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Stacking - Get in the House - Solutions
By DinoKoek
All solutions to " Get in the House " puzzle
Stacking - Get in the House - Smoking out the Bandit
Smoking out the Bandit

Use Cornelius Caboose to smoke out the raccoon in the cave right behind him. Stack in to the raccoon and enter a cave a bit closer to the house, follow the cave and enter the house.

Stacking - Get in the House - Accurate Pressure
Accurate Pressure

Stack into the old guy with a can on a stick, for the 2 smaller dolls you can use any. Use his ability in front of the house and you will see 3 doll symbols on the ground. Unstack a doll on each symbol and enter the house.

Stacking - Get in the House - Fishy Swallow
Fishy Swallow

A bit away from the house is a big doll with a can on his head, use the hobo ability "Bindle Bash" on him and a small fish will appear. Stack into the fish and move towards the house. In a corner on your right side you will see a lot of feathers and eggs, use the fish ability and a bird will fly down. Stack into the bird and fly to its nest just above, use the high road and enter the house.