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Items (993)
A Heavy Gift
Created by KmburXP
Share happiness during Holidays with this hat....
The Lone Stranger
Created by roamzero
He does bad cowbow impressions

Now he can look the part.

Reuploaded with the beta importer

Paintable and has 1 LOD

Enough positive feedback and Ill try my hand at a knife/revolver.

This is for feedback on the hat, if you like the suit/misc v...
Heavy Anchor
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Part of "Castaway Pack"...
Fruit of The Loony
Created by Jedi11375
Level 37 Banana Peel
The unofficial headgear of Mann Co Monkeynautics.

(Note since the import tool is very limited, there are only 2 skins - ripe and rotten)....
The Calvin Doctrine
Created by tso
be whatever you want to be

- teamcoloured
- jiggleboned
- childish wonder...
Maniac's Journal
Created by tso
you should see what he wrote about you...
Surgical mask_v4
(!) FIXED Paintable
has lods

Why Breath Poisioned Carbon Dioxide When You Can Smell Your OWN Fresh Breath
(Why else would he would he be running around wearing it outside!)...
Occupation - Surgeon v3
(!) FIXED Paintable
I'm not a weaver but I also I cut and sew.

Я не ткач, но я тоже режу и шью....
Coconut Bra
Created by zachL
Amaze your friends! Impress your family! Invoke the fiery wrath of Pele!

Part of the "Wrath of Pele" hula pyro set

Straps are jiggleboned

Background is a screenshot by Spike for his map pl_jungle

tags: luau, Hawaii, Hawaiian, Polynesia, Polynesian, gir...
The MANNly smell
Created by Dark_assassin||
Because wearing a gasmask is not enough...
The Reliable Reception
Created by Napy Da Wise
Multiclass hat/misc for scout, engineer and sniper.
Works with the default hats beside the sniper one.

Follow me on my blog !
The Morning Reader
Created by Hideous
"Son, there are a few things every young pyro must learn."

Comes with seriously purty jigglebones.

Works great with the Whiskered Gentleman!...
Created by Orko
Home is where the hearth is.
(but in this case, a portable stove will do!)
Created by Orko
I'm gonna s-s-s-scrub you out!

EDIT: added bloodsplatter to the texture.
Brutus Maximus
Created by The Ronin
Kick-assimus the Soldierimus to gitus helmeticus

Now certified!...
Burned Boater
A boater style hat for the pyro. Paintable, team colored, and jiggleboned to catch those warm summer winds! Looks like it caught a little something else from our child-like maniac.

The unburned version can be found [url=
Created by Phaser Rave
Wear this and become the ultimate heartthrob as you induce heart-throbbing in your former flame's chest with a burning passion, all while maintaining a reputation as a romantic force to be reckoned with.

Updated: Now a bit larger and paintable. Red team...
The Burning Case
Created by Pumkin
I lack the originality to come up with a proper description.
Paintable and Decalable

Also available as a skin:
The Day Job
Created by NeoDement
Classy little hat with a paintable bow.

Now available for download as a mod here:
A Cut Above
Created by Zoey
Slice and dice....
Daily Dose
Created by Napy Da Wise
Thanks Doc

Download the mod :

Follow my work !
The Heartbreaker
Created by Hideous
A homburg hat for the Medic with a white rose in it, which was the symbol of the non-violent resistance group 'The White Rose' in Munich during World War 2.

The band on the hat is paintable....
Big Man's Bush
Created by NeoDement
Sexy facial/body hair for Sniper/Heavy.

Now available for download as a mod here:
ANZAC Accolade
Created by Commie
Remembering those who fell before you and your gun. Sometimes onto your knife.

Part of the Australian Serviceman pack.

Download the mod-replacement version HERE[]....
Pocket Radio v2
Created by Orko
A new different version of the Pocket Radio...
Vaquero Muerto
Created by MonkeyBug
Strategic Stockpile (resubmitted)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
* 2 LODs
* Team-Colored

(Resubmitted with the Item Importer tool)...
Battle Bubbles (Pyrovision)
Created by Buzzbrad™
Hello Everyone!

This is a Pyro misc that replaces his grenades which is only visible when in Pyrovision. Enables pyrovision when equipped. This item is paintable.

The Great Valve
Created by Pablo
As it says, it's the allmighty Valve's valve.

It will be expanded to other classes in the future though

I don't know why Valve block these kind of stuff, I hope they dont block it on me...
Counter-Sleuth (Style: Evidently)
Created by Kaymon95
For the Spy who's out to to catch a Spy.

Coat packed with evidence. Paintable.

Promos: DJB2401
Model, textures, rig: Kaymon...
Counter-Sleuth (Style: Evident-less)
Created by Kaymon95
For the Spy who's out to to catch a Spy.

Coat now devoid of evidence! Paintable.

Promos: DJB2401
Model, textures, rig: Kaymon...
Shouldered Showmanship
Created by Kaymon95
Not enough teeth on your Trophy Belt and Crocodile Smile? Add some more with this rugged cloth shoulderpad!

Shoulderpad with belts and teeth. Paintable.

Promos: DJB2401
Model, textures, rig: Kaymon...
Kiwi war paint (reupload)
Created by Конъ
Kiwi war paint! (REUPLOAD)
Edible collection:

Also follow my workshop :D...
Eye of Pyro
Created by crazy-g
A substitue for eye of newt.

Paintable eye
Team colored ocular nerve

Halloween misc for Pyro....
Jaw Enforcement
Created by NeoDement
Riot helmet headgear for the Badge Boys set. Includes facial flexes (to prevent the chinstrap clipping during mouth movements).

This set is for Soldier and Demoman.

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
Safety Boots
Created by Orko
"Safety regulation requires a boot to the head."...
Created by Orko
"Place firmly on cranium until dangerous situation ceases to be."...
The Hasslehoffer
Created by multitrip
Improper medical procedure has never been so sexy....
Preternatural Pilot (resubmitted)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
The most terribly late Halloween 2012 submission!

* Comes with 3 LODs (also comes from outer space).
* Lights glow in the dark

Idea / Model / Texture: comfy_cushion
LODs and Renders : JZeeba


Lowered Standards
Someone woke up on the wrong side of the water buffalo corpse....
Professors Particulars
It has been scientifically proven that fancy sweaters and smart bowties increase intelligence, efficiency, and most importantly-- sex appeal!...
Courier's Clip-on
Created by multitrip
No time to put on a real tie! Clip this on and START RUNNING!

2 model styles and 3 texture styles, making up a whopping 6 styles!...
The Texas Hold 'Em
Created by Frying Dutchman
Keep everything safe n sound in this stylish pouch.

The Item is paintable.
Has 2 seperate styles
Has 2 LOD's for optimisation

Model by Petachepas
Texture by Frying Dutchman...
The Wise Facial Hair
Created by Ertz™
"You shall not pass away !"

"A beard is never too long or too small, it is precisely the length it needs to be !"

- Paintable
- NO facial flexes ! (Sorry 'bout that but my model files are some...
Swag Tags
Created by zachL
Swagger on da 100th block

sit down nerd

if u don't like the name sry that ur lame lol...
Laddy's Locks
Created by NeoDement
A beanie for the Demoman. With jiggly dreadlocks. Paintable....
Poacher's Pride
Created by Hideous
Protect your balding head from hair-damaging UV rays with this wide-brimmed hat, for the discerning illegitimate hunter.

Thanks to OneFourth for the promo image!...
The Elongated Exhaust
Created by CoreVixen
A smaller filter for that feeling of dizzying oxygen deprivation! Oh boy!...
The Flu Season
Created by Gigazelle
A handy little thermometer to keep track of your temperature in the ''heat'' of battle.

Updated with the new importer tool. 255 tris, now paintable!...
The Camp Ranger
Contains various bits of survival gear such as canned beans, canned water, and canned sleeping bags.
Oh and don't forget the canned firewood!...
The Blood Boiler
Created by Will T.TVR
"The only thing I ever found hotter'n the coals that drive a steam train was my burnin' hatred o' you, laddy. That, 'n Pyro's blasted flamethrower. What's his problem?" - Demoman


A makeshift helmet made from part of a steam engine. Specifically, it's...
The Swindling Swine
Created by Kowalo
Never trust a swine. They skulk in the shadows, and have a nose for murder! Or at least that's what I remember from that nature documentary.

- 256x256 texture...
The Stovepipe Stovepipe
Created by Will T.TVR
In his quest to appear cultured to the rest of the team, Pyro has gotten himself a stovepipe hat ... literally.

- Team colors
- LOD0 (924 tris) + LOD1 (588 tris)
- 256x256 textures...
Techie's Turtleneck
Created by multitrip
striped sweater...
The Bad Boy(reupload)
Created by Ducksink
uploaded with the itemtest importer and with LODs...
The Gentleman Style
Created by Linko
lod0: 1108 tris
lod1: 663 tris
Texture 512*512...
The good catch
You thought you were happy, you thought you had it all,
but there was still this feeling deep down inside, that something was missing...

You never knew it would be so much fun,
You never knew you would feel so connected to it,
verry connected... yes...
Strainer Adventurer
Created by Linko
A strainer with a flashlight light on a side and a battery on the other. Hat for every poor engineers.

LOD0: 1449 tris
LOD1: 537 tris
Texture in 512*512...
Miyagi's Memento
Try to think of some menial task, like repeatedly hitting a jump button....
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
Show your enemies you mean "business" while out on the battlefield.

-Now with 2 styles!

(also 50% more buttons and all buttons are 100% less square!)

Mod download:

SFM poster/wallpaper: http://dl.dro...
Aged Ale
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
Use as a refreshing beverage or an improvised explosive device. Never run out of liquid courage on the front lines ever again.

-doesnt have LoD's because the import tool said it didnt need any, even though I made some.

-mod download: http://tf2.gameban...
Bolted Bombardier Fix
Created by multitrip
adjusts size of item to fit demomans face better...
The Downgrade
Created by Ducksink
Formerly the "Leatheratte"
This hat must be important, there was a skull under it to mark its location....
The Warm Bomber (resubmitted)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Soft and warm headwear for the Demoman.

* 2 LODs
* Team-Colored

(Used the item importer tool)...
The Pub Brawler
Created by Rozzy
Pull up ya sleeves and fight like a man.


Anchor Tattoo...
The Mohawk Hard
Created by Fury
With the mohawk better not make him angry

Team Colored !!

2 Lods !!...
The Inhaler
Created by Ducksink
Pyro mask inspired by an m17 and then turned into something..else

has 2 styles, one which paints the mask, and one which paints the pull on rubber mask beneath it.

2 lods too...
The Hedgehog
Created by Fury
A new attractive look for the big one: THE HEDGEHOG !!!

With or without jaw.

2 LODs...
Created by Svdl
He's an engineer, he can wear whatever he wants....
The Big Wiener
Created by Constructor
An old item I ran through the importer....
Ten Gallon Toaster
Ten Gallon Toaster. For the MANN that needs to eat on the run.

2 LODs
Jiggle boned toast!

Added HD video of jiggle bone!...
The Libel Belt
Created by Dewzie
You done sullied mah name, son.

- Now uses bontreecollapse for LOD2.
- Improved lasso positioning to better cover the default wire beneath....
Created by mojoe128
Tree growing on pyro's head

Jiggle Bones!
3 lods!...
Shokan's Tail
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition Promo.

Inspired by Goro, Famous of boss character in Mortal Kombat.

Shokan is Goro's ethnicon.

Paintable & use Jigglebone....
The Fiery Fancy
Created by Exotic Lemming
Feeling fabulouuuuus....
Land Luggers
Created by Primrose
Formally the Winterland Waders, these all terrain boots can get you through the toughest of climates!

Just a resubmit sent through the importer....
The Ritz V2
Created by Constructor
Texture improvements, ran it through the importer.

Blasted Bowler
Created by gryn_
Unfortunately the man put in charge of writing this description died of dysentery....

[x] Team Colors
[x] Paintable
[x] Will put hair on your chest.

Vote for it today!...
Wee Bandit
Created by Constructor
Stand and deliver (pizza)

Vulpine Brigade
Created by Peka
Resubmitting the fox mask validated through the new workshop engine!

It can be downloaded here:

It will replace one of these hats/misc.:
attendant cap
steel toe hat
fireman helmet
The Wheezy Wastelander V2
Created by Evil_Knevil
Reuploaded with the new importer tool.

Special thanks to Psyke for making the backpack icons.

Link to the original:
Caballer's Casuals V2
Created by Evil_Knevil
Reuploaded with the new importer tool.

Special thanks to Psyke for making the backpack icons.

Link to the original:
Nark's Nightcap V2
Created by Evil_Knevil
Reuploaded with the new importer tool.

Special thanks to Psyke for making the backpack items.

Link to the original:
Bombin' Britches
Created by Constructor
Don't trip!...
Boilermaker's Bifocals
Created by Evil_Knevil
Reuploaded with the new importer tool.

Special thanks to Psyke for making the backpack icons.

this only contains the shutters paint style.

Link to the original:
Steamboat Willie V2
Created by Evil_Knevil
Reuploaded with the new import tool.

Special thanks to Psyke for making the backpack icons.

Link to the original:
The Buoy Wonder V2
Created by Evil_Knevil
Reuploades with the new import tool.

Special thanks too Psyke for making the backpack icons.

This upload only contains the pelvis style.

Link to the original:
Created by Svdl
Never get blood on your suit again.

Note: does not protect against any other substance....
The Blood Boiler [re-submit]
Created by Will T.TVR
Resubmitted using the in-game importer. Original submission:
''The only thing I ever found hotter'n the coals that drive a steam train was my burnin' hatred o' you, laddy. That, 'n ...
A Cut of Class Encore
Created by The Ronin
Idea by FruitInMyLoop and Retro

Name by Ned_Ballad...
The Dorky Dungarees
Created by Jal
Flower Power
Created by Statyk
''They'll all laugh at you for wearing a flower atop your head, but we'll see who's laughing after they're on fire. Hint: It's you.''

Got an idea you want me to make? If I like it, you get 15% share for it! Post it in my...
Tactical Bucket V2
Created by Psyke
Keep that deranged little brain of yours safe with this fetching ebony helmet!

Initial Concept By Costa
Model By Ronin
Texture By Psyke...
Optimal Optics V2
Created by Psyke
Now watch your enemies burn even in the dark!

Comes with Lods!
Glow in the dark!
Snazzy Night-time vision-based action!

Now includes TEAM COLOURS.

Initial Concept By Costa
Model By Ronin
Texture By Psyke...
Hard Workin' Hard Hat
Created by Wrench N Rockets

Updated with better lod.

Resubmitting through beta import tool.

It's back to construction with the Engineer's new hard hat. Cowboy hats might look stylish on the range, b...
The Law Maker
Created by Jal
Rough Rider's Stache Re-up
Created by Roast
The Soldier's favorite president's facial hair- now on your face.

edit: model updated with improved rigging

check the rest of the set here:
The Big Deal V2
Created by Constructor
Minor texture improvements, imported...
Mumbler's Mix
Created by Hideous
98.1% gasoline, 1.9% pure rage.

Replaces Pyro's chest grenades with some nice-looking molotov cocktails - which were named as such by the Finnish army in 1939, during the winter war....
Harsh-weather Hood
Created by Primrose
When the going gets tough, the tought get a thick leather hood cheaply sewn onto their vest in an attempt to guard them from the elements.

Old item, re-run through the importer....
The Murder Mask
Created by Gryoss
After many requests, I've made the team killer's mask as a seperate item. Also made it paintable, which is p. cool I guess. Hope you like it!

3 LODs.
The Corporate Casual
Created by Adam
For a smart guy, you sure don't dress smart.
Give your Engineer a touch of class with this stylish shirt and tie combo!...
Sun Hat
Created by Dr. Donut
Baby's First Hat...
Looks to Kill V2
Created by Constructor
Completely redone mesh/texture, completely FABULOUS...
Burn Warden
Created by TidMiste
Be the warden of your own prison. Do you notice those burns on your prisoners? Seems to me like the goverment got their hands on them before you could! HA! Get it? 'Cause.. burn notice... also Spies... and Pyro... heh...

I found it funny at least.

Sheriff GS
Created by Gas 13
''And you will know, my name is the law.''

Frontliner's Foot-Fingers
Created by Statyk
''Shoes with toes! Innovation!''

+ Paintable!
+ Certified through the importer!

SFM render by: Obliviator

LOD 0: 1360 tris
LOD 1: 690 tris

256x256 Diffuse

The Kelly Caper
Created by Caironater
This is a make of the Kelly gangs legendary (Or, at least it is in Australia) helmets for the Sniper.
Here's some information about stuff.

Please share this around, It'd be so awes...
Grease Monkey
Created by multitrip
Let's get greasy.

Now on the Scout....
The Attack-Pack
Created by Constructor
the Grimm General
Created by Scudz
an ancient helm of vengeance...

now paintable...
The Eyepatch of Power
Created by Constructor
tiniest misc ever

The Conductor's Cap
Created by HellJumper
A stylized engineer cap for those aspiring train conductors!

Fully paintable....
Pierced: Barbells
Created by Undertow
Nothing says you're serious (about never getting a real job) like a face full of barbells!

...But we wont judge you here, express yourself with some piercings!

Adjusted to fit each class.

More piercings here: [url=
Mileage Medallion
Created by Vap
Scout's medals are so shiny that they'll make Spy's medals wet their pants!

Also incase you haven't guessed by now, Scout is my favorite class. This was a result of an entire day and night failing to get other projects working proporly....
The Handy Holder
Created by Hideous
You never thought a fannypack could look cool, did you?

Comes with belt, plastic belt buckle and handy satchel for carrying stuff.

Also paintable!...
Pierced: Hoops
Created by Undertow
Rebel with a solid set of piercings covering all the important areas... some of which we cannot show...

Adjusted for a unique look on each class.

More piercings here:
Created by Eternity
What is the point of getting others drunk if you can't get drunk yourself? Just make sure to use the special reserve; even if it is illegal is 49 states....
Ice beer
Created by 拳皇 lllyyylll™
Take it! It is time for let those damn guys sober up!

You can see my other works here:
1.The new breath
2.pan guan bi
Sacks O' Fists (Christmas Item)
Created by
"Give your enemies the gift that keeps on giving...MORE PAIN!"...
Underwater Explorer
Created by Comic Sans MS
A great way to provide yourself with an advantage. Underwater !...
Scuba Mask
Created by GX1101
Dive in your deepest matches. Swim in the win counts, be prepared for the flood...
The Moonstruck Mound (V2)
Created by XYK
Some take lengthy trips to Hawaii.
Some take the time to study geology.
Some take out their brain and fill their skull with blazing magma....
Cross Country Killer
Now with double zoom......
surgeons specticals
I promise I vill heal you...
Precision marksman
Created by Hamguy
Display your pride as a Precision sniper....
Cranial Remoulder
Created by BadonkaKnyocks
Too many bonks to the head? Or just distortion from passing through the birth canal? The Cranial Remoulder can help you with that. No it will not protect you from further blows to the head, but with a little rest your skull will be as good as new. Lets fac...
Classy Hat
Created by madw
Classy Sniper's hat

682 tris, 968 tris, and 1380 tris models...
The Bullseyes
Created by Gangstahwezel
for the snipers who need help aiming.

*note, does not actually help you aim.

- Paintable...
The Sharpshooter
Created by Bude Ruster
This is the absolute must-have accessory for any crazed gunman-er, assassin. The perfect tool for precision sniping and looking awesome while doing it.
-Misc. Cosmetic item.
-3 LODs
-Team colored...
Victor Wig
Created by Mori NinJah
Dominate your enemies the old fashioned way. And don't let them eat your cakes!

This is my first ever TF2 hat, let me know if you like it!

Plumb me
Created by Fly Guy
Someone make porn for this...
Obtrusive Opto-metrics
Created by duonanon
My first workshop submission, a pair of heavy specs for a mad scientist suspiciously lacking in oversized goggles.

I will say this much: it's really big. As such, the clipping is pretty awful with a lot of hats and miscs, but, whatever, goggles am I rig...
Misfortune Teller
Created by suto
"Will I get murdered in the shower tonight?"
"Should I go to this shady-looking camp?"
"Will I get hit by a stray crocket?"

All these questions AND MORE will be answered with these spooky possessed magic 8 balls!

So, this is my first item, so i...
Created by Unrival
Everyone reaches their end of the line eventually, why not just take it with you

- Please note, I just made this from insipration of the new End of the Line crates that came out. Yes i know that items have already been chosen, I just wanted to make this...
The Rear Ender [Weapon]
Created by Diva Dan
Demoknights in rear view mirror are closer than they may appear.

Diva Dan: Model, Materials, Texture, Promos

Void: Texture

Programs used: Blender, Substance Painter,, GIMP...
Two Card Hatte
Created by Populus
A magic hat....
Backside Profonde
Created by Populus
A magic cape.
Created by Pablo
The engie got a sentry ahead, BUT I GOT WATERMELON INSTEAD!
The Consultant's Approval
Created by ya homie
What makes you look smart.

-only 542 polygons.
-256x256 texture.
-fully compatible with TF2....
The Augmented Mann
Created by un
Now you're seeing with power!

Alright that was terrible, I'm sorry...
City Stompers
Created by PartlySmith
Part of the set, Kaiju Blues!...
Created by Mopo
Only pyro is clumsy enough to need training wheels for walking...

2 LOD's

My workshop items:
The Terracotta Warrior
Created by besanegames
The ultimate in domestic camouflage.


- 3 LODs (0,1 & 2)
- Team Colors

This is my first submission to the workshop. I hope you like it!...
Created by GX1101
Be a winner with this crown. Or a beautiful loser.....
The Safety Procedure
Created by Omega
Pshh... who needs safety when you have a flamethrower?...
Mechanics chief
Created by Aurelijus Veryga
first my tf2 item :)...
The Safe Roller
Created by Toxie
Comfortable to wear, but hard as steel....
Truck Hat
Created by ant.karvelas
The heavy always reminded me of something... I finally figured it out: the guy looks like a truck! :D...
Yamraj's Crown
Created by GenoCide
An ancient crown believed to be mistakenly left by the god of death on the earth. He is still probably looking for this.

The crown is made to match up Yamraj's Gada which I published a few days back....
Thinker's Notepad
Created by K_Factor
Ever need a spot to write down all your personal observations? Meet the Thinker's Notepad, where you can document the spy's weakness and why your team needs a pyro.

444 Tris, one LOD

Team colored, Ambient Occulson Mapped Textures

Texture and Boning: Bo...
The Keg & Kup
Created by WhirledPiece
This handy keg will keep your favorite beverage right beside you.

-red and blue textures
-2 lods
-its my first model
-constructive criticism is appreciated...
The Blast Off
Created by rbbrown1
Whats better than a floating rocket ship? That's right, NOTHING!

This item equips in a misc slot

This item does have a jiggle bone

If you have any ideas to make this hat better, just let me know!...
Cinco de mayhem
Created by lucarioaaron
Los invasores temeran el poderio de la patria resguardante

The invaders will fear the power of the pounding homeland...
The Masked Marxist
Created by Chimmy Chonger
Heavy's heightened sense of smell is coming for you.

-1 LOD

In tribute to Monty Oum....
Team Dream Hat
Created by brother
Cold Fever
Created by best_lame
Caught a fever in the winter season. Such a shame....
Cross Glass White
Created by
Now with unique Medic Vision – No more autopsy up to the death!...
Did you just...
Created by Hi
Created by zombak0
Heavy to carry but fun....
Buckaroo's Belt
Show your true passion for redundancy by wearing a belt buckle so heavy it doesn't actually hold up your pants!

More Images Soon!
Updated textures...
Pyro's tree
Created by lucarioaaron
Raider's Rucksack
Created by Unrival
Everyone needs somewhere to "place" their "legally obtained" artifacts......
Present Filled Hat
tis the time of the year again were all good little mercs get their most desired gifts and this year they have a special treat. A hat made of gifts!

-2 Lods
-All classes
-Nice version of the Coal Filled hat...
Cross Glass Black
Created by
Now with unique Medic Vision – No more autopsy up to the death!...
Builders Defence
Created by Mopo
Hey you, Where's your helmet?! Can't you see that this is a hard hat area?

3 LOD's

1096 tris
976 tris
695 tris

Follow me or check out my other works for TF2, if you like.
The not-so-silent protector
Created by Lejean
Protecting the innocent, heavy-style.

Team colors
2 Lods
Gluttonous Gentleman
Created by ka-punn
I'm stuffed!!...
Steampunk Hat
Created by aaronthereaper
This intimidating, yet classy hat comes with many features, including:

-Top-of-the-line, precision manufactured gears
-Authentic leather straps
-A vintage, 18th century top hat
-Class and sophistication

Be sure to rate!...
A Hat Upon a War
Created by brother
If you think something should be changed to this hat leave a comment! Thanks!...
Magnum Mugger
Created by blueNES
Time to draw!

- 2 LODs

- Paintable

- Facial Flexes

Model / Texute - blueNES

SFM Renders - K - Factor

This item is inspired by Cowboy from Tomb Raider
Pyro Croft
Created by goldenjohnson
A french braid of one notorious british lady....
Under the Mistletoe
Created by Mr Hobby
"Scout Does NOT Approve" (But his mother does.)

Now available for ALL CLASSES!


NOW: Even better topology! More efficient to save you processing power!...
Medic's bag!
Created by Anarxist
You have to carry your pills somewhere! In this bag!...
Hat - "The power of books"
Created by ARESS
Hat - "The power of books"
«Books not only teach, but also protect. If you are an educated medical professional, these books you will need!»...
Brian Pan
Created by GG_Underscore
It is amazing the amount of punishment a stainless steal organ bowl can take. After all when you spent all your money on the goggles, you have to make scarifies somewhere. Great for the medic on the move! Part of the Motor City medic pack....
Masque of Archimedes
Created by SirDannyMacFinn
The Medic loves his bird, and so to become more like his lovely bird he crafted from the left over skin of his fallen comrads a mask. The Masque of Archimedes is a simple yet elegant way for the Medic to kill in style....
Dali´s moustache for ALL CLASS
Created by Karma^Pt
After some requests decided to upload the Dali´s moustache for Pyro as well...
The Sphygmomaniac
Created by MMalkavian[-III-]
Even in war, and under a mortal danger, prevention is better than cure....
Maybe the world?
Created by darkneSsss
Any questionable situation can always be resolved peacefully!...
Surgeon's Cap
Created by FrEaK
A doctor needs to keep blood from messing up his hair, does he not?

Item is paintable, fashionable, and down right amazing!...
Nature headgear
Created by WerWulf
A nature hat that has been used in some old empires (like Roman or Greece) for medic, it will increase medic"s healing potency :)...
The Mystery Man
Created by Spicy Boy
Behind those blacked-out lenses is a stare of a killer, staring at you.

This is my second hat, hopefully better then my first but still has no proper backpack icon......
The Med's-Stache+ (V1.0)
Created by Naomi
Loving Thank's To:
& Robin Walker, for creating such a beautifull game.
Made With Autodesk Maya 2012, Photoshop Elements 7.0, Source SDK, TF2's Font's...
Medicine Man
Created by Detweiler324
Native American inspired Buffalo skin headdress. Jiggleboned, paintable feathers....
Giant Ears
Giant Ears for Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Medic, Heavy, Pyro, Spy, Engineer.Enjoy it!)))...
The Kritical Khaleeji
Created by Lightfooted
The Medic's prized souvineer from his time studying "Saw-dee" Arabian tribal medicine....
The cross hat
Created by SMS
A cross hat for the Medic....
Made in China
Created by Dark_assassin||
maybe from Vietnam ;D...
Galactic Revolution.
Created by Elephant
Liite Red Book
Created by 00912
Vigilance to defend the motherland....
the krankenpfleger
Created by Black Joker
a paintable and team colored krankenpfleger(nurse) hat
Crazy Machines Wacky Professor
Created by Encore_Development
Fight the battle through the eyes of the Wacky Professor from Crazy Machines....
Created by Douchebag
Polish regional folk hat.
Mountains. Podhale. Zakopane.

Lifesavers Scrubby Cap
Created by
Putting stylish back in stylish open heart surgery.

2 Lods, Paintable.

Gonna make the Lods a bit better and make some more styles.

Oh and some more pics....
Ancient Atef
Created by Gerre
Based on an Atef crown typically worn by Osiris.

Allclass and paintable....
Mustache of Evil
Created by BlackMaska [PL]
Every self-respecting villain must have this mustache right under the nose...
The Narwhal Bacons
Created by :|
Whatever floats your upboats...
The Mann-Corder
Created by XYK
An alto recorder, from Mann Co.
Comes complete with it's own sounds.

Coming to a store near you.

New sounds:
Hit 1:
Hit 2:
The Cyanide Cylinder
Created by K_Factor
Store your team's supply of gaseous cyanide in this handy cylinder! Also stores Oxygen, Hydrogen, Helium, and Acetylene (handy for all those engineer pockets).

697 Tris
512x512 Texture with Specular Map
Bolts are shiny and eye-catching!

All suggestions ...
El General
Created by lucarioaaron
La tropa comanda el liderazgo del valiente uniformado en el campo

the troop command the leadership of the brave uniformed mann in the field...
The Intestimonial
Created by BLADE
An X-Ray of the medic from chest to torso. Team colored thumbtacks are holding the X-Ray onto the Medic's backpack straps. Feedback and criticism is appreciated....
Cranium Monstrificum
Created by Lucas
Ever wanted to be a dinosaur? Well, you still can't! This is not a dinosaur skull, it's not even from this planet. Heck, some people say it's from another galaxy. All you need to know about this item is that even though the jaw jiggles up and down when you...
Rudy's Prescription
Created by mr apple
"A hat a day keeps the doctor away"...
Mobile Resupply Cabinet
Created by TheMarciee
My first try in tf2 item making.

Made in blender...
Liberty Warrior
Created by extaa
Your control point must be free from the enemy!...
Slightly inflated shoe =D
Created by Estavos
So, it look like slightly inflated shoes, but it hat. Realy.

When we test it I just lulz add all classes in this hat and.... ITFULLYSUPPORTMEDIC!!!! AAWESOME!...
Wraith Stone
Created by FiveEyes
The Wraith Stone from Tomb Raider Legend

- All Class
- Paintable eyes


Ryu-Gi: Model, Texture
FiveEyes: Texture Edits, Rigging, Normal Map...
Rontgen Ray-Bans
Created by [LM] Rage°Raiden
This is my first item be gentle

Team colors and All classes...
Shoe umbrella
Created by ProgSys
Keeps half of your feet dry!

Paintable and has jigglebones!
Based on a true invention....
GOLD MANN-SAXX / Refined Gentleman
Created by Taint_Shears
Do you really like refined metal?!
Sure, everybody does!
BUT NOW, you can let people know that you've always got your mind on your metal and your metal on your mind...

(Available in Refined and Gold)...
Elephant Beanie
Created by brother
Ancient ring of scarab king
Created by UltraBrutalTechies
For tomb raider contest

Real gold!
Scarab is paintable!
All classes!
3 lod's...
The Bright Idea
Created by Jigglenomicon
It dosenøt make you any smarter and are likely to make you a even easier target...
S.M.S Dreamer.
Created by Douchebag
Personal message to all.
Can be edited on first use....
The Siren Helm
Created by Deception
inspired from ambulance siren lights. helmet design looks like ww2 helmets for combat medic concept. with the siren medic helmet, medics will make their way faster to heal their teammates!! open the way for medics......
Saint Patrick's Hat
Created by Baldurs Tod
17 march is coming. Vote to get this hat in TF2 in time....
Nog Nog
Created by Jesterado
"Come get your Nog Nog!

"Drink Responsibly"

Credit to Flat Penguin for helping me on this project :D

Don't forget to give a thumbs up and leave a comment.

Please also check out Flat Penguin's awesome submissions:
Compound Fracture
Created by GG_Underscore
Part tire iron,
part duct tape,
part scalpel…
all punishment!

It can cut you as well as break a bone... It can even change a tire. Part of the Motor City medic pack....
The Gentleman's Flatcap
Created by Gamemaster
Once, when I was a little boy like yourself--my grandfather gave me his beloved flat cap. Since that day, I have treasured it dearly. But in these troubled times of unemployment, I need a little extra cash for my wild liquor habit. Now, I ask that you carr...
Chauffeur's Cap
Created by blueNES
"Mr. Hale, where to next? Back to Mann. Co headquarters to beat the crap out of more hippies in the parking lot or to the pharmacist for more moustache paste"

- 2 LODs
- Fully Paintable
- For Scout, Heavy, Engineer and Medic

patiot cap
Created by ZV1R
cap of the true patriot...
Young Khepri
Created by Peka
The pyramid's secret was still alive after all thoses milleniums...

Based on the Boss "Khepri" from Tomb Raider Temple of Osiris
all class and paintable...
The new breath
Created by 拳皇 lllyyylll™
Thank goodness! Finally can breathe fresh air!

You can see my other works here:
1. Ice beer
2.pan guan bi
The New Years Party
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
**Probably submitted just too late but anyway...**

Scout partied so hard at the Mann Co New Years event, he somehow wound up wearing a tie. Being the Scout, after a few Bonk! drinks, he promptly wrapped it around his head to craft a "badass headband".
New Hat: ERROR
Created by Frenchie
A new hat! That's right :3
This is my first hat, don't expect it to be the best, but it is quite funny :3.

This hat will work on every class.

If this got into the game, you would not understand how happy I would be.

Rate up please! Post in the co...
Chaotic Khaki - new paint
Created by
New paint for Team Fortress 2. If you have any other ideas for name - feel free to give them in comments....
Created by hsnbrg..
new 2012 buds!...
Makeshift Moonshine Re-import
Created by Gerre
Uploaded with the new importer....
Drunken Floater
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
new shield weapon for demoman...
Texas bull
Created by Zach
New handgun for engineer....
Carouser's Capotain Paint Fix (Final)
Created by HellJumper
Just resubmitting in the new format....
Lifeguard Cap
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
new cosmetic item for demoman...
Cyclopean Snorkel
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
new cosmetic item for demoman...
Essential Snack
Created by MIFFY
I am new in modeling...
Shortest Straw Re-import
Created by Gerre
Uploaded with the new importer. It has jigglebones....
The Fittest
Created by aidangig56
A new spy's Tophat....
Torpedo Flippers
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
new shoes or cosmetic item for demoman...
Created by Hiwa
The new weapon for the sniper, the legacy of him cherokee ancestor. Use the new knife with shark shape designed....
Fossil Juice XXL v2
Created by EmAr
New flavor, new texture!

Aww, is that a lollipop...drawn with the ashes of Pyro's last victim?!...
The Speckled Lens
Created by Mnemo
"The deadliest magnifying glass in India"

Possible Stats
On Hit: Drains cloak and cancels disguise on target
-50% damage penalty

V3 Changelog
- New Model
- New Texture
- New Everything
The Patriot
Created by Swift
Based on the up-coming new Bioshock:infinite "Patriot" minigun....
Bomber's Briefs
Created by Fruit
Time to Kick it in to High gear with High shorts and New Kickers!...
The Dueltide
Created by BenH
Comes with 3 LOD's! Team Colored, etc...

Please suggest a new name!...
Created by Quasar Jogos
The new friend of Pyro
Um novo amigo para o Pyro...
The Valkyrie
Created by sham
Ride the valkyries to battle!

*Now available for the soldier and fully paintable!*

*New shader!*...
Zhulong's Lantern
Created by Bapaul
Happy chinese new year

concept by [square]
model by Bapaul
textures by P...
Demos Sheriff Hat!
Created by Maxilent
Theres a new Sheriff in town!
Or at least someone that bought a fake Sheriffs hat......
Plumber's Hole
Created by KRosen
New misc for pyro - silly and goes with a pre-existing hat....
mad mask
Created by Karma^Pt
the medic´s new mask, made out of a human jaw...............
The sovietic hatch
Created by lucarioaaron
heavy celebrates the new season of hardness with the propriet festive metal bird hatch...
Crocket's Coonskin Cap *Update*
Created by Cap'n Bill
Classic American Pioneer Style.
Fits the Sniper, Soldier and Engineer.
New Team colored textures and itemtest compatibility.

New Pics:
Comedy and Tragedy Masks OLD
Created by Phaser Rave
Please check out my new version.
All the Tuefort is a stage, and the Spy is one good actor....
Arkham knight's helmet
Created by Peka
Batman's new nemesis headgear

All classes, 3 levels of details, mesh lights for the eyes...
Smissmas Scorcher [v2]
Created by Piper
Santa suit for Pyro.

New version, uploaded with the import tool.
The white fuzzy parts are paintable....
Radigan's Rag Re-import
Created by Gerre
Uploaded with the new importer.

Based on the rag Radigan wears in the Loose Canon comic. It has jigglebones....
The Moonlander
Inspired by the concept art for the new moonbase map!

- Paintable Helmet Stripe!
- 3 LODs...
Bouncy Bobber (OLD)
Created by Emil
This hat is outdated, the new one can be found here:
Kevlar Helmet
Created by Hawkins308
A standard issue kevlar helmet. Comes complete with NOD's bracket, a headlamp, and a shiny new D-ring!...
Ivory Arm Guard
I've tried a new thing for the texturing tell me what you think....
The Bonker
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
I remade my old items "Bonk! Ponk Hammer".

This weapon is promotional item from Bonk! company.

I have a few idea for weapon attribute.
1. very low damage, successful hit add Drink gauge.
2. critical hit is no damage and short stun. (like a Holiday ...
Swashbuckled - War Paint
Created by void~
Without a doubt, you'd be the best Pirate they've ever seen....
The Ricardo
Created by DetectTraps
Woo the ladies in this dashing and suave arrow-headed headgear....
The Prussian Puncture
Created by XYK
In memory of the Prussian Pickelhaube....
The physicians neck piece.
Created by A_Guardian
Bowties are cool....
The amplifier of the brain
Created by Еня
A small discharge current will increase your memory twice...
Chicken buddy
Created by Gonzo
Are you enough brave to wear a crest, then receive "that" kind of jokes?

All Classes, Jigglebones and paintable!...
Snake Companion
Created by Liam Norbury
A Snake companion for your shoulder, Originally made for the Sniper but works fine for most classes...
Squamish Medic
Created by Voodoo
The Battlefield is no place to be getting squeemish around blood.

Tie up that girly hair and get to work!

WIP in progress. Accidentally wiped out my high LOD :(

So right now it's just med/low. Also need a little bit a texture w0o...
Defence Medic's Duffle
Created by blueNES
It’s amazing how much cyanide--- er I mean medical pills you can fit into one small, worn out duffle

- Paintable

- 3 LODs...
Sausage Fest
Created by ai_chicken
Keep your team from starving with these German sausages. Guten appetit! (it jiggles)...
The Hangover
Created by awodjaliwjdliajj
"Just how you get up after a great party!"
- New Years Eve hat

InGame Screenshots

Golden Scarab Artifact
Created by whatevs
Sport this Golden Scarab, with a Gem in the color of your team!

This Tomb Raider inspired emblem can be painted to taint the gold.

All Classes....
The Four Leaf
Created by sdk
These guys need no luck. They have their own 4 leaf clover Hat!...
Dali´s moustache
Created by Karma^Pt
Salvador Dali´s stylish moustache for all class except Pyro...
Medicinal herbs
Created by zjadacz chleba
The best cure for all diseases. You do not have to water the plants. It feeds on your thoughts.

LOD_0: 1224 tris
LOD_1: 696 tris
Paintable fruit
I'm waiting f...
Created by VentusEXE
"NOM NOM NOM, my headphones are so yummy!"

The hamphones are available for all classes! Choose the hamphones that fit you most :D...
Hoodlums Headgear
Created by Tom
Because everyone needs a large, slightly damaged hat.

Brim is Jiggleboned.

Includes belt buckle and lighter.

Now with BP icons and LODs 0, 1, 2

Now for all classes!...
The Gummibaerchen
The sweetest German you'll ever see around on the battlefield.

Is now paintable!...
the duke v.2
Created by Black Joker
a team color and paintable bandana
this is different style from version 1 but it can work as stand alone or in conjunction with version 1...
Medical Retrofit Helmet
Created by Marinesharp
Medical helmet that not only protects, but also has a hud that displays health, ammo, and some other useful data (does not include a new hud design)...
Hypno Disk
Created by Dogpuke
The amazing Hypno Disk.

This hat has an animated spinning disk. It features team colors and is paintable. It's also easy on the texture size and has 3 LODs (586/514/406 polys)....
Special Delivery
Created by Ryugen_Night
You area an assassin!(not a crazed gunman) you have work to do, you don't have time to do silly things like unwrap your weapons from the mail! So leave the shipping paper on and go beat some idiots senseless!


2 Textures (featuring 15 unique stam...
Tomb Runner
Created by AibohphobiA
Speed Limit: 55 SPM (stabs per minute)...
Corona Cummerbund
Created by DPV
Gravity’s in short supply outside planet Earth, so whatever you want to hold on to would best be kept inside a pouch....
Team Contrast
Created by Woody Mapper
This is my first war paint...
Light in Black
Created by Woody Mapper
light the darkness of Doublecross or other map...
🔴Dotted to the end🔵
Created by Krystal Disc
World Dominator War Paint
Created by Pixel
True evil masterminds know it's always useful to keep a world map around at all times...
Mostly to look cool in case someone is spying on them!...
Valhallan - War Paint
Created by void~
Who needs a mighty hammer when you've got guns like these?...
King's Coating
We are in shock. We feel bested. Almost too elegant a paint. So fab, the Prince is fabulous.

Special 'Glow in the Dark' War Paint!
Features special alpha channels for extra detail!

It is said that the King has his head in the stars...[/b...
Created by Phaser Rave
So you have a problem vith ze pain of living? See zis bear here? Vile I execute zis EXCRUCIATING procedure look into Medius ze bear for confort as I do not have any aneszetics. Do not look at ze saw.
Reskin: {LINK REMOVED}...
The Counts Cape
Created by Treythepunkid
A vampire cape for the spy! Includes jigglebones to make it flow behind him....
Triassic Tail
Created by ChrisPR7
Stegosaurus tail for the Engineer, with jigglebones. Part of the "Jurassic Pack". Thanks to Colostomizer for the name!

HLMV test:
The EZ Breather
Created by The Ronin
Breathing ain't easy

View my other works here:
The EZ Filter
Created by The Ronin
Never leave work without it.

View my other works here:
The Clever Creepers
Created by ChrisPR7
Velociraptor talons for the Scout. Part of the "Jurassic Pack". Could they be used as weapons? Thanks to jPEG2.0 for the name.

Additional Images:
The Intimidating Stare
Created by Eedo Baba
Aviator shades and a tasteful stache are a key part of the whole ensemble when it comes to being a professional officer of the law....
The Weird Scientist
Created by DMY
Protects eyes from rain, shine, and bodily fluids.

Comes with 3 styles and paint compatability!...
Created by RJ
This is the latest in long distance yelling-at-teammate technology, so we're pretty sure it will not melt a hole into the side of your head....
Incendiary Inhaler
Created by Gerre
Includes a style to remove the matches. The balaclava is paintable.

Updated the model to fix clipping with hats.

New download link:
The Buoy Wonder
Created by Evil_Knevil
2 styles: around the hip and as a backpack replacement. Part of my Scout Sailor Pack.

YouTube video:

Download the mod here:
Gentlemen's Spats
Created by Evil_Knevil
Those are some fancy shoes!

YouTube video:

Download the mod here:
Builder's Beltbuckle
Created by Gerre
The buckle is part of the Radigan Conagher model I made.

Added bronze buckle for RED and LOD's....
Pyro's Panic Pack
Created by Sparkwire
This item is called the Pyro's Panic Pack, and is a panic-attack paperbag.
A gif of the animation can be viewed at
The Constructivist's Coverup
Created by Mark
Part of the Trailblazer's Toolkit pack.

It's a dustmask. For the Engineer.

It's a paintable misc item....
Pyrobot's eyes
Created by Zuntti
Terminate and Dominate....
Mannly Moustache
Created by Jetamo
My first model ever, this adds a dashing moustache to three classes, Sniper, Soldier, and Engineer....
Badass Bifocals
Created by WatchMaker|
A mean pair of spectacles.

These work as a misc and fit with almost every Engineer hat without (too much) clipping!

Vote up if ya dig.
Vote down if ya don't.

Created by GetGrenade
Little Spy-like frog that sits on soldier's shoulder. Part of "Hexed Frog" Item....
Frenchman's Fringe
Created by Sparkwire
A waxed moustache....
The Synthetic Soleus
Created by Sparkwire
The sawmill is a horrible workplace. At least you can customize your prosthetic limbs with paint!...
Vanishing Act
Created by SQUANCHY
The cunning cloak of an Illusionist's decent....
Positively Batty
Created by TauVee
This city...needs a new kind of Pyro.

As seen in "cp_skyrim"

Includes jigglebones and is paintable....
Created by GG_Underscore
These glasses let you see cloaked or disguised spies…
....I wish....
Partyhard pendant
Created by Kass_gr1
A glowstick for the scout, in two versions, multicolored:
Or paintable...
It was though thoses cans to be packaging fillers from the Deus Ex crates, until Scout tried to drink one......
Eayrr Rings
Created by Hella Finn
Golden earrings for Demoman....
Created by GetGrenade
Pair of skull-look-a-like grenade imitators.
Part of "Wicked Warlock" set for Halloween.

Huge promo picture ahead:
Saxton Stache
Created by Ravidge
You can't be Australian without one.

Part of the "Outback Hunter" pack...
Created by Zalak
Misc for pyro
Part of whole Spring-cleaning set
Check this out
Headstone Kickers
Created by crazy-g
Grave desecration: it's a victimless crime

Misc item for the Inhumane Undertaker Halloween Pyro set

Full set:
Pokershark Striped - War Paint
Created by Nakkeri
Welp, time to release another version of this war paint.

I felt that the previous version was "too smooth", so I decided to add some stripes and make some other small changes....
Engineer's portable gas wealder
Created by Albin1997536
After 2 days of the vmt file messing up, hopfully it will be worth the weight...
Brimmed Beanie
Created by Piper
A paintable brimmed beanie for the Scout. Has 2 styles....
The Erred Heart
Created by The Ronin
Lost and never found...
The Old World Ward
Created by hap0py
The perfect defense against an ancient curse! (vampires)...
Lady tapping
Created by lucarioaaron
On the ninth day of smissmass my saxton gave to me
Смерть близка...
Created by ////
Сворована у самой смерти!...
Created by Mentin
"It has always been easier to destroy than to create" -- Spock...
Created by Chad
[AVAIILBLE FOR RED AND BLUE] Cover your head from the HOT sun...
Lovely Dalmation Hat
Created by stupid idiot
It's a lovely dalmation hat. It does have two colors but itemtest screwed it up. Not my problem. Unless I screwed it up.

Recommended price of $6,000. Supply and demand baby: sell one....
A Knights Tail
Created by MonkeyDonuts246
updated from the original i uploaded. added a face peice and changed the color of the tail feather thing......
Stubbs' Hand
Created by Murdererz
Mind Control....
Pyro Horns
Created by mr.schweigert
Devil horns just in time for Haloween. Red and Blue Colors....
The Dangerous Game Of Pool
Created by Bombzopple
Pool isnt as safe as it sounds I once heard of a guy that got stabbed with the pole on my back, but know that I think about it, it may be that he got backstabbed by a spy.

Innocent Ignition
Created by Queen Delta
While the Igniting part is true, nobody has been alive long enough to see the innocent part....
The Rubber Bandit
Created by CoreVixen
This professional 100% pure rubber hood will give you unlimited* protection against heat of any sort.
*protection is limited by the melting point of rubber.
Based on [Square]'s concept....
Little Princess
Created by Tora
For Princess Pyro :D...
Created by Olright
4th July is close enoughth...
Created by Dim
The very best way to catch a spy
Mmmmph mmmmph, mmmmm mmmmmp mmmmmph !!!
Honeydew Helm
Created by The DangalangMan
Diggy Diggy?...
Full of text
Created by Конъ
Worked on this for almost two weeks.
First I searched newspapers on maps, then I maked my own newspapers, and maked this paint.
It also have a phong mask.
Hope you enjoy :3
Waiting Room War Paint
Created by Pixel
What's better than a bright trypophobia-inducing wallpaper to put people at ease while they are waiting for their turn?...
Neo Plates
Futuristic Plating for your weapons!

The patterns feature fancy alpha channels with extra detail, for an accentuated brushed metal effect!

war paint replaced: bamboo brushed
_primary pattern replaces _wall01 pattern.
_secondary pattern repla...
Polished Diamond
Created by Pablo

Slighty Spooky Pumpkin
Created by Pablo
Its spooky, but just a little bit

The cosmetic it's actually certified compatible, but since it's an all class cosmetic, I had to upload it using the "Other" option.

I'll eventually add more previews

Miniature Television
Created by invisibleStuff
Grown naturally on a messenger's chest.

*Only 320 Triangles
*256x256 Texture
*Comic Reference

The TV is also in the WAR! comic, but the designs are slightly different....
Vigilante's Veil
Created by AibohphobiA
Based on the DC Comics character Vigilante. Made in four hours....
The Comic Book Connoisseur
Created by Flight
Touch comic again, little man, I crush your hand. Is fair trade.

-2 LODs
-Could be a misc, but it clips with most heavy hats....
The Sophisticated Sociopath
Created by Ertz™
Even psychos like too get fancy every now and then

-256x256 diffuse and normal

concept/comics/name/description: Mr. Gibbly

MOD download[]...
Hanged Mann
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Inspired by TF2 Comics "Unhappy Returns"
Family Best
Created by ShadowDio#11285
Its a shield.

-414 triangles!
-team colored!

Based on the Tavish family crest from the comic.


Idea stats:
Anna Mask
Created by shadow_pcg
This creepy mask comes from the horror adventure Anna. Use it to scare away soldiers, conjure up an evil spirit or design a very classy goat puppet.

Want to know more about Anna? Here is the store page:
Survival Harness
Created by multitrip
Stores weapons, ammo, items and animals.

Download it as a mod![]...
Triangle Flux Machine
Created by Strnadik
This Triangle Flux-Machine is necessary for every Time Traveler! It was stolen from Mann Co. Store in 2050. We know that this can cause Paradox, but.. BUY IT!...
Engie's Safety Vest
Created by ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
Normally, these are worn to warn people that dangerous equipment is present. Well, I'll just let that hint at what's in store if you try to mess with me!...
The Crystal Seeker
Created by K_Factor
Store all your hard earned, self-mined crystals in this convenient bag.


K_Factor: Model
Dim: Concept
ToxicWeasel: Textures, UV, Jigglebones
Daesdemona: Promos...
Traveling Justice
Created by Strnadik
Another necessary thing if you are Time Traveler. This one was stolen from Mann Co. Store in 2060. It's kinda full of watches.. Now you can call yourself a Time Lord....
The Lighter
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
this item for Alan Wake promotion.

It's secondary weapon. Illuminated enemies decrease fire damage resistance.

This weapon have "battery" gauge, like a cloak gauge....
Owl Cowl
Created by Black Forest Games
Made from real dreamworld owls! We have assiduously collected the stomped owls in Giana’s wake and given them a new purpose. Waste not, want not.

Themed after Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and [url=ht...
Beer Runner
Created by FiveEyes
"The liqour store closes in 13 minutes and its Saturday! I can still make it if I run!"


The stripes are paintable

Model/SFM: FiveEyes
Texture: MultiTrip
Concept: KibbleKnight

Special thanks to ike for ...
The Hoarder's Hard Hat - Metal Set
Created by ToxicWeasel
Now there are even more places to store those useful bits of metal with the help of scrap metal, reclaimed metal and refined metal hard hats.

Also for that added unique look.. Empty some cans of paint over them!

---- 3 LOD's
---- Team Colours
Glenn's Cap (The Walking Dead)
Created by Mnemo
A TF2-styled version of Glenn's hat from Telltale's "The Walking Dead" video game.

Carley's Gun:
The Uberneck
Created by FiveEyes
"An apple a day keeps the homicidally insane doctor away"

- Paintable

- I've got nothing else to say


Model/SFM: FiveEyes
Texture/Concept: Multitrip
Rigging/Normals/And other fun stuff: Doctor Aibaleet

The Bolshevik Baron
Created by boomsta
Back part is jiggled :]

Gibbly - concept
boomsta - model, texture, normals

Well I can't upload pictures to steam where i currently am, so here they are down here.


Builders Boots
Created by Mopo
Keeps the water and blood out of your socks.

*2 LOD's
*Team coloured

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Perceptive Phosphorescence v2
Created by ZombiePlasticClock
(Updated model to remove clipping, glowing now works)

Glowing radiation and stuff!

This is a redo of a Workshop submission I made over a year ago. Went for a weird tech-y look, and this was the outcome. The team colored parts glow in the dark.

Basket of tangerins
Created by Estavos
Texas Red
Created by Psyke
No ranger alive is faster than sasha.

Comes with lods!
Dashing Mustache!
Texture/Concept by Psyke
Model By Evil_Knevil...
Southern Sun Saver
Created by Pixenal
Harness light to make light!

Based on an earlier workshop item of mine named the Texas Sun Saver.

o 3 Levels of Detail (LODs)
o Self Illuminated

Submission for Iron Gauntlet...
Winter style :Vulpes velox
Created by Dark_assassin||
The engineer was born in Texas. But he doesn't like foxes enough to make himself a robofox, does he?...
Rango's Brim
Created by Vensteel
Wear a piece of that rootin' tootin' good ol' state, Texas on your head....
Pocket Penguin
Created by Harry
Q: What do you call a penguin in Texas?

A: Lost....
The Texas Sun Saver
Created by Pixenal
Harness the power of the sun! (Even though the power isn't connected to anything)....
Texas Mann Tail
Created by ToxicWeasel
'Move that headgear up and ride out!'

Paintable hair
Texas Among You
Created by