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Void Destroyer
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 30, 2013 @ 3:51pm
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:41pm

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Void Destroyer - Early Access Now Available!
Void Destroyer - the road to early access
Release date: Fourth quarter 2013
Void Destroyer is a independent space combat simulator and real time strategy hybrid. Void Destroyer is a single player game, it is heavily influenced by classic space sims with my own personal touches as well as feedback from players. It is the game of my dreams that I've spent the past 4 years developing.

Why a hybrid?

There are many space simulations out there, but to me they always lacked that additional amount of control I wanted. Yes I want to be the pilot, but I also want to be the commander. Adding real time strategy elements fulfills that wish for me and I hope for you as well. 2D maps/control interfaces in space sims always seemed to be too limited. Thinking about this flaw in most games, I added the 3D tactical mode, which allows real time strategy genre like controls.

Players have found similarities to the game Battlezone, and some have used the phrase - Fly Homeworld.

In Void Destroyer you aren't a lowly pilot, you are in command yet still on the front lines.

What is the game setting?

In the outer edges of the Oort cloud, a Sun Gate links solar systems light years apart. The gate quickly becomes its own hub of activity as mining factions drag nearby asteroids into the gate's orbit. Hollowed asteroids become bases, homes to many. When riches are discovered, peace becomes cheap.

As a former General, you can write your own ticket. You chose to spend your retirement as a test pilot working for the local military detachment.

What is the core game play like?

In Void Destroyer you take on the role of a retired General once again leading the charge. Build defenses, infrastructure and ships. Secure resources, find allies and conquer enemies. From the Tactical interface of the command ship you lead your forces and pilot craft. Make peace by unleashing war.

What else makes Void Destroyer unique?

I always enjoyed a great variety of games, I have combined many different ways of interacting with the game universe. Void Destroyer gives the player unique options on how to play. You can choose one or all of the options to suit your game style or the situation in game.

Custom Game Engine:

The game engine running Void Destroyer has been developed in house (literally in my house) and with open source libraries - the game engine doesn't have any limits that are sometimes an unfortunate reality when using commercial "off the shelf" game engines.

The ways of interacting with the game world and features:
  • Fly any ship under your command - instantly change ships then directly pilot them. From drones to carriers, a huge variety of craft to pilot. This space sim uses a newtonian flight model designed to be have both enjoyable flight and combat in space.
  • Command mode - become more of a commander and less of a pilot - intended for handling larger ships
  • Tactical mode - issue commands to ships via a real time strategy like interface. Tactical Mode is a fully 3D map, command console and your empire management tool.
  • Control your bases production and economic output.
  • Build platforms/stations for production and defense.
  • Upgrade and repair your command ship. Where your in game Avatar resides and is able to remotely control your ships and assets. The command ship also features unique abilities to aid in combat.
  • Research new technology.
  • Battle Editor and Instant Action mode - an in game map editor to create custom maps and battle scenarios for you to enjoy quick or long battles and share them with friends.
  • Story - dialog system, objectives, cutscenes and other story related elements.
  • Crew control - your ships have crews, maybe you prefer them to do the flying for you.

Space sim flight model:

Void Destroyer uses a newtonian flight model - meaning that momentum isn't affected by rotation and there is no drag or friction. Ships are capable of compensating for drift automatically and the pilot is able to turn off this compensation to turn independent of momentum. I've put in a lot of effort for ship flight being a joy - meaning - there is drift. It is something to both be wary of and use during combat and maneuvering. Due to the variety of ships and ship classes you can pilot - a nimble drone fighter will be able to compensate for drift much faster than a cruiser.

Realism? Hardcore? Casual?

Combat in Void Destroyer is designed to be action packed and up close and relatively personal. Combat happens in visual range, you won't be shooting at dots.

There are a lot of keyboard commands for players that want them, however the play style is forgiving due to having control over more than one ship. If a small fighter you are remotely piloting is destroyed, you either hop into another or return to piloting the command ship which isn't as easily destroyed.

Although the flight model is newtonian - small ships compensate fairly quickly and have the use of afterburners to change direction even quicker when needed.

Modding support:

Void Destroyer seeks to be among the most mod friendly games out there. I've spent a great deal of effort creating a game engine that is data driven. Object characteristics, maps, missions, dialog, even the scenes that appear on the game's main menu are moddable. As little as possible is hard coded. Modding can be accomplished via a process that is as easy as editing text files.

What is the current state of the game?

The game is in late alpha. Most of the release features are in, and the main focus is on polish, finishing the story line and getting and implementing feedback from players. The current released version is the demo release in terms of content (ships, story line etc). You can expect more ships, more bases, improved settings/maps, more variety of locations and a full story line from the final product.

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Sep 2, 2013 @ 8:42pm
Nice game. My opinions:
Nov 13, 2013 @ 9:49am
Linux Support?
Oct 11, 2013 @ 4:53am
Mining, Space Background, Solar Systems?
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Sqweloookle Sep 8, 2014 @ 5:55am 
Plus a lot of other cool names are probably taken, which sucks. lol
chaosavy  [author] Sep 8, 2014 @ 4:46am 
Void = Space/Stars

Destroyer = type of a class of naval ship

+ some other meaning to me

+ naming is hard ;)

Sqweloookle Sep 7, 2014 @ 7:17pm 
Why the name Void Destroyer? I'm curious.
chaosavy  [author] Feb 4, 2014 @ 3:28pm 
Hey guys - the game is avaiable here - Steam's Early Access
Warrior of Light Feb 4, 2014 @ 11:18am 
As a fan of both Homeworld and space shooter sims, I am very interested in this game.
Lyskal Jan 5, 2014 @ 10:06pm 
I am very interested in this. Look forward to buying it and playing it, let the space dakka dakka flow.

:Lee: "So am I."

Well there you have it!
cnc4fun Jan 4, 2014 @ 6:34am 
Can"t wait to play.
ShittyWizard Jan 3, 2014 @ 7:45pm 
@starbuck ships dont have wieght but they have mass.
Starbuck Jan 2, 2014 @ 5:41am 
Looks like a good game to me. However, I can never understand why in space games that game developers refer to "light ships" and "heavy ships"? Space is weightless and therefore there is no weight so all ships big or small would surely travel at the same speed (depending on the onboard thrusters). Looks good though and will definately look at it.
Loupning Dec 30, 2013 @ 9:31pm 
This look epic :D