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Decline Diplomacy [updated for The Warden & The Paunch]
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Aug 6, 2018 @ 1:50am
May 21 @ 7:32am
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Decline Diplomacy [updated for The Warden & The Paunch]

You can now alt-tab to your heart's content during those long turn times, without worrying that those pesky Dawi that declared war on you (again) have stopped the end of the turn waiting for you to click ok.

Adds a UI button next to the existing pause and fast forward buttons that will automatically decline any incoming diplomatic actions towards the player, and close all the relevant menus, so the turn keeps going.

Only works in Single Player. And by that I mean that it simply won't work with MP. It will not cause any issues, however, so you won't need to uninstall to play a MP campaign.

It's save game compatible, you can install it with an ongoing campaign and uninstall anytime. It should be compatible with any other mods. Let me know if any issues arise.

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May 11 @ 4:05pm
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Marthenil  [author] Oct 22 @ 5:58am 
No. It will just automatically click "Next"
Dod Oct 22 @ 12:47am 
Hey i wonder...if i toggle it (Declining)... will i able to decline their war declaration? lol sounds silly but curious.
lhbbow Aug 18 @ 5:10pm 
Can not work with ER: Kislev Reborn and ER: Kislev Reborn SFO sub,so,do not use ER: Kislev Reborn and ER: Kislev Reborn SFO sub.
Informatheus Aug 10 @ 4:28pm 
It would be perfect if we could define which types to refuse, which to accept and which to analyze.
Steve69 Aug 8 @ 8:51pm 
you star :)
Tamerlane Aug 5 @ 11:33am 
The most essential mod on the workshop. Game turns into a test of patience during end turns without this.
Caboose i is Jul 24 @ 1:08am 
Looks great! Thank you for making this mod and for updating it!
=[NK]= Col. Jack O'Neil Jul 11 @ 11:18pm 
Hey Marthenil,
I created a duplicate mod of this with the changes you said to do so it auto declines, I don't know if you're OK if I post it and obviously just give full credit and links to you, just so that people can have 1 or the other easy enough?

personally I like to start a campaign with this one, and then I like to switch to the auto decline once there's no more diplomacy to be done, only slaughter :p
crueldamoiselle Jul 11 @ 10:01pm 
MUST HAVE MOD :steamhappy:
=[NK]= Col. Jack O'Neil Jul 4 @ 10:19pm 
Yeah I had a bunch of my mods glitch out on a turn.. But it was one I'd had a quest complete and also used a console command