Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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AAA: Generals - Rise of the Republic (Aging, Advancing, Acclimatising)
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Aug 9, 2018 @ 3:53pm
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AAA: Generals - Rise of the Republic (Aging, Advancing, Acclimatising)

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AAA: Aging, Advancing, Acclimatising - Mod Series (Benjin)
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New Rise of the Republic generals, who change appearance based on age, rank and season. Part of the AAA Generals mod series.

Aren't you tired of how the vanilla general characters look in Total War: ROME II? Is your immersion broken when you see a character who is 80 years old yet still looks like he's 30? Or how about when they're trudging through the snow without any kind of winter clothing - mustn't they be freezing like that? Aren't you just bored of how campaign characters always look the same throughout all your campaigns and have always wanted to give them some better looking gear to fit their increasing rank and status?

Then look no further! This general mod series - like none other before it for Total War: ROME II - will solve all of the above for you.

ABOUT - AAA: Generals - Rise of the Republic
This is the second release - in what is now going to be a series - of campaign agent character mods with the aim of providing players with characters that dynamically replace their appearances with alternating variants based on three attributes for all campaigns.

These three attributes are:
  1. Age - As a general character's age value increases over the years, their facial appearance will gradually look older. This will provide a visual clue to the player that a character will soon be reaching a natural death. For characters belonging to other factions, you previously had no way of knowing roughly how old they were - but with this mod, now you do!
  2. Advancement - As a general ranks up through battles, their gear will become more extravagant as befits their status and accumulated gravitas. They will even start wearing their armour openly in the senate, like a dictator would, when not leading an army after they have attained a high enough rank.
  3. Acclimatisation - When a season changes to winter, they will swap their appearance to a version which will wear winter clothing. This will provide a bit more immersion and variation to their appearances to fit the surrounding environments.

As such, there are literally thousands of variations for your general appearances in Rise of the Republic, giving a lot more variety to your general characters on the campaign map and on the battlefield.

This mod was designed for compatibility in mind and is therefore compatible with all overhaul mods (e.g. Divide et Impera) - no need for separate versions. However, there are a lot of overhaul mods out there and I may not have tested them all. If you find anything that's wrong, let me know and I will try to fix it. And yes, it is save compatible - you can enable / disable it whenever you want

With the most recent update to the mod, most of the factions and cultures have now been covered in the Rise of the Republic DLC campaign. The Etruscans and Samnites have also been covered in the other campaigns that feature them as well (Prologue, Grand Campaign, Hannibal at the Gates).

The next and final cultures to be covered in Rise of the Republic are:
  • Carthaginians
  • Celts
  • Illyrians

If you would like to help support my efforts bringing more entirely new assets into the game, consider checking out my Patreon[]. These take a lot of time to create, since I'm using the industry standard pipeline that companies such as CA would use to make them.


Special thanks to:
  • Magas of Cyrene - For helping out with the Roman + Etruscan variants!
And finally, thank you for reading and (hopefully) rating + subscribing! I and Magas put a lot of our free time into this, and we're glad it's finally done for all of you to make use of.

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Syn-Valorum Mar 23 @ 11:42pm 
AKA Beavis or The Pug Dog, not meant to insult your work, just the person it resembles lol
Syn-Valorum Mar 22 @ 4:52am 
This looks like Mark Whitchurch.
Wyrtgeorn Mar 19 @ 6:18am 
Thanks for the quick reply! Will be using it from now on on my games :D
And thank you for this amazing mod as well, it looks really cool!
Benjin  [author] Mar 19 @ 4:33am 
Hey there - absolutely no problem answering questions, if you have more don't hesitate to ask them.

The Rome version only affects the Roman General character appearances over the pre-patch 18 campaigns (Prologue, Grand Campaign, Imperator Augustus, Caesars in Gaul, Hannibal at the Gates).

This version only affects factions in the Rise of the Republic campaign (e.g. Early Romans, Early Greeks, Etruscans, Iapygians, Venetians, Nuragics etc). However, the changes it makes to the Etruscans, Samnites and Italians can also be seen in the other campaigns that feature them (e.g. Prologue, Grand Campaign, Hannibal at the Gates).

Yes, this mod does work with Dresden's 4TPY mod + season effects mod - only mods that affect shield textures cause weird effects at the moment, but I'm going to fix that soon. It's compatible with most other mods out there as long as it's loaded before those in the load order (overwrites whatever changes the same things below it).
Wyrtgeorn Mar 18 @ 7:10pm 
Just some questions if I may... What is the difference between this and the Rome version? And, does this mod work the mod from Dresden that changes the game to 4 turns per year plus season effects?
Thanks for this amazing mod, can't wait to play with it!
Alexandros Mar 16 @ 6:57am 
Ok, thanks.
Benjin  [author] Mar 16 @ 6:53am 
Rank 1 generals don't have helmets, if that's what you mean. I suggest using "Skidvar's Starting Ranks" when starting a new game so that there's more rank variation at the start.
Alexandros Mar 16 @ 6:52am 
I can't see the helmets.
noble_lancer Mar 15 @ 6:42pm 
brilliant update! Will test this straightaway xP
Benjin  [author] Mar 14 @ 4:57pm 
Hey all - as you all probably know, in the next week or so I'm going to release a massive update for this mod - you can see the progress made on the mod's TWC thread here [].

While I'm working on that though, I am gathering lots of reference materials + wondering what people would like the characters in the next Punic Generals mod to look like. You guys can discuss the upcoming Punic Generals mod here [].