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Aug 10 @ 5:24am
Aug 14 @ 8:16am
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Allows you to modify sliders to outside their limits.
This currently only affects the text field to the right of the slider, where you can input any number.

Spooling allows you to click on the slider to make the number increase or decrease (framerate dependent).
Spooling is disabled by default, write "spool true" into the console to enable.

Thumbnail made by Shadé
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Aug 13 @ 9:55am
Why exactly is the slider so slow?
Aug 20 @ 6:13am
How do i use mods
Aug 13 @ 7:12am
why is it so slow please send halp!!!
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ITR  [author] 1 hour ago 
Which maps doesn't it work on?
Lord_Silverfish 20 hours ago 
I found out after a few tests that is just doesnt work in certain maps. I dont know what causes it but in the sandbox its fine.
ITR  [author] Sep 20 @ 5:55am 
Does this happen even when the mod is disabled? Does it happen if you do it through bsg-editing?
Lord_Silverfish Sep 19 @ 9:40pm 
For some reason negative numbers dont work on water cannons. And now some of my builds cant move anymore
DJSigmann The Lewd Sep 16 @ 11:00pm 
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DJSigmann The Lewd Sep 16 @ 10:59pm 
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DJSigmann The Lewd Sep 16 @ 10:59pm 
The Great Garlic has blessed us with Modifications that have widespread support and reputation! We should not waste such a chance!
chernobylpotato420 Sep 12 @ 3:34pm 
can it make the fireball from the bombs bigger that would be so cool
dave Sep 12 @ 2:26pm 
thank you for making this awsome mod and really apreciatethe work you put into this:steamhappy:
The Trashman Sep 7 @ 4:33pm 
i remember having to put this is a specialized mods folder in the files