Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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6-2-0 John Stephens
Scenario: USA
Vehicle: Locomotive
Tags: Train, Steam, 1850, M4, 6-2-0
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Jul 25 @ 12:32pm
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6-2-0 John Stephens

This odd looking 6-2-0 'Crampton' type was built in 1848 for the Camden and Amboy Rail-road, named the John Stephens, these locos were designed to haul short and fast passenger trains. However, with most of their weight over their 6 front wheels, and only a gripping surface the size of a dime, these locomotives were prone to slipping and had low pulling power. Ultimately they were a failure and converted to regular 4-4-0s in the 1860s.

Build date: 1848 - 1868
Speed: 61mph
Weight: 66t
Power: 165hp
Tr Effort: 6,519lbf
Cost: Calculated (298k)

Version with front coupler included for reverse or double-headed running
Recolourable wheels, cab and cowcatcher
Reversed version avaliable
Pre-coupled double-head version
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balazsh99 Aug 21 @ 10:30am 
Woow. I love it!!
TheOneWhoIs Aug 1 @ 5:05pm 
Good lord, I have never seen a representation of these outside of a few photos and period depictions. Thank you for showing the strange and wonderful world of early american locomotion.
Devilhunter Aug 1 @ 3:16am 
I wish there were more pre-1850 content. Then I think it is possible to shift all the availability dates further. Therefore in-game 1850 will be as 1830 IRL. Because, the game doesn't work with dates below 1.1.1850.
Herrbear Jul 28 @ 11:34am 
SteveM4  [author] Jul 27 @ 12:53pm 
@Herrbear No it had an 8ft driving wheel it really went that fast wow
Herrbear Jul 27 @ 11:22am 
I notice it shows a max speed of 61 mph. Is that correct or should that be 61 kph. Thank you.
n.chiri Jul 25 @ 2:03pm 
Looks like it came right out of a cartoon, or a toy train. An entire person can fit in that massive chimney, and they probably would have roughly the same space and be as dirty as the fireman in the cabin lol. Interesting to have, I'm planning a 1850's save in the US and I want variety of locomotives so this will come in handy along with your previous pack.