A Car Rug! - Rust Island Edition
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Aug 1, 2018 @ 5:30am
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It’s easy to imagine this rug hung on the Cobalt conference room wall, or on the floor in the boss’s office. A quaint company town with gas stations, super markets, nuclear reactors and orbital launch facilities, all sweetly illustrated on a cute and cozy car rug.

Unfortunately, Better Living Through Physics didn’t come out so well. The Launch site failed, the reactor cracked and the little company town vanished ‘neath a cloud of fallout and decay, but the rug survived, still hearkening back to happier days. Hang it on your wall or lay it on your floor, and dream of a better tomorrow.

One of those car rugs you all remember from youth. I decided to recreate one of these car rug patterns in the theme of Rust. I have included some of my favourite and most iconic rust monuments but I couldn’t fit em all! I really went for that broken 3D and perspective feel along with the limited pallet of the real life rugs. Don’t be fooled this took ages to draw this! Its hard to adopt such a strange rug artstyle.

It has a layble attached to the ends “COBALT Souvenir” to try bring it into lore friendly zone, hope it will be enough.
mayube at least you will get a laugh or a smirk out of it.

Cheers, leave me a vote if you like :)