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Stacking - Muddle the Maps - Solutions
By DinoKoek
All solutions to " Muddle the Maps " puzzle
Stacking - Muddle the Maps - A Near Mess
A Near Mess

For this first method, all you have to do is stack into the doll with the cleaning brush on the third floor, right outside of the map room.
Head inside and use his ability on the maps to start washing the ink off of them.

Stacking - Muddle the Maps - Color My World
Color My World

Now this one requires a little more work to pull off. First thing you need to do is take control of a child. It can be any of them.
Next, head down stairs to the second floor and talk to the makeover artist. He is located indoors, opposite the caviar cafeteria.
The makeover artist will give the child a crayon hat. Now head back up stairs to the map room and use your new ability to draw all over the maps.

Stacking - Muddle the Maps - Crumby Maps
Crumby Maps

Like the previous method, all you have to do is control a specific doll and use its ability on the maps. In this case, that doll is the small child who throws up cookies.
The doll can be found on the third floor wearing a purple and white sailor uniform.

Stacking - Muddle the Maps - Slapped Clean
Slapped Clean

Take control of of the mustached man on the third floor wearing the straw hat with red, white and blue stripes. His special ability is a white glove slap.
Head inside the map room and slap the map maker right across the face to cause him to fall back into the steamer and the ink of the maps to run.