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Stacking - Open the Gate - Solutions
By DinoKoek
All solutions to " Open the Gate " puzzle
Stacking - Open the Gate - Gate Wedgie
Gate Wedgie

The first way to complete the challenge is by making use of the strong wrestler doll inside the ring across from the castle
First take control of the large doll with the orange beard. Use his ability, The Northern Kiss, to headbutt the bell and bring down the giant wrestler doll.
From there you can gain control of the wrestler and use his ability to forcibly open the gate.

Stacking - Open the Gate - Inside Job
Inside Job

Finally, head into the crew quarters just behind the wrestling ring and proceed up the stairs.
Stack into the woman with the peacock feathers and continue to the end of the walkway.
Use her ability at the edge of the railing and you'll attract the attention of a bird perched on a pipe above.
Stack into the bird and press "A" to fly over to the nest. Drop down and then stack into the engineer.
Use the engineer's ability to open the gate from the inside.

Stacking - Open the Gate - Shaken Up
Shaken Up

The second and easiest method of opening the gate is by first gaining control of an engineer. Use his ability to fix the console to the right of the gate.
This will cause a hand to come out of the mechanism to the left.
Next, stack into the doll in the burgundy colored suit.
Use his ability, "A Firm Handshake" to shake the hand to the right of the castle gate.