Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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The ultimate vanilla L4D2 experience (and maybe a little chocolate?)
Mods that basically fix what Valve was too lazy to and improve some aspects of the game with almost no changes from the actual vanilla L4D2. Don't worry if any of the mods say that they are conflicting. They will still work perfectly fine. (maybe)

Oh yeah here is also a random tip: To change FOV, type in the console "cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor ??" and then type what number you want. I wouldn't put it over 80 because if you do your arms are gonna look kinda funky.
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Adrenaline Post Process Optimiser
Created by Mute
Reduces the frame rate implications that the adrenaline post process effects can produce on lower to middle end machines....
Adrenaline Reborn
Created by Prophet
"Prescription only..."


Last year I redid the Pain Pills and Pipebomb in Left 4 Dead 2. After many requests, here is the Adrenaline remake.

Cinematic Lighting Effects
Created by Red Schism
Changes most light sprites and some particle effects into a more "Hollywood stylized" effect.

Adds horizontal flare to pathway lights, changes 3rd person flashlight glow to a smaller more realistic glow, new sun glare, and changes various other glowing li...
CrazyRabbit's Tactical Flashlight
Created by CrazyRabbit
An improved looking flashlight using a combination of the original L4D2 and Half Life 2 flashlight textures together and applying a blue LED tint. Makes the flashlight seem brighter in dark areas. View comparison.

Join my Steam Group - [url=http://steam...
Defibrillator Animation Redux
Created by ShotgunnerFox
Tired of seeing the the vanilla Defib animations?

I got just the right thing for you.

This re-animation took me about 3-5 days maybe longer than that
I thought I'd give the defibrillator some love and "revive" them with new, handmade animat...
Definitive Post Process Disabler
Created by MaxG3D
It disables:

color correction,


boomer vomit refraction,

foggy look on rainy maps (no more fog on The Passing campain!)

pills and adrenaline effects,

It is simple addon that works online (any server that have addons ena...
Enhanced Blood Splatter Overlay
Created by TacoVFX
This mod does exactly what it says on the tin, it improves the blood splatters that get on your view/screen when killing things at close range. (Melee weapons or shooting at point blank)

The blood will refract what is behind it, and it does not have any g...
Fire Axe High-FoV Fix
Created by Lt. Rocky
And baby, they were fixed with a vengeance.

I'm a little disappointed I had to put the indefinite brakes on the Halloween project I was planning, so I decided I'd whip up this quick little fix to help bring out the axe murderer in everyone this Hallowee...
Frying Pan First Person Animations Remade
Created by Paysus
These use my Tonfa AKA Nightstick anims as a base. They're basically the same, except for the draw and slower attacks.

These may work with texture mods, but not any model mods. These don't make your attacks slower, and these don't give you a disadvantag...
HD Portraits
Created by Splinks2
So this mod is pretty much self explanatory.

All 8 survivors' in game portraits are now double their original size.
Along with this the L4D2 lobby portraits have also been given the same
shapen treatment as of those of the L4D1 Lobby images.

So enjoy ...
HD Skyline
Created by Ellie
Update 30 of July 2016
I added more buildings because the city looked empty (how come all tall buildings are just around the hospital) and added some rare light beams effects (cop cars + regular cars) in the city streets

Half-Life Styled Crowbar
Created by KyuuGryphon
A really simple crowbar retexture I made in about two hours, to make it look more like Gordon Freeman's....
Hit Marker Be Gone!
Created by Red Schism
Removes the enemy Hit Indication Marker. Useful for the Pro gamer that prefers to play without HUD, or for the Average gamer that is simply tired of those pesky red arrows messing up their Screenshots!...
Hunting Rifle Wrist Fix
Created by Bunslinger

Fixes the hunting rifle's look poses so it doesn't twist your wrist while looking up and down. I tried to make them similar to ...
Improved Blood Textures
Created by BakaKemono
Adds higher resolution textures for splatters and wounds. Splatter textures cover a wider area while splats/blobs of blood are cover less which helps to diversify the way blood appears.

Note: Blood not layering on top of each other is a bug with the Sou...
Improved Witch Hair
Created by Zetnus
Adds a transparency channel to the witch hair to make it look more realistic, rather than the choppy carryover from L4D1.

Just a minor improvement that I thought of.

Manual download: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/16699
L4D 1&2 Infected
Created by MrPutisher
This addon adds L4D 1&2 Infected into the game. (Tank, Hunter, Smoker, Boomer)
L4D1 Fail Music Fix
Created by Pingas
The failure music in L4D1 as well as the maps ported to L4D2 was too long for the fade out and return to saferoom transition. This is a simple fix to make the music fade out so that it doesn't cut off abruptly....
L4D2 Audio Fixes and Improvements
Created by Olde
This is an add-on that is a collection of various fixes and improvements of the base game.

Fix 1: L4D2 broke Francis's incap lines; he's supposed to say one of his "I'm down!" lines like in L4D1, but for whatever reason he just says "No" in L4D2. This res...
L4D2 Reworked HUD
Created by FriedSpats


Here comes a major update for the mod! I was intrigued when Noa decided to release a teammate panel which mixes both the L4D1 and L4D2 elements ...
Legacy Particles Support ( muzzle effects )
Created by Urik
Important: for modders.
It has come to my attention that people often create their own muzzleflash mods and include contents of this mod in it.
I don't have any qualms about that, but for sake of conlicts, DON'T just copypaste materials and effect...
Machete Hands Fix
Created by ɪяɪѕ
Fixes a problem with survivors' melting(?) left hand when using the default machete in high-FOV.
Compatible with machete reskin.

Credits :
Twilight - Animations fix
Valve - Model, Textures
IRIS - Compile

Mechanic's Realism Colour Correction Pack
Disable your current skybox mods e.g Informal Skyboxes, FancySkies to avoid them ruining the maps. I have added custom skyboxes in this pack.

This is a pack of color corrections for people who enjoy to play in more realistic/scarier environments. The...
New Arms (L4D Survivors)
Created by el Almenara
This addon changes the ugly arms models of the original survivors (L4D) with better ones based on the L4D2 arms models.

This also change the VMT and the BUMPMAPS of the models

This may not work with survivors re-skins....
New Tips & Tricks
Created by Ellie
The resolution problems might have been fixed with an update. Tell me if it works better now for people who are not on 16:9 resolutions (Size of the text will still be the same. I cannot change that)

This mod is a complete ...
New Vomit Overlay
Created by мяFunreal
This is an old mod i made, so don't expect the quality to be the best.

This is a reupload from gamemaps.
I had to upload it here because people kept stealing my mods without permission and got away with it

This item is not authorized
Nightstick First Person Animations Remade
Created by Paysus
I know it seems like I've been rushing these out for the past few skins, but I assure you I'm not. I should be able to port these anims to the frying pan.

These may work with texture mods, but not any model mods. These don't make your attacks slower, an...
No Mercy - Zoey's Hands Fixed
Created by Jarey_
Zoey has three hands in the original No Mercy poster. This addon edits that.

Modifies loadingscreen_nomercy.vtf and loadingscreen_nonmercy_widescreen.vtf.


[CHI] 在毫不留情这张地图的海报上,佐伊有三只手。此插件修复了这个问题。
Zài háo bù liúqíng zhè zhāng...
Overhauling the Originals
Created by Lt. Rocky
This is a personal collection of fixes and remixes to Valve's L4D2 animations for the firearms.

Long ago I had first intended for this little project to be the follow up to my ancient W...
Prop Fix Pack
Created by мяFunreal
Left 4 Dead 2 has several props that are broken, weird looking or just not right. So I took it upon myself to fix things valve could not be bothered to do themselves, along with a few other things.

But what does this pack do? i hear you scream from
Reanimated Firework Crate with FPS Hands
Created by мяFunreal
None of the carryable items had FPS hands. Horrible, wasn't it?
Well no more.

This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named мяFunreal; Steam id "funreal".
Redistribution and Modifications of this m
Reanimated Gas Cans with FPS Hands
Created by мяFunreal
None of the carryable items had FPS hands. Horrible, wasn't it?
Well no more.

Textures from screenshots not included.

This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named мяFunreal; Steam id "funreal".
Reanimated Oxygen Tank with FPS Hands
Created by мяFunreal
None of the carryable items had FPS hands. Horrible, wasn't it?
Well no more.

This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named мяFunreal; Steam id "funreal".
Redistribution and Modifications of this m
Reanimated Propane Tank with FPS Hands
Created by мяFunreal
None of the carryable items had FPS hands. Horrible, wasn't it?
Well no more.

This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named мяFunreal; Steam id "funreal".
Redistribution and Modifications of this m
Semi-Transparent Chat Box
Created by A Generic Name
Makes the chat box easier to see through and less intrusive.

Smaller version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1301400153...
Survivors subtitles color fix (Nick, Zoey, Louis) (MULTILANGUAGE)
Created by VladFRY
This addon fix Nick subtitles in The Passing. Zoey and Louis subtitles in Crash Course.

Unpack this addon from the addons/workshop folder with the GCFScape and put subtitlesfix_dlc1, subtitlesfix_dlc2 and left4dead2 folders in the left ...
Third Person Shotgun Fix
Created by c2
Restores auto shotgun and spas shotgun sounds in 3rd person

You can use 3PS to play in third person
This bug fix is published separately so other thirdperson mods can also benef...
Upgrade L4D Modified Talker
Created by VladFRY
Original public by Morning Nine Nine
I just upgrate this for more survivors cut lines. I this talker you can find so more new cut survivors voice lines.

Original addon: L4D Modified Talker - Official version
Download on the GameMaps: https://www.gamem...
Valve's Missing Content Fix
Created by Rayman1103
Adds missing textures and models. These files came in with the first revision of Cold Stream, and the reason they have been removed is because Valve had to remove some content that was unsourced when they released Cold Stream.

The content was removed af...
Viewmodel Sound Fixes
Created by Bunslinger
NOTE: The preview video showcases Viewmodel Misc Fixes in its entirety. This mod does NOT include:
-The bolt fix on the Scar, Military Sniper, and Spas-12 (it does include the sound fixes for the Military Sniper & Spas-12, however)
[HD World] Enhanced Graphic
Created by Szalitar PL
The modification improves the texture by adding detailed texture and light reflection. The same events will be expanded and updated with new material.

Credits for idea goes to: ...
Golf Club Fix
Created by Noa
The Passing is great - a crossroads between the old and the new Survivors, an act of trust and compassion that would help humanity survive just a little bit longer and saying goodbye to an old friend along the way.

Too bad the new Golf Club melee in it ...
Flashlight Textures Fix
Created by FriedSpats


Valve didn't pay much attention to detail when making the weapons, as a result, the bulb of the flashlight showed up as a primer (Bottom part of a bullet). This fixe...
Motion Blur Removal
Created by Tomson
Removes the weird looking motion blur added to melee weapons, hunters and chargers.

If you want to remove the full screen motion blur when shader detail is set to high or above add this to the L4D2 launch options: +mat_motion_blur_percent_of_screen_max ...
'Team Kill' Explosive Ammo & 'I Can't See A Damn Thing' Incendiary Ammo
Created by Jarey_
Silly joke mod made in 15 minutes when my friend called Exp. ammo 'Team Kill ammo' due to the brutal splash damage it deals on Expert, while we were all on our last incap.

Did you know that accidentally shooting your teammate point blank with a shotgun ...
Admin Menu
You need Admin System for this to work.
This adds a simple menu to Rayman1103's Admin System addon.
It will work online if you're hosting a local server.
Press "i" to open the admin menu.
bind i "show_menu Menu"

Some Features:
Manage Admins, Kick...
Admin System
Created by Rayman1103
With the Admin System, you are given Admin control. You can spawn Infected, give Survivors weapons/items, kill/revive Survivors, change Convars, change the timescale, and much, much more!

All of this is done server-side via chat triggers. If you don't hav...