Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

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UI Tweaks
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Aug 6, 2018 @ 2:49am
Oct 31, 2019 @ 5:36am
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UI Tweaks

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Adds a million options to customize the HUD.

Adds a Priority Buff Bar that is positioned mid-screen for important timed buffs.
Options to reposition, scale, and change direction of UI elements.
Options to hide UI elements or make them less obtrusive.
Options to prevent passive and aura buffs from showing on the UI.
Compatible with Numeric UI mod.

Some tips:
F4 is the shortcut to open the mod options. You'll need it.
Also to move the mod to the first spot inside mod options click the star left of the mod name, like in the screenshot.

Check this out if you'd like to share your settings with others.
Check the second video on how to select from presets that are fetched from the server.

MAKE SURE THE MOD LOAD ORDER IS CORRECT: in the launcher, put the dependency mods you see on the right above this mod.


How to report mod errors


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Xdiesp Oct 29 @ 9:39am 
I have an issue with the mod, it seems player outlines are forced always on. The normal 'on' setting works as if it's always on. Please help!
idSmoker Oct 22 @ 11:47am 
Vermintide 2 crashes every time I try to perform a preset fetch, either by changing pages or with /ut_fetch_presets. Since the preset I'm trying to load, PartyKnife's is on page 11, this is kinda annoying <grin>.

You can access a copy of the console.log file at: https://pastebin.com/dQ39qmU3
Mishanin Oct 13 @ 6:59am 
Hey. How i can INSTALL my preset? I saved my preset (by command /ut_save_preset name). So what should I do to install them on new OS? Becasue copy to %appdata%/Fatshark/Vermintide 2 doesn't work
Two Cool Dudes Oct 2 @ 10:31pm 
What an amazing mod, thank you for all your work @prop joe! I'm working on my "perfect" UI and I'd like to be able to adjust the Teammate UI > Important Icons flow direction, spacing, and scale.

spat Sep 28 @ 7:36pm 
Hey, I was wondering if you could add a toggle for the game (after the recent QoL update) to speed up the end score screens like the player was always holding spacebar, without actually having to hold spacebar. Not sure how FS would feel about that, but I think it would be really nice :lunar2019smilingpig:
NapalmMoose Sep 19 @ 3:48pm 
Is there a way to reset it to the default settings? I picked one of the presets to see what it looked like and the preset menu disappeared
Captain Funsponge Sep 16 @ 3:33pm 
Is there a way to specify different buffs to be shown on party members. Bardin now has an ale buff which shows up in the buff manager as "ale_defence". It's a 3% attack speed buff which stacks up to 3 times and can also be used by teammates. I would like to track stacks and duration on my team so I know when to share.

Thanks for a really useful mod.
Doot Doot Sep 16 @ 11:04am 
Oi mate! Would u add the slayer buff Grimnir's Focus in the priority bar? IB can select Miner's Rhythm tho :praisesun::chug::praisesun: Awesome mod
SilentKiwik Sep 16 @ 3:54am 
Since this mod is compatible with Numeric UI, is there any way to prevent it from overriding the Numeric default UI for teammate players?
I personally prefer Num UI on that side, but can't find how to reproduce it in UI tweaks
Raven1694 Sep 10 @ 7:46am 
Is there anyway to put up different choices for priority buffs? I noticed that quite a bit of the priority buffs to show are out of date and/or removed from the game. Just curious if it is a thing we can do.