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British Rail Class 01
Vehicle: Locomotive
Tags: Diesel
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Jul 25 @ 5:47am
Aug 26 @ 7:34am
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British Rail Class 01

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Small Shunters Pack
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The British Rail Class 01 diesel locomotive was a short wheelbase 0-4-0 diesel-mechanical design intended for use in areas with tight curves and limited clearance..

This model uses meshes from BritishTrains Class 08 which is registered under the Creative Commons 4.0 Share-alike License, therefore this model must also be registered under this license. A .blend file is included for people to use this model in whichever way they desire, provided they give credit and whatever they release with it, that item must also be under the terms of this license.


--Version 4.0.1--
Renumbered locos
Changed unlocking years

--Version 4.0--
Added a new livery
Added better aging and cblend
Texture compression
Updated UI images
Fixed asset bugs
Added external detail and interior

--Version 3.1--
Added 2 new liveries
Added aging and is now recolorable
Texture compression
Updated UI images
Added ploppable asset under category velvetmafia
Added external detail

--Version 3.0--
- Remodeled front
- Added windows
- Added piston rod animation
- BR Green texture comeback
- Changed loco number
- New soundset
- Dead centred wheels
- Added lights

--Version 2.0--
- New, refined textures
- Added driver
- Added new wheels
- Scaled down to appropriate size
- Added sound- Added smoke effects

--Version 1.0.1--
- Small bug fixed just after release, if you are one of the affected users, please wait for the mod to update, or you can force an update by unsubscribing and re-subscribing, this bug has now been fixed.

--Version 1.0--
- Initial release.
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[SR] 73096 Aug 15 @ 5:56am 
velvetmafia  [author] Aug 15 @ 3:26am 
This is due to be updated soon with a higher detail mesh made entirely in blender. This will also be registered under Creative Commons in the new update and a .blend file will be also be provided for people to make changes to should they so wish. Thank you for your kind words.
[SR] 73096 Aug 15 @ 2:20am 
welcome back velvet i am ashamed of people complaining over nothing velvet may have done something wrong but its over end of
mrstrongbow Aug 2 @ 10:03am 
Wow!! Angry ex army bloke bullies lad on train game!! WTF is the world coming to. To quote you Mal..."because a couple of people dont speak for the rest of the playerbase" .... neither do you so please be quiet. Stop with the foul mouth rubbish and don't use his mods if you have an issue. I've reported this to Steam off my own back because you actions are frankly just childish and nothing short of harassment.
Toby.Frenchy Jul 31 @ 1:25pm 
Mal if you are so offended then where are your mods, why havent you created any mods, if you think you cant do it then dont ever complain. I dont give a damn why your upset, you're being frankly disrepectful over an issue that you could have solved. Velvet mafia is a great modeller and he deserves nothing but praise for getting back into modding. I have an experience with depression and i know it effects people differently, so how dare you attack so personally over something so tiny.
velvetmafia  [author] Jul 31 @ 9:24am 
I've had enough of this now, I've tried to be polite. If you have an issue with me, thats fine, but sitting here arguing with me isn't going to sort it out. I can't understand how you can have an issue with someone and not block them or just not pay attention to them, so I'll do it for you, save you the embarrassment. I have apologised, served my punishment and am in the process of reuploading mods that shouldn't have been taken down, if that is not good enough for you in your eyes and my exergesis of why this has happened, then thats your problem to deal with, not mine.
mal Jul 30 @ 10:07am 
So let me get this right. Your saying the discord group has 100,000 plus members in it? Because this game has sold 200,000 plus copies!! A better way is apologising on the forums which every single person has access to without using an external link. So either your stupid or yes you are being a liar. You have had loads of opportunities to aplogise yet still have not bothered. The only punishment you served was 2 weeks not being able to post and you have ecen blamed depression as a reas9n to do it. As a sufferer myself i find that statement shameful.
@Infernalis-unum better a turd than a thief and a liar. Ir in this case a supporter of one.
Infernalis-Unum Jul 29 @ 10:51pm 
I think we can all agree that Mal is just being a turd. Happy modding.

As for the model theft accusation, how many god damn SD40 and F unit mods are on here? Too many to assume that every single one is an original model.
velvetmafia  [author] Jul 29 @ 6:23pm 
50+% of players are in that discord group, they might not talk, but they are there. I can't find a better way of apologising on steam than re-uploading mods that the community missed that were not stolen, i.e the shunters and 156 repaints. Steam did not "make" me do it, they took them down themselves, like I've said, I would have been happy to only remove the stolen ones, but unfortunately all of them had dissappeared within the hour. I can't see how I've lied to you on that point whatsoever.
mal Jul 29 @ 12:56am 
Yeah i read the discord a couple of days ago. Yet the discord is quite a low percentage of players who play this game and who got their save games ruined by your theft and actions. Why dont you do it on the official forum? You also mentioned on the discord you took the mods of the workshop as steam made you do it. So you lied to me trying to say i was spouting false information. So you might of stopped thieving for the time being but your still lying through your back teeth.