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Table Top Caps
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Table Top Caps

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This mod's description keeps being deleted by steam, so if it isn't here occasionally, that is why.

This mod adds a unit capping system to the game implemented in Lua script.

All units in the game are assigned a category (which are for the most part pulled directly from the tabletop rules) and a point cost from 1 to 3. These costs display as a clear indicator on the recruitment panel. (Note: units from other mods will have to add their units via the mod's API. Many popular mods such as Cataph's do this, and if you are interested in adding your Mod's units, then I recommend seeing his Sea Patrol mod for a template).

All armies can recruit up to 5 points of Rare Units and up to 10 points of Special Units. Core Units are unlimited.

The mod will actually limit you in the sense that it will prevent you from recruiting by locking recruitment options when your army is full. Other mods do things like impose penalties on the player when they break the rules, but this mod will just stop you from breaking them in the first place, and there are no gameplay impacts beyond changing what units you are allowed to recruit (ie: no changes to recruitment cost, upkeep, army movement, or anything else).

This applies to the AI as well as the player.

Overhauls such as CTT (for which this mod was designed) and SFO overwrite the costs and groups of the vanilla units to better suit the balance of those overhauls. The default groups are balanced by PrussianWarfare and designed for Vanilla.

Certain characters can have special rules to give them exceptions from certain caps. For instance, Lord Skrolk's special rule from Tabletop is preserved, and he can bring Plague Monks as a Core choice rather than a Special one.

Yes, this does make the game marginally harder because it turns out that when you cannot recruit armies consisting of 6 demigryphs, 8 greatswords and 4 steam tanks, the AI puts up more of a fight. It also removes those annoying cases where the AI decides that 18 Necrophex collosi is one too few. Overall it forces both the player and the AI to use more balanced army compositions, and acts as a very soft cap on total spending in one army.

Outside of mods which do not add custom units to the system (these will not cause issues, they will just treat any unrecognized unit as a Core choice), this mod is fully compatible with basically anything. This mod is implemented in pure script and contains no data tables of any kind.

For Learners:
Source code can be found here:
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Vermin.dll Dec 6 @ 1:16am 
This looks like an amazing mod, simpler and more streamlined than some other army cap mods I tried in the passed. Looking forward to try it on! Thank you <3
Drunk Flamingo  [author] Dec 1 @ 6:00pm 
So yes, a rule which limits Big'Uns to one per army would make absolutely no sense given how warhammer 2 balance works, and otherwise they are considered core choices, hence this mod's implementation. It isn't out to match every single TT special rule.
epicbod Dec 1 @ 5:27pm 
8th Ed Army book.. (Army Special Rules pg. 33).. but whatever. Honestly the are so underwhelming in vanilla you need the rule lifted anyway
Drunk Flamingo  [author] Dec 1 @ 12:46pm 
Big'Uns are a core unit, both on tabletop and in this mod.
epicbod Dec 1 @ 10:27am 
I'm getting hit with stacks of Big'Uns. Not sure if that's working as intended.. honestly the vanilla Orcs need the help but it just feels "unwarhammery" In 8th Ed. we're talking 1 super powerful unit per army that decimates just about anything else in melee, especially frenzied on boars.
Drunk Flamingo  [author] Nov 30 @ 10:53am 
Mod config tool is in need of a rework; I will probably support it but only after that is done.

TheOneJimbob Nov 30 @ 2:56am 
Hi, firstly I love the mod, recently played a game and noticed that spawned armies aren't affected by the unit caps, Itza used the "Rite of primeval Glory" supported by normal armies decided to wipe all my strongholds out, Is this working as intended ?
Nov 30 @ 2:07am 
no plan for mod configuration tool? for rare and unique cost modification.
Drunk Flamingo  [author] Nov 24 @ 10:13am 
That’s very odd; steam *did* delete my description so its likely something fucked up with that. Ill reupload when I get some time.
georgekorres Nov 24 @ 7:45am 
Thank you for this wonderful mod! After updating to the latest version, it appears as outdated in the launcher. Is this normal?