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Created by donoteat
After years of waiting it's finally here.

Known to railfans as 'Covered Wagons', or 'The diesel that did it', the EMD F7 is America's most recognizable locomotive by a country mile.

F units were never very powerful on their own, but when operated in ...
EMD SD45 Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
Created by zukzf
The EMD SD45 began production in late 1965 using General Motors' new 20-cylinder model 645E3 prime mover. The SD45's 20-cylinders meant it was extremely powerful, able to produce 3,600 horsepower, which was a significant reason so many railroads purchased ...
Created by zukzf
The EMD SD70ACe, as with General Electric’s Evolution Series models, was born out of a requirement by the EPA that new locomotives meet the agency's then-Tier II standards for diesel admissions. Built from 2004 to 2014, beginning in 2012, newly built SD70A...
Santa Fe Stainless P85 Coach
Created by NA4U
Stainless Steel mainline passenger coach. Reskin made by NoAchievement4U...
EMD GP40-2 Repaintpack 2
Created by Werkstatt
Various Repaints from the GP40-2 from MaikC.
Please notice:

The original mod must be installed and activated, otherwise the mod will not work properly!

Built from EMD from 1972 to 1986, the GP40-2 was an underserie from the Dash-2-Line. This was the av...
EMD SD40-2 - pack
Created by MaikC
The SD40-2 is a further development of the EMD SD40 series. For the first time, a modular design of the components prevailed at EMD. EMD designated series soon as Dash 2.

Technical Details:
- Vmax: 65 mph
- Power: 2240 kW
- Traction: 410 kN
- Avail...
EMD GP7 - Santa Fe
Created by dwebster73
This mod adds an EMD GP7 with Santa Fe livery for 3 eras:

Available Paint Scheme
--------- -------------------------------------------------------
1950-1960 Black & White ('Zebra Stripe')
1960-1972 Dark blue with yellow ends ('Bookends')
1972-1996 Blue & ...
GE c40 8w - BNSF + Double traction
Created by Turbostylz /Akeem
Repaint of the (Urban Games) GE c40 8w to the BNSF colors

Double Traction = A-unit forward - B-unit backward...
EMD SD70 Series
Created by zukzf
Manufactured in some sub-series from 1992 to today, the SD70 series by Electro Motor Division (EMD), is a big seller of the manufacturer.
To date more than 5700 units have been sold. The largest sub-series is the SD70ACe with 2091 units and a power output...
Created by donoteat
The E1 was one of Electro-Motive Corporation's (later the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors) first "off-the-shelf" streamliners. The E1 A and B were delivered to the ATSF in 1937 for use on the Super Chief and other fast trains. These, along with t...
Western Boxcar Pack
Created by donoteat
A pack of five boxcars from railroads of the USA's West, from 1932 to the present. Heavier than the default 1945 boxcar, since it's made of steel. Otherwise identical to the standard boxcar.


Great Northern (1932-1970)
Atchison, Topeka, & S...