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Tier4 Thralls - Always Spawn - v5.7.1
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Jul 26, 2018 @ 3:07am
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Tier4 Thralls - Always Spawn - v5.7.1

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Mod update is out. See Change notes for full details.

All manual downloads now require logging into the Discord server for access, including previous versions.

Links on the page are otherwise not working due to disabling of all Steam comments. They will be updated in the near future with working links as appropriate.

Mod Updating Guidelines

If you are having trouble getting the mod to update, please see this thread.

Description of Mod

Mod id: 1453233167


Effective immediately, all Steam comments are now disabled permanently. Please direct questions, comments, concerns, feedback, and bug reports to the Discord link below.


This mod is the Always Spawn alternative to our other mods, Tier 4 Thralls: Medium Increased Spawn and Tier 4 Thralls: Mild Increased Spawn.

What this mod does is makes it so Tier 4 Thralls will have a guarantee chance to spawn in their designated locations. The vanilla percentage chance of a Tier 4 Thrall spawning in a single location, is roughly 1-2%. For solo players or small server play, this can cause an insane amount of grinding to get a single Thrall.

Yes, this means you will see duplicate named Thralls everywhere. There is no code in the game to prevent the same named Thrall from spawning when there already is one. Thus, you get to fight quadruplets all the live long day.

And yes, this does mean you will have a harder time invading a camp with an insane amount of named Thralls bearing down on you. If you get chopped into tiny pieces by stepping foot on the Black Galleon, don't say we didn't warn ya.

Surge Uniformity

Thanks to Alrenstorm for the idea. All surges are unified so that they have same chance to spawn the various NPC's during a Surge event.

5% Priest
15% Unthrallable
20% Equipment
20% Crafter
40% Combat


A bonus to downloading this mod is that I make sure to fix a few Tier 4 Thralls that weren't spawning at all. This can and does change from version to version as Funcom plugs up the holes, but we make sure that you don't need to wait that long to get the missing Thralls of the world. As for any unused Thralls that I find, for funsies I include those in existing spawn points and have them share a spawn with something else. That way, you don't need to admin in anything if you want to earn them the right way.

Mod's Are Feature Complete

Due to feedback from players, all versions of Tier 4 Thralls are considered completed versions. No further changes will be made as far as features, improvements, tweaks, other versions, or Thrall variety will be added. They are considered low priority, and I will only update them to keep them working.

Multiple Mod Warning

Use only one of the three mods offered for increased spawn chances for Tier 4 Thralls, either the Always version, the Half-Increased version, or the Increased Version. Choose ONE

Load Order Recommendation
  • Pippi
  • Boss HP Mods
  • Exile Lands Improved (no longer under active development)
  • Tier 4 Thrall Mods
  • Javelin Improved

Explaining Broken Spawns on Official Updates and Bug Reports

Virtually every major official update will cause this mod to break. Putting it right out there, it happens nearly every patch. I have to redo the spawn tables top to bottom. I know that if you load up the mod after a major update that you are going to find missing spawns. I get bombarded with messages from players about it every time. Please refrain messages letting me know the mod is broken after a patch, I know it is and I will get it fixed.

As for bug reports, feedback is always important for all my mods. But these Tier 4 Thralls mods in particular I have had a great deal of what ended up being false reports. It is important that you be thorough in your report for it to be most useful to me.

In order for your bug report to be the most efficient that it can be, you must consider the following information and provide all the requested data.
  1. Any bug report that is prior to a compatibility update after an official update won't be processed.

  2. You must post your entire mod load order.

  3. Then, explain in the fullest detail on everything you have done to troubleshoot the problem (including removing other mods and testing).

  4. I need to know the exact location of the area you see having issues with. Either give me a teleport location, a screenshot of the map of where it's at, or a screenshot of the spot you are looking at. A written description isn't enough.

If you cannot provide me with the information above, then I am unable to fully process your bug report. Thank you for your understanding.

Update Policy

Conan Exiles, as with many other games with mod support, can sometimes suffer from when mod authors decide to no longer update or abandon their mods. Since April of 2018, I have maintained that I will always keep my mods updated and available, and I do take that responsibility seriously.

Along with that commitment, is my desire to grow and improve all my mods. Sometimes my vision differs from the players that use my mods, and sometimes changes are done because of player input. Inevitably, an update will eventually come for one of my mods whenever necessary, whether that is bug fixes, improvements, or new features. What is unexpected is the volume of negative comments that I receive with every update.

Here is my update policy. The world is a 24 hour world, and when I update a mod, it may not match when your server happens to restart. I cannot control that, everybody has different update schedules. Neither am I able to control when you receive a mismatch error, or have issues downloading the mod. Mod authors have NO CONTROL when issues between you, Steam, or your server occur. At the top of this workshop page is the most common troubleshooting steps I can suggest you try, but outside of that, I cannot provide any further support.

I am committed to making my mods the best that they can be. But I need you to also be on board with helping me achieve those goals, and to be flexible whenever a mod update is planned. Please keep this in mind when leaving feedback.

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