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The Unliscensed Überanzug
Created by ZoraKirby
This is a Halloween 2011 Item

This is one of the miscs for "The Zombie Fortress of Dr. Nedic" pack, which was only a pseudo-pack last year.

"Who needs a REAL doctor when ya got the Medic and his scary needles?"

Item set links:
Primary: http://ste...
The "Face-Off"
Created by Sith Happens.
Impose Fear on your pray with the terrifying "Face-Off"! It might not stop you from getting face-stabbed... but at least you'll look scarier than usual.

*6-class headgear
*Face-Off eye holes have a shadow casting effect (player's bright skin color arou...
Lil' Batty
Created by crazy-g
Not everything on Halloween is spooky and scary. This little bat is so heart-warming he makes Casper the Friendly Ghost look like Casper the Serial Felon Wanted in Six States.

And that is why the Soldier is afraid of it.

Halloween pet that follows you ar...
The Botany Bay Butcher
Created by Pogo
Here comes the scary part...
Scary Scythe
Created by hap0py
As scary to your soul as it is to your head!...
The Towel Ghost
Created by BobDaSponge
Halloween is coming and you want to disguise as a scary ghost ? You want to make your enemies cry and your friends respect you ?
Now you can ! Take that towel, drop it on top of your head, and BAM !
You're The Towel Ghost !!

- Added a scree...
The Firebug
Created by Gryoss
Agh! Our good ol' loveable pyro has transformed into some hideous insect thing! A Bug! He's LITERALLY a firebug! The pun itself is enough to scare the living daylights (or nightlights WoOoOOoOOO) out of any accomplished mercenary. Imagine the reaction the ...
The Spooky Root
Created by MonkeyBug
With a quick slight of hand this spooky root will send fear down your spine. A stolen relic from Merasmus can only mean he intends on coming for it.

Death Effect - Bats
Created by obstipator
Particle effect of bats flying out of your body when you're killed. On a scale of 1 to 10 of spookyness, I rate this a solid 9.5

Also a version as an unusual effect with less bats, but still just as spooky can be found here:
Murder and Skully
Created by Batandy
Meet Murder and Skully! The most spooky grenades out there! Are they TOO SPOOKY for you?...
The All Hallows All Purpose
Created by Snood 🍕
Ever felt under-equiped for dealing with Vampires, Werewolves, Demons AND Zombies at the same time? Well not anymore! This spooky swiss army knife even comes with it's own spine-chilling warranty.


For those of you looking for the spy knife alter...
Neanderthal's Noggin V2
Created by Tom
The same idea of giving our beloved Pyro a skull for a head, now with an improved model, texture, etc... we even replaced the old empty sockets with some neat flashlights for a glowing effect! Comes with LODs, BP icons and a jiggling jaw! Spooky!
The Cerebrospinal Reserve
Created by Sparkwire
"If we had a little bit of this ourselves, maybe we'd have thought of a description by now."

Make sure to vote on the companion misc, The Cortex Command!
Heart Beater [without particles]
Created by NeoDemonic
Halloween themed bat n ball. Includes heart beat animation, jigglebones and custom fleshy sound effects.
All the sound effects are 100% original audio.

Modelling, Texturing, Animation, Killicons and promotional media by NeoDement
Initial Item Concept, Sou...
The Hallowed Headcase
Created by P®OOf on the ®OOf
Halloween is coming for us.
I decided to remake my old work.
Thanks for the name to [xG:B] Ezmar =)....
The Medium Rare
Created by Mnemo
It is a stake (the kind you use to kill vampires) melee for the Spy designed with this year's Halloween event in mind.
The Unspeakable Horror
Created by ZoraKirby
This is a Halloween 2012 item.

EDIT: I have changed the color scheme a little. the second image with the blue text shows the color changes

This is the Secondary Weapon for "The Zombie Fortress of Dr. Nedic" pack, which was only a pseudo-pack last year...
The Infection Protection
Created by ZoraKirby
This is a Halloween 2011 Item

This is one of the Misc items for "The Zombie Fortress of Dr. Nedic" pack, which was just a pseudo-pack last year.

"The Medic's Evil Twin, Who totally isn't just the Medic in disguise"

Available Styles:
The Hacksaw
Created by ZoraKirby
This is a Halloween 2011 Item

This is the melee for "The Zombie Fortress of Dr. Nedic" pack, which was only a pseudo-pack last year.

Now with 100% less legal Issues!

Item set links:
[OLD] Eeldritch Abomination
A NEW style for Bill Moray, for Halloween 2012!

Bill Moray has gone to HELL, and BACK! Just as jiggly as ever, although something’s not quite right. Look closer, aren’t his eye sockets too huge? That’s most likely it, because he’s totally NOT a SKELETON...
The PyroShock
Created by <<GT500>> JZ-eerie
1959. Pyro was invited to the party...

Other items in the pack:

*** There's a new version of this submission with better LODs ***
The Zomboots
Created by ZoraKirby
This is a Halloween 2012 item

UPDATE: the Boots no longer require a bodygroup as they now cover the medic's default feet entirely.

This is the Primary Weapon for "The Zombie Fortress of Dr. Nedic" pack, which was only a pseudo-pack last year

"Crafted fr...
The Undead
Created by Insaneicide

Will be available here:

The Forum where you can see the progress and specifics of this:
Mask Butcher. / Маска мясника.
Created by DNK
The protective mask. halloween.

4 skin...
The Gravedigger
Created by crazy-g
Also useful for filling graves

Melee weapon for the Inhumane Undertaker Halloween Pyro set

Full set:
The Hillboy
Created by Batandy
Part of the Horrific Hillbilly set for Halloween!
It has 1 lod...
The Lantern Lighter
Created by crazy-g
Light your way (and your prey) in the dead of night

Flamethrower for the Inhumane Undertaker Halloween Pyro set

Full set:
The Ghostly Gaze
Created by CoreVixen
Scare your enemies! Creep out your friends! Overload Geiger-Counters! Have it all with only mild ectoplasmic side-effects!
Lense-slot misc for pyro.
Glows in the dark! Paintable!
Clips straight through some hats like the Flamboyant Flamenco and the Proof o...
The Devil's Advocate v. 3.0
Created by PepeHands
It came from hell.....
New promo pic thanks to The Rare Aquatic Pyro!

Reverted to original gold model!

Submitted for Hall...
The Capper's Canopic
Resubmitted with NEW Features for Halloween 2012 and The Not-So-Major MAJOR Rare Aquatic Pyro Workshop Update!

Idea originally by PSI Guy

Original submission:
The Witch Doctor Mask (resubmitted)
Created by <<GT500>> JZ-eerie
Halloween 2012 Submission
2 LODs
2 Styles
Model: JZeeba,
Texture: NeoDement,
Idea: AVerTI

------------- EDIT ---------------
* Resubmitted with the Import tool
* Contains style 1 only, will resubmit style 2 separately...
Botched Experiment
Created by crazy-g
An experiment gone horribly wrong, but really how could it have ever succeeded?

Halloween headgear for NOTLU2
download here:
The Funeral Pyre
Created by Pyro
The Funeral Pyre is a flamethrower developped for the Gamebanana Halloween skinning contest. You can download it here :
Sneaky Todd - The Demon Barber
Created by cbt
Spy is Sneaky Todd

The Demon Barber Of über Street.

This Halloween....
The Haitian Treat
Created by ArakanI
Trick or Treat, Haitian style!

Halloween themed hat for all calsses!
Fully paintable in all colors available.

Now uploaded to NotLU 2!

Thanks void for coming up with the title!
Ragged Witcher
Created by Orko
halloween hat for the Witch Runner

EDIT: the hat is submitted with seperate models and is intended to have 2 styles: with or without the carrot nose....
Tattered Topper
Created by [VADN] JUGRNOT
A Old Hat for Halloween.
Here is a little hint:
"I must be dreaming"......
The Nails on the Head
Created by zachL
Please don't hit them.

tags: Halloween, Hellraiser, NOTLU2, Night Of The Living Update 2...
Taxidermist's Trophy
Created by Pow!
A Truly Terrifying Taxidermist's Top Hat!

Toughened from the remains of other hitherto unheard of horrors and various unwilling victims.

Do vote for my other Halloween items - more to follow!!!
Scarecrow's Headgear
Created by [VADN] JUGRNOT
This is a Demoman hat for Halloween
It has been worn by a Scarecrow for a long time!...
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Halloween update incoming!...
Eye of Pyro
Created by crazy-g
A substitue for eye of newt.

Paintable eye
Team colored ocular nerve

Halloween misc for Pyro....
Merry baker
Created by IceDev0x
That is a bloody chef's hat for Halloween set, an apron will be included later....