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I am adding to this as I go along (Not much in now, but will increase gradually over the weeks as I get time to seperate, texture, code and make independent from my main mod in the works Acies Project Total Conversion)

We aren't like all other NZ mods about, we arent using default Arma 3 vehicles and repainting them. We try to stick as close as possible to what is being used by the 'real' NZDF and what has been used by them historically.

Coming very soon...T-6 Texan II, Unimog, NZLAV, Landrovers, M113s, A4K, Strikemaster, Anzac Class Frigate, RHIB, and webbing, and much much more.

Weapon Assets
-Glock 17
-Benelli M3
-Carl Gustaf M3
-FGM-148 Javelin
-FN MAG 58
-7.62mm Maximi
-LMT 308 MWS
-L16A2 81mm
-L119 105mm

-P226 (Retired)
-Browning Hi Power 9mm (Retired)
-Steyr AUG A1 (Retired)
-Steyr AUG A2 (Retired)
-M4A1 (Retired)
-Carl Gustaf L14A1 (Retired)
-C9 Minimi (Retired)
-L7A2 (Retired)
-M60A1 GPMG (Retired)

Weapon Optics Assets
-TA31 Trijicon ACOG
-TA01 Trijicon ACOG
-Scope 3-12x50

Troop Assets
-Custom NZ Army Cap
-Boonie (MCU)
-NZ Combat Webbing (Modern)
-Terminator Backpack
-NZ Assault Bag
-1 RNZIR (Modern)
-2/1 RNZIR (Modern)
-RNZIR (2014-2017)
-RNZA Infantry Units
-Custom NZ MCU 1 RNZIR Uniform
-Custom NZ MCU 2/1 RNZIR Uniform
-Custom NZ GPU Uniform
-Custom RNZAF General Crew
-Custom RNZAF Cap
-Custom RNZAF Helicopter Helmet
-Custom RNZAF Helicopter Crew Webbing
-Custom RNZAF 40Sqn and 3Sqn Coveralls
-Custom RNZN Cap
-Custom RNZN Uniform

-Boonie (NZDPM)(Retired)
-Boonie (NZDDPM)(Retired)
-ECH (NZDPM)(Retired)
-M88 PASGT (NZDPM) (Retired/2000-2009)
-M88 PASGT (UN) (Retired/2000-2009)
-M88 PASGT (NZDDPM) (Retired/2003-2009)
-Custom NZDPM Uniform (Retired)
-Custom NZDDPM Uniform (Retired)

Vehicle Assets
-A-109 LUH Mako
-C-130H LEP Hercules

-Bell 47 Sioux (Retired/1965-2011)
-UH-1H Iroquois (Grey/UN Timor/Green)(Retired/1966-2015)

Static Assets
-Custom NZ Ammo Box
-New Zealand Flag
-Tino Rangatiratanga Flag
-RNZN Flag

nzdfcrash - Encoding
Dana Beck / Armscor Mod - AW109 + Model help (Mars-l)
LordJarhead - Weapon Sounds
Randy (RIP Buddy) - Multiple things in the project
Hcpookie - Sioux + M113s
Stoke - MP5
Purple - Benelli M3
Rocket - Steyrs (Via Darkhorse 1-6 & Joint Acies Project)
M60 - By Skaven reworked by Vilas and wld427 and finally nzdfcrash for Arma 3
Bobman - Custom built ammo box from A2OA days (Anzac Mod MkII)
Duncan - Revamp of MCU
BIS - Legacy Content
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Po 9 hours ago 
Unimogs coming next patch...
It's kind of hard to judge amount of fade to go for, 1 wash worth or 2 or 3 washes worth :P
Becky From The Block Sep 14 @ 1:17am 
Also, I forgot to add that the unit patch on your 1RNZIR uniform is actually an Engineer one
Becky From The Block Sep 14 @ 1:14am 
Hey, just thought I'd point out that the MCU is really pale (which isn't wrong as it basically turns white after a while in the field) so I thought I'd let you know incase anyone complained
Over | BM4 Aug 30 @ 10:08pm 
Cool!!! :D
Rhys (Welsh Rebel) Aug 26 @ 3:22pm 
i mean i don't think so, but would be a nice thing to have so we could see updates on the mod and talk about it i guess.
Is there even a demand for that? :P
Rhys (Welsh Rebel) Aug 26 @ 1:13pm 
do you plan to make a discord server for updates on the mod?