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New Industry Fertilizers From 1850 (Potash Mod)
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Jul 23, 2018 @ 10:00am
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New Industry Fertilizers From 1850 (Potash Mod)

This modification changes the available year of the Fertilizer Factory. By default, it's available from 1900, which means your cities go hungry for decades when starting a playthrough in the early eras.

This changes it to be available earlier in 1850 for both gameplay and potash purposes. Allows you to put those farmers to work earlier!

(Requires New Industry 2.54)

The name derives from pot ash, which refers to plant ashes soaked in water in a pot, the primary means of manufacturing the product before the industrial era. Potassium was first derived in 1807 by electrolysis of caustic potash (potassium hydroxide). Potassium is the third major plant and crop nutrient after nitrogen and phosphorus. It has been used for centuries as a soil fertilizer, and about 90% of current use.

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bernardrtrubowitz Oct 8, 2018 @ 5:05pm 
Hmm... I've got an output for the farm; it's generating grain at the normal "fertilizer-less" rate. As for the map, I loaded it with a fresh, industry-free map.

The point may be moot; I understand a new version of the new industry mod will be out shortly, correct? That would require a fresh map.
Col0Korn  [author] Oct 6, 2018 @ 11:53am 
The supply chain has to be complete, so the farm would have to have an output for its product.

Also, if you started your map before adding these mods, there may not be demand for the new commodities and the line won't be used
bernardrtrubowitz Oct 5, 2018 @ 6:04pm 
I placed one of these plants on my map, attached to a shipyard. I've got this mod & the one that lets ships carry fertilizer, but it isn't producing & says it has no line usage. As far as I can tell the supply chain is set up correctly to a farm; have you any suggestions? Thank you!
josecarvalihno42 Sep 9, 2018 @ 7:26pm 
dwebster73 Jul 24, 2018 @ 2:47pm 
Ah, that clarifies it.
Col0Korn  [author] Jul 24, 2018 @ 9:36am 
I just changed the description, it was definitely a little bit confusing the way it read out. Meant to read out as "Changed the available year of the Fertilizer Factory from 1900 (its default value), to 1850" and not "1900-1850"

In any case, the description should be a bit more clear now, thanks for the heads-up!
dwebster73 Jul 24, 2018 @ 6:34am 
I believe there is a typo in your description.... " available year of the Fertilizer Factory from 1900 to 1850". Shouldn't it be from 1850 to 1900 ?