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Mind Game (psicorp training exercise)
Number of Players: 2
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Jul 25, 2018 @ 2:02pm
Jan 18, 2019 @ 2:21pm
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Mind Game (psicorp training exercise)

Your melded minds are linked as you battle for control using concepts from your mind segments

(blue control, purple analysis, green expression, orange drive)
and drawn from the brainstem (black physiology)

to enter and shut down your opponent's mind while defending your own mind
as your constructs advance toward each other across the mindscape field.

Rules are located at and also as a 4 page rulebook plus a combat / concepts dual sided reference card on the game table.

Inspired by Wizard Wars (1975 game) and the PsiCorp training scene from Babylon 5 - good thing the term psicorp predates the tv show

Mod to TTS version - now using modified image (orange circle) bags to hold sorted available tiles and bank tokens instead of just placing them on the table - central bank has funds in infinite bags also using the circle image.

Combat effects table modified in response to playtest feedback 14 Dec 2018.
Added player bank bags and point limit rules 17 Jan 2019. Unlimited points remains as an optional rule.