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Portal 2

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What I really liked as a French Portal 2 player.
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Aperture Valentine
Created by Mevious
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Glados wants you dead.
What could you do?

Dear test subjects, today is your big day!
Robot love is not wrong! Can you and your partner prove this to GLaDOS?
Today you should grab your favorite co-op partner and expl...
Portal Era : The End
Hammer Adventure First Version -- Medium Difficulty -- 15-30min -- Autosave

Place : Aperture Center
Year : Unknown
Try to escape the aperture center and find a way out !

- 3 main puzzles
- 2 optio...
Created by Kelevra
Find Weathley's balls...

...and may he stop crying like a little girl!...
Created by Rand0mNumbers
What happens to A, happens to B.

If what happens isn't happening, let me know.

Known issues:
-The circuits will trigger for no reason. This is a bug with moving triggers. They'll literally trigger on nothing. Other times, it's because they entered t...
Timetravel concept
Created by DaMaGepy
It's just a showcase map, NO real PUZZLES!
I've tested a new concept, made a simple room to test it, and then detailed it. I also added an optional "objective" to find a way out to the surface (grab the portalgun and go). The outdoor scene is me...