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Stacking - Stop That Car - Solutions
By DinoKoek
All solutions to " Stop That Car " puzzle....
Stacking - Stop That Car - Photo Finish
Photo Finish

One of the easiest methods of completing this challenge is by stacking into one of the many photographers around the track, heading up to the bridge above the track, and snapping a photo to blind the driver and stop the car.

Stacking - Stop That Car - Call to Arms
Call to Arms

Head up to the bridge above the track and stack into one of the dolls in red that have a bugle.
Next, stack into an engineer. Use his ability on the powerbox near the giant speaker
Quickly stack out and use the bugle doll's ability to blow into the speakers.

Stacking - Stop That Car - Breaking for Bananas
Braking for Bananas

This one requires a little more of an effort. The first step is to find the banana dispenser to the right of the various banana vehicles and salesmen.
Use Charlie to hop on the bellows and jump up and down to fix it.
When the banana salesmen pick the bananas up, you can then stack into them, head over to the gate surrounding the track, and throw a banana onto the track.
The monkey driver will immediately stop the car, head out and start chowing on the banana.

Stacking - Stop That Car - Action Flag
Action Flag

For this method you'll need to find the director doll. He is the largest of the movie themed dolls around the track. Once you gain control of him, head to the bridge above the track.
Use his ability to start filming the flag waver, causing him to wave the flag early, ending the race.

Stacking - Stop That Car - Rabbit Takes Chimp
Rabbit Takes Chimp

This is another really simple method, but it is also easy to miss. Right at the start there is a ramp that takes you up to the rim of the track. Use charlie to move up the ramp and wait for the car to come around.
When it does, mash the "Y" button to stack into one of the dolls on the car. From there, you can just keep stacking until you gain control of the driver and can force him to stop the car.