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Mod ID : 1456186728

Version 1.1.91

New Items IDs range :
- 99XXX, 999XX

Discord :

Character creation :
? 2 new female hairstyles
? 2 new male hairstyles
? 4 new voices
? 1 new pale skin color
? 9 new hair, beard and eyebrows colors
? 11 new eyes color

Emotes :
? Female have new ? sitting on ground ? emote pose.
? Female have new ? sleeping ? emote pose.
? Yakira can teach you new relax emote : Derketo idle.
? Conan can teach you new relax emote : Hand on hip.
? Braga can teach you new misc emote : Wounded.

New religion :
? New god : Xotli
? New Feat : Herald of Xotli
? New mechanics : weapon enchantment

Gameplay :
? Balancing weapon damage. Star metal becomes the endgame stuff.
? New combat style : dual swords
? New combat style : dual axes
? New offhand throwing weapons : throwing knifes and throwing clubs
? 2H hammer attack speed increased by +12%. Light and heavy attacks now have shield smash and the last light combo attack have knock down.
? Katana attack animations are faster and you can chain up to 5 combo steps. Kick has been replaced by a samurai sitting pose.
? Added bleed debuff on javelin combo.
? Javelin + shield have new spartan combo animations.
? Jhebbal Sag claws decay timer is now 1 hour
? Jhebbal Sag claws 3rd and last light/heavy combo attack inflict bleed
? Dual swords and daggers can use backflip as any combo step. For example : heavy1, heavy 2, backflip, heavy 4.
? Shields now have armor value scaled on their lvl requirement.

Thralls :
? Artisans Tier 4 spawn rate increased to 5%
? Every T4 alchemist can craft black and white dye.
? New thrall type : Xotli priests
? New named fighter thrall : Lexa
? New named armorer thrall : Master Armorer

Armors :
? God armors have attribute bonus and armor value increased.
? New Ymir armor appearance.
? Lvl 60 god armors can be crafted with an archpriest on a T3 altar.
? Conan can teach you Barbarian armor Feat. Any cimmerian armorer 3 and 4 can craft the Exceptional and Flawless Barbarian armor into the regular Armorer?s Bench.
? Warkmaker Klael can teach you Ancient king armor Feat. Any Lemurian armorer 3 and 4 can craft the Exceptional and Flawless Ancient king armor into the regular Armorer?s Bench.
? Dogs of the Desert named armorer 4 ? Barks-At-Moon ? Can craft the Nemedian Scout armor, the Lantern Shield, Epic Freebooter armor, Epic hyperborean Slaver armor and Epic heavy helmets.
? Added Epic Black Hand armor recipes on Tier 4 Black Hand armorer thralls
? New Chaos Warrior armor Feat.
? New Harbinger armor can be crafted with Xotli Archpriest on the Altar of Xotli.

? Enchantable legendary weapons have new icons.
? Every potion weight is reduced to 1.
? Ambrosia and all potion stack is 20.
? Derketo dancer outfits now have the right skin.
? Silent legion helmet have agility bonus.
? Black hand and buccaneer stuff are medium armors and have vitality bonus.
? Foeshatter is now a 2 handed axe and have heat resistance.
? Added glowing light on Lantern Shield.
? Added blue glowing light on star metal weapons and tools.
? Blessed Mitraen Ankh replaced by a Blessed Mitraen Staff. Drag and drop Healing Essences on it as ammunition to be able to shot healing area. The staff also have a cleaning corruption aura.
? Lusttaker is now a T3 Derketo lvl 50 weapon
? T4 Derketo weapon is now ? Anger & Greed dual sword ?
? Star metal tools durability up to 900
? Star metal tools Harvest damage up to 8
? Acheron tools harvest damage up to 9
? Black ice weapons/pick : You dont need hardened steel anymore to repair.

? Apprentice Butcher can be learned at lvl 3
? Armorer feat give you Thick leather recipe (in armorer?s bench : 3 leathers + 1 twine = 1 thick leather)
? Furniture maker feat give you Trainning Dummy recipe.
? Every Ancient weapons can be learned at lvl 42
? Every Hardened Steel weapons** can be learned at lvl 50
? Hiltmaker, shaftmaker, haftmaker, shield framer and ropemaker can be learned at lvl 54 (you are able to craft Dragonbone, Lemurian stuff at lvl 54 instead of lvl 60).
? Acheronian weapons can be learned at lvl 55
? Frost Smithing : you can now craft more Black Ice weapons : daggers, hammer, shield, spear and Black Ice broadword is now a two handed sword.
? Kinscourge Weapons : you can now craft the Deathbringer axe, Telith?s pain and Telith?s punishment.
? Dragonbone arrow have the right recipe : 10 branch + 1 dragonbone + 4 feathers = 10 arrows
? Lemurian weapons : you can now craft Lemurian war-axe
? Weaver : you can now craft dyable loincloth and chest wrap
? Journeyman mason : new T2 round pillar
? Master mason : new T3, black ice and white marble round pillars
? Most of the 1h sword Feat give you also the dual swords recipes.
? Most of the 1h axe Feat give you also the dual axes recipes.
? Throwing axes Feat give you also the throwing knifes and clubs recipes.
? Added iron sickle recipe to Iron Tools Feat
? Added Star Metal War-Axe recipe
? Added Star Metal Dual War-Axes recipe
? Added Star Metal javelin Feat.
? Obsidian weapons/tools : Now you need obsidian AND composite obsidian to craft obsidian stuff, BUT you need only obsidian to repair. In counterpart, composite recipe has changed (1 composite = 5 obsidians + 1 alchemical base + 1 steel fire).

Immersion :
? Mummy of the Black Ring spawns at The wine cellar dungeon.
? The Witchqueen use Witchfire Swords
? Jamila the pirate Queen wear pirate outfits instead of random Black hand fighter outfits.
? Yakira now wear Derketo priestess outfits instead of Votarie outfits.
? Taskmaster thrall on wheels of pain now play ? cross arms animation ? instead of kneel
? Derketo priest on Derketo altars play ? seduce ? animation instead of kneel
? Mitra priest on Mitra altars play ? pray sitting ? animation instead of kneel
? Ymir priest on Ymir altars play ? kneel ? animation instead of By Set
? Lemurian fighters lvl 4 now have lemurian warrior equipment.
? Desert Dogs entertainer lvl 4 dont wear coarse clothes anymore
? Lemurian T4 archers now use Lemurian bow.
? Relic Hunter fighters and archers use Ancient weapons
? Skeleton fighters and Silent Legion undead have more weapon variety
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Naomi Roval Nov 11 @ 12:59pm 
Serchant you need to go to the Volcano and jump in the portal. The Volcanic Forge in there that makes composite obsidian also contains the Favor of Xotli item, you craft that and use it to learn the religion. You might have to get the recipe first at the end of the dungeon, idk.
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Lexa would it be possible for you to fix this new xx_noname_armor that has no recipe, item picture and that only way to get it using admin commands.
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black panther cub whatever it is called
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which pet can create demonic beast?
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where are the Xolti Priests located? Checked Well of Skelos all levels and didn't see any.
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Lexa do you have a PayPal donation link?
Lexa  [author] Oct 23 @ 9:46am 
You need xotli priest to unlock other weapon recipes