The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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If Bombs Ruled The Greybeards
Anything you could need to either Crash the game, Break the game, or DESTROY EVERYTHING IN THE GAME! Mwahahahaha!
Items (28)
Atomic Bomb + INFERNO + EXTRA LARGE tamrial Scorpion GKA.60.Arrow's
..WARNING...DANGER...blast radius is in points not meters
Baxter the Pyromancer
Created by Triumphant Obtuse
Hello and welcome to another installment of mods by Triumphant Obtuse, today we take a walk down nostalgia road and get a glimpse of the Skyrim of yesteryear.... even though Skyrim really didn't come out that long ago :P
This character is my firs...
Chuck Norris
Created by TimeToAbandonShip
This mod adds the most overpowered character I could make. He can be found in his lair which you can fast travel to (Its by Alftand). Dawnguard is required for this follower since he has dragonbone weapons...
Alien and UFO invasion of Helgen ---2---
Created by GalaxyGirl
Comment if you like :)

Do NOT start a new game with this mod on because it clashes with the first Helgen missions

This is the new amped up mod that adds aliens and other alien creatures and ufos to Helgen ...
More Summonables
Created by Metacide
Important Notes:
Various merchants stock these spells. Phinis Gestor at the College stocks the most powerful, but you must be a high enough...
Blaze Of Eventide
Created by Alek
- True flame effects.
- Fiery footprints.
- Illuminates surroundings (optional).
- Glows at night.
- Follows player.
- Custom summon mechanics and effects.
- Fire damage immunity - fire heals instead.
- Fiery avenger (burns attac...
Deployable Traps 1.6
Created by Eioh
Deployable Traps v1.5

Now with a handy dandy book to help you craft. :)

Read the changelog!!!!!! :)

[Current Traps]

Ankle Trap: Craftable via one strip of leather and one iron ingot.
Oil Trap: Craftable via two pieces of leather and one Ale....
Doomsday Package
Created by Corruption
The Nuke spell is a lethal push to clear your way and the Atom Bomb is......well an atom bomb DO NOT USE IN TOWNS AND DO NOT SPAM the lag is horrible as shown in my video and also shown the atom bomb wipes out the entire hold so careful >.>. ENJOY! XD oh a...
Drop Everything!
Created by tungsten
IF you want to update this mod and re-release it for some reason, go for it. I don't play the game anymore :o

This mod is indefinitely unsupported, but will return at some point in the future.

Desire an experience closer to morrowind? Drop ...
Dwemer Bombs!
Created by Marbaus
* Check out the videos*
This mod adds Dwemer Drop Bombs able to be crafted or bought from merchants(Markarth & Khajiit). It also adds 11 new perks. Dwarven Mechanics branch (smithing), Dwarven Templar (restoration) & Dwarven Biobombs (alchemy). Can be dro...
Dwemer Traps, Bombs and Exploding Arrows
Created by LacunaePhage
Enemies Essplode! by LittleBaron (aka LacunaePhage on Steam)

Your sneaky thief with Ancient Knowledge can now craft Dwemer Traps, Bombs and Exploding Arrows to cause mischief with. Blow your enemies to pieces from the comfort of your current hiding spot...
God Armor! - Nothing Can Kill You
Created by HexedHero
~~~God Armor~~~

This mod adds a God armor into the game (no custom model) this armor makes it so nothing can kill you.

~~~How to get it~~~

1. You can craft it at a forge (see picture)

2. You can find it at the SkyForge but once you have ...
God Bow V2! - Custom Model With Custom Sounds
Created by HexedHero
~~~God Bow~~~

This mod adds a God bow into the game (no custom model) this bow is GIANT and can kill anything in ONE HIT

~~~How to get it~~~

1. You can craft it at a forge (see picture)

2. You can find it at the SkyForge but once you hav...
God Shield! - Nothing Can Kill You
Created by HexedHero
~~~God Shield~~~

This mod adds a God shield into the game (no custom model) this shield makes it so nothing can kill you.

~~~How to get it~~~

1. You can craft it at a forge (see picture)

2. You can find it at the SkyForge but once you ha...
God Spell! - Kill Anything In One Hit With Magic
Created by HexedHero
~~~God Spell~~~

This mod adds a God spell into the game (no custom model) this god makes it you can shoot a fireball and kill anything in one hit with no magica cost!

~~~How to get it~~~

1. You can find it at the SkyForge (see picture)

God Sword! - Super Fast With GOD Dmg
Created by HexedHero
~~~God Sword~~~

This mod adds a God sword into the game (no custom model) this sword is super fast and can kill anything in ONE HIT and from miles away

~~~How to get it~~~

1. You can craft it at a forge (see picture)

2. You can find it at t...
Inferno: Advents of Flame
Created by Frost Dragen
A long forgotten evil is on the verge of its return. Venture into the voids of Darlera to stop a madman who threatens to plunge the lands into the depths of chaos. Will you spare the world from wrath or watch it burn in ruin?


An ominous...
MagicExplosiveDaedricArrow's Dawnguard
made at the forge, and all arrows are purchasable at the. solitude fletchery = archer shop in solitude next to the blacksmith

Arrows+bolt's in this pack.are as follows

Vampire Blood Plague steel+dwaven crossbow Bolts
SunBurst ...
Mana Bomb
Created by Jynx
Ladies and Gentleman... for all of us who love to fight hordes of enemies but hate to get stuck when they swarm you, I present... the Area-Of-Effect Fus-Ro-Dah Spell: MANA BOMB!

Enough with the catchy intro. Let's do this.

First of all, this spell ca...
Nebior's Staff Bundle
Created by nebior
UPDATE: Sheogorath's Summoning Staff!!!!! Vendor also has the Staff for sale!!! Check the coffin behind Breezehome for the Staff!

Current List of Staves: Staff of Ghostly Remains, Staff of Sweet Rolls, The Golden Touch, Staff of Boots, Staff of Salt, St...
Nightmare Survival Mode [Skyrim]
Created by Nemorov

The degree of difficulty of individual units is increased

Dungeon's processed:

Azura Star Interior
Bilegulch Mine
Bleakcoast Cavern
Bleak Falls
Blindcliff Bastion...
Wizardric Trap
Created by hiz
Locks change to Traps.

This MOD is likely to destroy the quest.


Inspect trap.
Affects the probability of success is Lockpick skill & perk.

Magic of inspect trap.
no cost.
Affects the probability of success...
Created by Chaz
(Made using the Official Creation Kit, not the Nexus program. In case you were wondering.)

Za’Tala can be found in the city of Markarth. She will be waiting for you inside Vindrel Hall and will return there when you discharge her from following...
Play as a Greybeard!
Created by Arcus
you asked you nerdy mother truckers and you recieved!
with this mod you can now play as those wrinkly old senial greybeards!
the greybeards are a nord race as thats what they are in the race list ( for you annoying immersion nerds)
p.s i am still except...
Kestutis the Unwavering: A warrior companion.
Created by Chris P. Bacon
UPDATE: Gave him a bow and some arrows so he could have some ranged abilities besides his Acidic bile.
The ...
Created by Sam
Combine the power of Thu'um and the power of a sword and this is what you get. Fling your enemies into the air and soon you'll find yourself walk out of the battle victorious, laughing.

You can currently find the Fus-Ro-Sword in two places:
Ethereal Home
Created by thekomaster
Ethereal Home v1.2

Give you acces to an Ethereal Home via a teleportation spell. The home is fully equip and have some unique features.

When exiting the Ethereal home, you are send back exactly where you where before...

This mod is companion compa...
Coalesce Spell: Fuse Soul Gems
Created by ☆ Bass Canid ☆
This is my first mod.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the "soul gem smithing" mods. They add way too much overhead to what should otherwise be a simple process, they are a cheap way to spam up your smithing skill, and they just aren't fun to use. I really ...
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The Barton of Stories  [author] May 26, 2013 @ 7:35am 
User Advise: THIS WILL DESTROY YOUR COMPUTER! ONLY DOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE ONE LIKE MINE! Seriously though, it will...I tested it myself and even my computer couldnt handle this combination! I dropped from 300 FPS to 20 in less than 30 second. Oh god, what have I created! Also, dont blame me if you need to reinstall Skyrim after this. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! *dramatic music*