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Pyro collection
We look at pyro items
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Skullgirls: Black Egret Helmet
Created by Ravidrath
Lab Zero needs your help!

Valve has given us the opportunity to release Skullgirls Team Fortress 2 items... but only if you show your support and vote for them!

So vote well and spread the word - the more votes we get, the more likely you and your f...
The Wit-Cracker
Ever wanted to set people on fire for FUN? Me too. Ever ran in like a fool and set even more people on fire? Me Too.
Well now you can set even more people on fire with the new 100% Jester Hat (disclaimer only 40% of this hat is hat the other 60% is fun) w...
LeVar's LaMent (OLD)
Created by Norman3D
Thanks reddit user "brooklynbrett" for the great name! :D

Now paintable!!

You can find the gold starred version here:
Exothermic Emission
Created by Sauron
A laser weapon for the pyro.

Model, texture, and compile done by me....
The Devil's Advocate v. 3.0
Created by PepeHands
It came from hell.....
New promo pic thanks to The Rare Aquatic Pyro!

Reverted to original gold model!

Submitted for Hall...
The Flap Jack Stack
Created by Shane
I will be fixing the flapjack hat over the next while, and will be releasing an update for it when complete.

If you are interested in giving suggestions or comments, or just wish to be notified when the hat update comes out. Send an email to headfullo...
The Shotgonator
Created by OinkOink!!!
Replace the old basic shotgun :D...
The Inhaler
Created by Ducksink
Pyro mask inspired by an m17 and then turned into something..else

has 2 styles, one which paints the mask, and one which paints the pull on rubber mask beneath it.

2 lods too...
Marked Incompatible ]  pyro helgast skins
Created by [DG] OBJECTION!!!!!
makes an ordanary pyro look cool...