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Battle Bowl
Created by Hideous
Listen up, jarhead....
The Solid Impact
Created by ToxicWeasel

Point in general direction of enemy.. press the trigger and witness pure carnage!.. That's of course if you can even lift this weapon!


Not to be used by lightweights or maggots!...
The Kommando Kit
Created by Iron
The Kommando Kit is a new pack for the heavy featuring a soviet-industrial theme and five new items:

The Iron Hussar
Protelariat Plates
The Red Menace
Komrade Kannon
Salted Earth Stompers...
Ol' Charlotte
Created by Colteh
Australian engineering at it's finest.


~added more woodgrain, updated specular map
~added more personality to the rifle,extra details
~redid the 2 lods...
Created by Svdl
A shotgun just for the Pyro, with a head similar to the backburner on it.

3 lods, 2 textures.
The Cold Handshake
Created by Rotzlöffel
What is better then ultimativ killer fingerless gloves? Yeah, thats right. A pair of robo gloves.

This metal hands are the ultimative weapon for/against pain.
Never hurt yourself while crushing the spine of enemys.

The overlap in the thirdperson vie...
The Crossed Stitch
Created by Sparkwire
I have no mouth and I must scream.

Thanks to Trey for the fabulously frightful facial flexes, and BANG! for the prodigiously pretty Source Filmmaker promos!

Vote for the other two items in the Stuffed Saboteur set!
The Ragdoll's Rags...
The Menpo
Created by SEGA
Uploaded to the Steam Workshop at Valve's request....
If this hat is on your head, then either the hat was stolen from a witch, or you actually are the witch!
The hat laughs menacingly when you never expect it.
It has 2 styles:
1. Sutured Smile (can be worn during the day till sunset)
2. Unleash the Hell (loo...
The Cortex Command
Created by Sparkwire
Vote for the Cerebrospinal Reserve, the companion item to the Cortex Command!

Updated with a new shattered gla...
Bro Plate
Created by Svdl
An extremely flared steel helmet with an attached brow-plate....
Feather Duster
Created by Svdl
Fairly compact and hopefully silenced....
Pillager's Barrel
Created by Svdl
For head protection and occasional crusading

Updated for new importer.
Has nothing on top of it anymore....
Mail Bomber
Created by Svdl
Heavy armor. Misc item, though could be used as a passive weapon.

Removed boots to keep within importer limits....
The Kingmaker
Created by Svdl
High explosives for any knightly pursuit. Comes with new stickies.
And just to be clear, even though the weapon is part of medieval-ish items, it's not meant for the medieval mode....
Winged Rider
Created by andrzejBG
- 2 LODs
- colors for both teams
- paintable
As community suggested, I've changed the texture to make it look a bit more rough/worn.

Now also for Scout....
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