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Stacking - Open Excalican - Solutions
By DinoKoek
All solutions to " Open Excalican " puzzle
Stacking - Open Excalican - Gone Fishing
Gone Fishing

Find the can with a bird inside and stack into the bird. Use it to fly to its nest, and walk across to the next can. Use the "Fly to nest" ability again, unstack the bird and use the fishing pole.

Stacking - Open Excalican - Lanced a lot
Lanced a lot

Stack into a dock worker (the ones with a pallet on their head) and put a child on the pallet. Place the child on the pallets near the knight and stack into the child. Move down and stack in to the knight, now use his ability on the bullseye.

Stacking - Open Excalican - There can only be one
There can only be one

Find Tristan Tugboy and stack into him. Go back towards the statue and find Bucky Bedroll. Stack into Bucky and give Tristan a helmet. Go back in side Tristan and head back to the docks. Talk to the woman in red to the right when you enter the area. Now that you are a real knight go use his ability on the can.