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Jul 25, 2018 @ 9:08am
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by Maxjoiner

This Mod adds many new Women Units.
You can find Women Units in Civilian\men
or Blufor\Men and Blufor (Pacific)\Men

- New 11 new 3d Women models Units
- New 17 Female Identities
- New Female voices

Please Help Me, Subscribe at my Youtube Channel:
My Patreon:

Thanks to my dear Friend Nicole for your Help to port the Takistan Women

License of use:
It's possible to use only the page of download authorized by author,
re-upload elsewhere is not allowed.
It's not possible to use parts of my MOD without my permission.
It's not possible to use my MOD in private servers without my permission.
It's not possible to resign my MOD without my permission.
For information contact me:
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Maxjoiner  [author] Sep 18 @ 5:36am 
With my mods now it has a lot of women :steammocking:
print Sep 17 @ 3:51pm 
arma 2 at least has women civilians, that arma 3 is devoid of women is scandalous
Maxjoiner  [author] Sep 13 @ 11:04pm 
watch this:
then send me a friendship request
Edizon Sep 11 @ 1:57am 
Can you get more bitches in like some really good looking ones who you wanna safe from great hard missions like "in this list" type missions... we need to get those bitches back home... woman1 is good but others are some bitches drinking in the bar. We need some real bitches. Let's go max women 2 I can maybe donate some money for the project. And yes I have a girlfriend and she likes woman soldiers xD
Maxjoiner  [author] Sep 7 @ 11:01am 
Np mate, thanks for your comment
Edizon Sep 7 @ 2:02am 
Oh damn I saw your video thanks I need to pay more attention what the others write. Thanks mate it's a 5/5 from me. It works =)
Edizon Sep 7 @ 1:57am 
Question to you great creator or anybody who has smarts for this. Can I use setFace command somehow. You said it randomizes the face. I have this new idea for a mission of saving one girl from warzone. And she needs to look atleast somehow to one particular girl lol... So my question is can I use setface without the randomizing. Do I have to script it in. It feels if I type in lets say just an example _soldier setFace "female10"; it seems still it's randomizing it as you say in your description. Is there any way to just make it look like one I'm looking for my darling my dear xD... thank you at advance
wuffman Sep 5 @ 2:57pm 
Ah, this setVariable, and this setIdentity, Thanks! BIS will be back, or they will copy your work. You have a skill, just keep at it.
Maxjoiner  [author] Sep 5 @ 12:56pm 
I can't do nothing about the carathers problems, ArmA3's engine has a lot of limitation into the building, to fix Face random watch my tutorial:
I proposed to Bohemia a my Women DLC but they refused my offer.
Thanks for your comment.
wuffman Sep 3 @ 12:13pm 
Your work is excellent, thanks. Amazing that you are the only source for female soldiers.
Are you familiar with DRO? This is not your responsibility I know, however since you have so much coding experience with characters I would like to ask. There is an option to reset friendly AI when they become stuck in buildings, as ARMA is famous for. The respawn character is a random face, from the vanilla assets. Would you have any comments on where to alter this respawn script to use the same face as the original AI ( your mod )? All other aspects are exactly the same, except for the face. Thanks, and BIS should offer you a deal.