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Aug 13 @ 8:36am
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This is my USA+Imports map including the industries located exactly as they are in my current, 'Rails Across America' series. However, I was unable to make the custom names stick. They are in the map.lua file, if anyone knows how to get them working - minor inconvenience.

It should be noted that before I placed these industries, I had reduced all cities down to a single residential building and reworked the road network. Therefore, when generating a new map, some industries (especially those in close proximity to city centers), might be pretty well hemmed in.

(Original map description) Very large North America map focused on the United States (8193x4097)

'Experimental Map Sizes' must be enabled for thie map to work.

I just threw this map together on the weekend for my youtube series but, being semi-pleased with how it turned out, I decided to share it. It includes 2 small land, 'platforms' in the Gulf of Mexico for offshore oil wells, as well as 2 more to the extreme east and west that can be used in conjunction with the, 'Cargo Generator' mod to simulate freight imported from Europe and Asia.

For this map to work you must enable, "Experimental Map Sizes" in settings.lua. The file is located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[ID Number]\446800\local. Find the entry, "experimentalMapSizes = false, and change it to true.

By default, Transport Fever will generate new industries each time you load a new map. If you wish to add your own industries, 2 must first be added to the base map in order for it to load. Find the map.lua file here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Transport Fever\maps\USA+Imports. Find "local industries" and add the following:

local industries = {
{pos = { 2895.0, -6676.0 }, angle = math.rad(180.0), fileName = "industry/oil_well.con" },
{pos = { 1535.0, -7218.0 }, angle = math.rad(180.0), fileName = "industry/oil_well.con" },

This will add 2 oil wells to the offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, fulfilling the minimum 2 industries requirement. After that, the new map will load and you can add your own industries in game.
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D13RKES Aug 16 @ 5:50am 
Thanks Cap'n...i like the map otherwise...i like the city placement spacing and straight road connections...more realistic.
Sonio Aug 15 @ 7:21pm 
I don't see the city buildings themselves!
CaptainOcdadd  [author] Aug 14 @ 11:41pm 
So, I don't see an option to update the current map files (if anyone knows how, toss it in the comments) so I would have to delete this one and re-upload. For now, a simple fix is to go into the mod folder, open the map.lua file with a text editor (Notepad or Notepad++) and alter the line:
startDate = { year = 1850, month = 01, day = 01 }, to this:
-- startDate = { year = 1850, month = 01, day = 01 },
CaptainOcdadd  [author] Aug 14 @ 9:43pm 
Damn! When I did the industry version, I took it right from the one I've been using which I set to start January 1, 1850. I'll fix it and update/re-upload. Thanks for the heads up!
D13RKES Aug 14 @ 1:54pm 
why is this map limited to an 1850 start year?