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This mod is designed for use on our own server, however I decided to release it because I figured others might also enjoy it. It is CLEAN and STACKABLE in as much as that it changes no core game files and should be compatible with anything

This mod is "balanced" for PVE only, and in no way PVP friendly, or balanced. Our server runs level 300 wild dinos, with 2x gather rates for reference.

What does it do? This mod adds two new structures, a buying station and a selling station as well as lots more

MOD ID: 1447486319

Selling Station:

All base game resources, crafted resources, recipes, alpha, apex, and most other items in the game can be traded at this station for currency which comes in the form of Gold Coins, Silver Coins, and Copper Coins

Buying Station:

This station sells a wide variety of items, including new consumables, weapons, armor, and new tranquilizing supplies. You can buy back base or crafted resources, apex and alpha drops. (At a markup from selling)

Ammo - All base game ammo can be purchased, plus two new ammos needed for new weapons. Also includes reusable grappling hook which fits either the vanilla crossbow, or the new upgraded one. Now sells Cobalt Power Cells for use with upgrade TEK Rifle and Railgun

Armor - Four new sets of armor. One general purpose set, One Scuba Set, and One Hazard Set.
  • Riot Set - Roughly twice as strong as default armor, requires special repair materials sold at the Buying Station, can be repaired in inventory. Set includes an upgraded Riot Shield

  • Scuba Set - A full set of scuba gear including gloves, which provides all the benefits of normal scuba gear, but with increased armor and thermal protection which only functions in water. The set has zero armor on land. Also has no scuba mask overlay

  • Hazard Set - Slightly weaker than the Riot Set, but provides all the benefits of the hazard set with no helmet overlay and increased thermal protection

  • Utility - Glider Suit and Reusable Parachute are both purchaseable from the shop under the Armor/Misc folder

  • TEK - A new suit of TEK Armor that does not require element to function, has a quality and can be upgraded (Using the Upgrade station mod). The trade off is being incredibly expensive to repair costing both Cobalt-Polyer and Savage Implants

Consumables -

99.9% of these have brand spankin' new icons for your visual pleasure

  • Health Potions - Healing, Major Healing, and Super Healing. All potions will be auto-consumed when the dinosaur hits a certain health percentage and can be used by players or dinos

  • Healing Potion - Heals 100% health over 30 seconds, will be automatically eaten by dinos at 50% health. 60 second cooldown

  • Major Healing Potion - Heals 100% health over 15 seconds, will be automatically eaten by dinos at 35% health. 60 second cooldown

  • Super Healing Potion - Heals 100% health over 5 seconds, will be automatically eaten by dinos at 10% health. 60 second cooldown

  • Stimberry Syrup - Restores stamina quickly for 10 minutes, but consumes your water to do so

  • Appetizing Potion - Causes dinos food to drop 75 times as quickly for 30 seconds, does not affect taming negatively

  • Coffee Flask - Automatically wakes up a sleeping dinosaur or human over 20 seconds

  • Titanosaur Steak - Restores a large amount of food to a carnivore over 5 seconds. Good for Daeodons

  • Never-Leak Canteen - A canteen that doesn't lose water, even on Scorched Earth, holds 500 water

  • Greater Antidote - Provides the same cure as lesser antidote but provides much longer immunity to status effects

  • Azure Mead - Gives a 2.5 times XP buff for an hour as well as giving a large chunk of XP when used

Tools -

Upgraded versions of the Metal Pick, Hatchet, Sickle, and Chainsaw which do roughly double damage, and take less durability damage per hit. Can only be repaired with special items from shop. Can be repaired in inventory

Melee Weapons -

  • Pike and Sword - do roughly double damage, take slightly less durability per use, and both now have a small AOE effect on swing. Can only be repaired with special items from shop. Can be repaired in inventory

  • Tek Sword- Requires no element to function, but is quite expensive to repair, and also has a quality

    Firearms -

    Upgraded versions of Simple Pistol, Machined Pistol, Shotgun, Pump-Action Shotgun, Longneck Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, and Crossbow. All do roughly double damage, half durability damage loss per shot and can only be repaired with special items from the shop. Can be repaired in inventory
    • Longneck - Requires special Balanced Rifle Ammo, can be converted from Simple Rifle Ammo for free with engram

    • Crossbow - Requires Sharpened Stone Arrows, can be converted from Stone Arrows in inventory with engram

  • TEK Rifle and TEK Railgun - Now has a quality and consumes Cobalt Power Cells as ammunition, does not overheat because advanced alien rifles that overheat after 20 shots are silly. Just my opinion.

Upgraded Saddles -

There are 15 new war saddles in the shop for dinos, and 2 relics. These saddles start off with slightly more armor than a regular saddle, but have a higher maximum armor leve. The relics provide armor like a saddle would

The dinos with war saddles are currently - Anky, Doed, Daeodon, Yuty, Spino, Rex, Megalodon, Basilo, Argentavis, Ptero, Thyla, Therizino, Stego, Tapejara, Mammoth

Relics - Wyvern and Griffin

New Tranq Arrows and Darts -

3 new Tranq Arrows, and 4 new Tranq Darts.
  • Anaesthetic Arrows and Darts - Both arrows and darts do 4x as much torpor as default tranq arrows and darts

  • Deadening Arrows and Darts - Both arrows and darts do 8x as much torpor as default tranq arrows and darts

  • Sedative Arrows and Darts - Both arrows and darts do 12x as much torpor as default tranq arrows and darts

  • Twilight Darts - Darts do 18x as much torpor as default tranq darts

  • Explosive Dart - Dart that does explosive damage, can be used to knock out rock elementals, karkinos, and titanosaurs. Only fires from the upgraded longneck and does more durability damage than normal darts and bullets

All Darts and Arrows except Explosive work in vanilla and upgraded weapons.

Summonable Mini Bosses and Bosses -

New Savage dinosaurs are much more difficult, and also award a few Tek engrams, currency, 2 pieces of loot, and repair materials upon being killed

These new Savage versions are far more powerful, and difficult to kill however than vanilla alphas

After killing the Savages their drops can be used to summon Legendary bosses as well.

Current Savages - Basilisk, Karkinos, Deathworm, Kentosaurus, Raptor, Carno, Rex, Reaper, Gigantosaurus, Mosasaurus, Megalodon and Tuso

Current Legendaries - Broodmother, Megapithicus, Dragon, and Manticore

Current Mythics - Fire, Frost, Thunder, Poison Golems and a 5th Final Boss for this set - The Animus Golem

Don't hesitate to offer suggestions, I'm more than willing to look at doing things inside the mod if it makes sense to do

I also suggest using this mod with the Upgrade Station mod, as that offers a path to upgrade the new weapons and armor. If requested I'd be happy to provide .ini overrides so that the Upgrade Station items cost gold coins or polymer, etc.

Upgrade Station Mod (Highly Recommended)
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