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TIPS - By fellow players
By Nerd10101
It is a record of tips from the communiy of Reus players and it is open to the public to contribute information.
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Nerd10101 has created this guide due to the lack of information for Reus players.

We encourage all to contribute(edit, discuss, add, etc.) to this guide as well as the Reus Wiki to help the community.

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  • Vist the Reus Wiki[]( )
  • Memorize or have the abilities section[] of the Reus Wiki Walkthrough[] accessible.
  • Don't get greedy! Expand slowly to keep greed from accumulating.
  • Animals just outside of the borders still yield significant prosperity for a village.
  • Other resources can also help you by activating symbioses of resources within village borders.
  • Some Symbiosis require pre-requisites before they are met; read the tooltips to find out what they need.
  • Have the Aspects[] page available to determine which resource would work in the favor of your village.
  • Unless you do not want anything to happen during your thought process pause the game and then do the math.
  • Be thoughtful of your upgrades and layout. There may be another way to achieve what you want through symbiosis.
  • Learn more about the resources[] game mechanics.
  • Learn about fish! Oceans are not useless patches. A third tier fish (Marlin[], Tuna[] and Anglerfish[]) can really make a difference in a town prosperity.
Useful Links
Reus Wiki[]:
How Awe reduces greediness?

When a town "resource capacity" is at least 20 units bigger than the "resource in use", the greediness of the town will go up.

Every 1 "Awe" push this limit by one unit.

Example: If you have 10 Awe, the greediness will only go up when the difference between the capacity and the resource in use is more than 30 units.

This greediness mechanism also means that you must consider every one of the 3 resources separately. With 0 Awe, you can have a difference of 19 in Tech, Wealth and Food at the same time (a total of 57 units) and the town greed will not go up.

Attain achievements

Mining/Plant/or Animal ONLY: build village normally, then replace all the resources in the last couple of minutes of the game when prosperity is high enough.

Village War: The easiest way to get villages to fight is pile on one resource. I typically use white willows for tech or gold for wealth, pear trees are great for food. Determine which side wins by killing the other side with your giant so regardless of how strong the other army is you get the result you want.
After Unlocking 60-minutes
Danger can allow your village's prosperity to grow rapidly (even moreso than awe). As long as there is enough danger present, it doesn't matter how big the gap is between your resources and resources in use. Your villages will not increase in greed while in danger.

The only aspects that can add danger to animals are hunt (forest giant) and predator (swamp giant) so you'll want to plan for the ambassadors that your giants need for these (desert). The easiest way to get the first 6 ambassadors is to work one or two villages, quickly complete (don't worry about greed) the first project, and destroy the village. If you let a village complete a level 2 project before you have 6 ambassadors, then you have wasted time. As your global prosperity rises, the longer it will take for the bar to fill and the next nomad to appear.
Each of your giants must have 1 ambassador before any of them can hold 2. Each of your giants must have 2 ambassadors before any of them can hold 3 etc...Plan ahead for which giant receives which ambassador and in which order. I recommend giving each giant a desert ambassador first. You can destroy the first desert village and have it resettled repeatedly. Then I would go for forest ambassador for your swamp giant and forest giant. This combo will allow your forest giant to create "great fruit plants" and "greater fertility boosts". It will allow your swamp giant to create "great herbs" and "great exotic animals". Both giants will also be able to add danger to animals.
Once your village growth has slowed down enough you can replace the dangerous animal with another resource that will help you with an unlock. Let's say you want to unlock "mining community" (a village which has 250 prosperity and only uses minerals). You can use danger to hold back the greed and as long as you replace the dangerous animal with a mineral before the game ends, you still get the unlock.

Reloading a saved game with 10 or 15 minutes left on the clock after you've unlocked a few more developments, is a good way to unlock even more developments without starting a game from scratch. This is the least frustrating method of unlocking those developments that require X number of ocean or mountain tiles within a village border.
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IRUNREDLIGHTS Mar 12, 2017 @ 12:58am 
time to acquire tile = 200seconds * [1 - (0.3 if same type) - (0.1 if dangerless plant or animal)] * [0.5 * distance + 0.1 * danger from tile + 0.2 if mountain]
gkpaws01 Jul 27, 2014 @ 8:12pm 
Thanks! This was very helpful. :summeryeti:
Aoi Blue May 3, 2014 @ 8:47pm 
You can kill an army with your giant instead of destroying the vilage if you want the other side to win the war.

Several tips for growing villages faster:
1. Awe really helps. Get lots of awe and the village won't grow greedy. If you get the awe high enough, you can grow the village by hundreds of prosperity points at a time. This is the prefered way to grow villages to extreme levels.

2. Danger works if you can't use Awe. Sure, Awe is nicer, doesn't prevent expansion and it's safer, but danger keeps the fear of your wrath in them just fine. However, when growing fast via danger, remember to keep close watch. The village's ability to handle danger increases as it bacomes more prosperous by utilizing resources.
Språy Mar 3, 2014 @ 7:43pm 
Thanks for your own feedback benjamind, that also help me n_n
Jamin Feb 17, 2014 @ 6:26am 
I've managed to answer my own question and thought I would share. The Forest challenge bronze requires you to finish an era with 4 non-forest ambassadors and as many forest ambassadors as you like.
Jamin Feb 17, 2014 @ 3:04am 
Ok, so this is not so much a tip as a question.
I'm confused about the final challenges eg "forest challenge bronze" which is described as: "Finish a 60-minutes Era with at most 4 non-Forest ambassadors and at least 2000 Prosperity. Cannot be met in Alt Mode."

Does this mean that there can be only 4 ambassadors in total (all of which non-forest), or that there can be any number of forest ambassadors but only 4 non-forest ambassadors?
TheNoisyOne Feb 5, 2014 @ 5:47am 
Useful guide. Thaks.
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great post
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