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[WotC] Useful Autopsies - Complete Collection
The complete collection of Useful Autopsies - modifying autopsies to be worth the research time and to make more sense as well. For once, Tygan can expect these results... and they are intriguing.

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[WotC] Useful Autopsies - ADVENT Purifier
Created by ArcaneData
Makes the Purifier Autopsy worth your time - unlocks the newly-improved Flamethrower and Incendiary Grenade!

Why are your engineers wasting elerium cores in the Proving Ground, erratically inventing random incendiaries, while the Purifier (flamet...
[WotC] Useful Autopsies - Chryssalid
Created by ArcaneData
For once, Tygan can expect these results - completing the Chryssalid Autopsy now unlocks Venom Rounds in Engineering!

Why does the Chryssalid autopsy inspire Tygan to make a vest that sets attackers on fire? Meanwhile their venomous corpses lie unused i...
[WotC] Useful Autopsies - Viper
Created by ArcaneData
Makes the Viper Autopsy worth your time - unlocks the Gas Grenade in Engineering!

Ever wondered why your engineers need to waste elerium cores in the Proving Ground to invent a gas grenade, while the Viper autopsy sits useless and unfinished in t...
[WotC] Useful Autopsies – ADVENT MEC
Created by ArcaneData
Let's get this straight. You've got a pile of MEC wrecks sitting unused in storage, apparently based on the design of your own SPARK units. And yet, examining the wrecks provide no insight into your own ventures – and you have to make the whole SPARK from ...
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