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Stacking - Cause Chaos at the Safari - Solutions
By DinoKoek
All solutions to " Cause Chaos at the Safari " puzzle.
Stacking - Cause Chaos at the Safari - Animauler

Next, look for the large doll with the strong arm. When you take control of him, you'll be able to give things a "Proper Uppercut." This doll is actually one of the more useful ones in the game, so make sure you recognize what he looks like.
Search the safari area for three lion decorations with band-aids on them. They are usually being guarded by dolls with lion masks.
Break all three of them with an uppercut and the watchman will close the show.

Stacking - Cause Chaos at the Safari - Misfire

The first and one of the more obvious ways of causing chaos at the safari is to stack into the doll that is handling the cannon.
Cause the doll to fire a shot into the pipe to the left to get the watchman upset enough to call off the safari.

Stacking - Cause Chaos at the Safari - Penny Lane
Penny Lane:

For this final method, you'll need to gain control of the bald doll in the black suit. You can usually find him in front of one of the lion decorations, in a line that allows you to stack pretty much directly into him.
Once you've got the target doll, turn your back to the safari and look for two dolls standing next to a zebra decoration. Use this doll's ability to yell "Move it!" to get the two to move the zebra doll in front of the tandem bicycle's path.
Stack out and quickly catch up to the bicycle. Stack into the smallest one and then continue stacking until you're in control of the driver. Continually press "E" to build up speed and crash into the zebra.

Stacking - Cause Chaos at the Safari - Un-Bear-able

Take control of a small doll and then look around the area surrounding the safari for a seagull doll. Stack into it and then use its ability to fly to its nest.
Once perched, move into the room and look for a bear doll. Stack into the bear and then barge out of the room and crash the safari with your intimidating roar.

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