm
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The Chasm

In 1 collection by Trappel22
The Chasm - Official Server Mods
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Current Version: v.1.7.1

Welcome to ARK: The Chasm!
Waking up on The Chasm you will find yourself in an abandoned and destroyed ARK. This ARK suffered a fate similar to Aberration.
The past survivors on "The Chasm" pulled back their structures and cities into the Fertile Caverns and narrower cave systems to stand a better chance at defending themselves from the dangerous creatures and the hostile enviroment. Skilled Survivors may be able to still find some of the old ruins in the caverns of the map which they left before they went into hiding due to weird circumstances..

There is a huge chasm dividing nearly the entire map, as if the ARK had almost been torn apart, bringing a new challenge for survivors to face.
It once seemed to have been a very lively ARK and populated by a variety of life forms. Some of them mutated strongly to adapt to the new living conditions. Others found new habitats, to which they had to adapt only slightly.

Please do not build in unfinished areas otherwise your builds might be destroyed in updates later on. This map is a work in progress at this point. Keep that in mind.

Official Discord[]

Official Wiki[]

Map Name: Riven_P

Steam ID: 1484748491

Map Completion: 55%

Currently available biomes:
-Fertile Area
-Surface: North West
-Surface: South East
-Biolum Underwater Cave
-50% of the Biolum Area
-The Chasm

Available unique creatures:
-Aberrant Deinonychus
-Aberrant Megalania
-Fertile Golem
-Biolum Golem
-Element Golem
-Surface Golem

Note: Make sure you also use "The Chasm - Additional Creatures" mod as otherwise most of the unique creatures above will not spawn!

Upcoming biomes:
-50% of the Biolum Area (v.1.8)
-Element Area (v.1.9)
-Surface: South West (v.2.0)
-Fertile Artifact Caverns
-Occulta City (Extinction content)
-Biolum Caverns
-Element Caverns (Extinction content)
-Surface Cave (Scorched Earth content)
-New Boss Arenas

Upcoming unique creatures:
-Scorched Earth Creatures with aberrant variants (except for Wyvern, Moth and Phoenix)
-Extinction Creatures (except for the Snow Owl and the Titans)
-Aberrant Procoptodon
-Aberrant Unicorn
-Aberrant Thylacoleo
-The Guardians

ARK Modding Contest
Thank you all very much for voting in the ARK: Modding Contest! The Chasm took place 3 in the Map section so I'm really happy and grateful for all the support!

Make sure to hit the thumbs up if you like the map and share it with friends!

The Chasm - Official Server:

-3x harvesting/taming + 2x XP
-Mod list:
-For more informations/questions visit my Discord[]!

This mod is proudly sponsored by, If you're looking for a server provider who offers an easy to use interface, automatic mod updates, multiple server locations and an unmatched support service - Look no further!
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therealdeal0026 Aug 22 @ 7:28pm 
will the mod allow you to transfer the special dinos off server
Poison Aug 17 @ 7:57am 
Is there a way to block the boss arena while it's not finished yet?
The Rickest Rick Aug 14 @ 6:36pm 
what engrams are allowed?
Darkforce Aug 14 @ 10:23am 
im so hyped for occulta city. is there gonna be a possible to enter the buildings in the city?
BTW: The Tek Chamber is really awesome looking man. keep the good work up.
Trappel22  [author] Aug 12 @ 10:32am 
Lots of comments to answer, thank you all already, was very busy the last couple of days!

@Crowfooted The next update contains huge FPS improvements so hopefully that will be gone with the next patch!

@Parceble There is oil on the surface (quite small oil rocks) and oil in the actual chasm deep down near the element river. Other oil sources are Trilobites and Tek Creatures.

@realityx7 Basilisks can be found somewhat often if you know where to look for them. The blue zone got more than the fertile area of course, etc.

@Freeman Thanks, glad you enjoy the new update! With the portal area you could have spotted something that will arrive later on ;)
Freeman Aug 7 @ 7:00am 
hey @trappel22
I took a closer look at the map after 1.7 was released and....damn i am impressed, the radiation zone is huge and looks really amazing. You really deserved a top 3 in the mod contest (No. 1 in my opinion)
One thing i noticed in the fertile area, especially when compairing to abberation, is that, a lot of height levels are not accesible by natural ziplines. A lot of ziplines connect heights of the same level. So without the rockdrake it seems hard to access all the different height levels in the fertile area.

So excited to see this map getting further completed, i even took a glance at a portal-like area in the spectator, looking forward to see if or how it will be integrated
realityx7 Aug 6 @ 9:46am 
Can basilisks be found in any meaningful number here? Trying to get a fang, wondering if its easier than aberration
Parceble Aug 4 @ 6:52pm 
Where is the oil? I've looked everywhere excepted the radiation cavern. I even went up top on the surface. Any help would be appreciated!
{Bone}Master Alien Aug 2 @ 3:36pm 
I really like this map idea and aberration still my favorite map. For everyone, add reapers, hazardous area and i have a question, what is those veins youre talking about?
Crowfooted Aug 1 @ 6:02pm 
Me and a buddy are playing this map for the first time tonight and we're noticing a lot of framerate chugging whenever we look in the direction of where the chasm is.

We thought it might be the biolum area but we can look at most areas of the biolum; it only chugs when we look towards a specific place, towards the south-west of the fertile region, and down a little bit. We're assuming that's where the chasm is since we haven't actually been down there yet.

The only place we can play where it seems to be "out of range" of whatever it is that's causing the lag is at the mushroom lake area - no framerate drop at all directly at the lake but venture a little bit into the center of the map and it begins to chug.

Obviously it's still a WIP and really great work, I'm your biggest fan. Just wanted to note it here, if there's a better place to note it please let me know.