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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
May 18, 2013 @ 4:47am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:41pm

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Steam Release on April 16!
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Release date: April 16, 2014
Masterspace is a game about mining, creating and exploring, featuring fully destructible environments and spaceships that allow you to travel between different planets.

Fully destructible planets and spaceships
Masterspace features fully destructible environments using a voxel-based technology powered by Polyvox. This means that planets, buildings and spaceships are completely customizable and you are able to build anything imaginable.

Use explosives to mine metal ores from mountains or watch your newly constructed home get smashed to pieces by an impact from a meteorite. As you venture into space, turrets will test the hull integrity of your custom built spaceship.

Masterspace also includes a completely dynamic liquid system, which allows water to flow freely on the planets. Build pumps and pipelines to drain water from your mining tunnels and make sure that rain does not flood your buildings.

Mine resources, construct buildings and produce goods
The game features a vast amount of different materials, which are used to construct buildings and spaceships or to craft different objects. Mine stone and chop down trees to construct primitive building materials such as wood boards or stone bricks. As the game progresses you will be able to craft more advanced materials such as graphene plating, suitable for spaceship construction.

Masterspace includes a wide range of different objects to construct. These range from simple furnaces and sawmills, to advanced technologies achievements such as deep space sensors and defensive turrets. Many objects are used for production and crafting materials, which is performed by bringing the appropriate materials and waiting for the production to finish.

Explore a universe full of different planets
The Masterspace universe is full of different types of planets. Discover new earth-like planets with strange lifeforms or planets covered with ice or lava. Spaceships may seamlessly land on all planets without any loading screens.

In Masterspace planets may be of any size and shape. Aside from standard planar planets, it is possible to play on fully spherical planets. This introduces new challenges and innovative gameplay possibilities, arising from a gravity facing toward the core of the planet.

Innovative construction system
Have you ever wanted to combine the realism of a smooth looking terrain with the ease of construction provided by blocks? Masterspace provides this by introducing a revolutionary hybrid voxel engine, which allows block based buildings to be placed on top of the smooth, yet still fully destructible, terrain.

Another advantage of splitting the buildings from the terrain, is that this allows the buildings to be saved as blueprints for later replication. The game also calculates a “culture score”, based on the buildings you construct providing a sense of achievement.

Encounter lifeforms
On the different planets you will encounter strange new lifeforms. These range from friendly earth-like animals, which may be domesticated and used for producing goods, to hostile alien species.

Designed for easy modding
We realise that player-created content is imperative for maximum enjoyment of the game and Masterspace has been designed to make it as easy for modders as possible. The goal is that most aspects of the game may be changed, whether it involves scripting gameplay features or adding new materials or objects.

Masterspace supports scripting in the LUA language, which is used to script everything from scenario goals to creature behavior. New objects and crafting recipies may easily be added. Adding a new material is almost as simple as dropping a material texture in the appropriate folder!

Multiplayer support
Challenge your friends to a space race or invite them to visit your planet. Cooperate to mine resources, complete scenarios or construct the next world wonder. Multiplayer is an important feature in Masterspace, which has been designed from the start with multiplayer functionality in mind.

Community-driven development
Get involved in the Masterspace development by communicating with the team on the forum. Whether it is by requesting features, making mods or designing scenarios, we are most interested in your feedback and we are dedicated to providing the game experience you want.
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