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A Complete Guide to FEZ!!!
By DaAwesomeNerd and 1 collaborators
This guide reveals all! If you're stuck, the answer should be in here! Note that this guide does contain spoilers. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS! (I get very lonely...) This guide explains the basics and achievements of the game. It also contains a FULL COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH!!! Be warned, this guide is big!
Version History
Newest Version is Topmost on List

---January 2014 --- Version 2.02 --- Added Complete Video Walkthrough
---Christmas 2013 --- Version 2.01 --- Added Other Guides section
---September 29, 2013 --- Version 2.0 --- Finished Post-Game; Added Achievements section; Now Officially Complete!!!
---September 28, 2013 --- Version 1.9 --- Finished Catacombs; Started Post-Game
---September 27, 2013 --- Version 1.8 --- Started Catacombs. Sorry for the wait!
---September 13, 2013 --- Version 1.7 --- Finished Ruins of Zu
---August 10, 2013 --- Version 1.6 --- Finished the Sewers; Started on the Ruins; Added notes of Patch 1.08
---August 4, 2013 --- Version 1.5 --- Finished Intermission; Started on the Sewers; Added notes of Patch 1.07
---July 15, 2013 --- Version 1.4 --- Finished Industrial District; Started on Intermission
---June 15, 2013 --- Version 1.3 --- Finished Rest Of Blue Sky Zone; Started on Industrial District
---May 28, 2013 --- Version 1.2 --- Finished Bell Tower Brach; Started on Broken Arch Branch
---May 21, 2013 --- Version 1.1 --- Finished Waterfall Branch; Started on Bell Tower Branch
---May 11, 2013 --- Version 1.0 --- Just Published; has Intro, Basics, Village, & part of Waterfall Branch
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Patch 1.08 Notes
If I'm correct, the glitch where the game crashes during the loading screen should now be fixed. Hooray! That's pretty much it.
Patch 1.07 Notes
The 33-anti-cube glitch is fixed!!! From now on, if you solve the throne room in Zu (not the ruins), the Sewer QR Room in the Sewers becomes unsolvable, but will still regestered as completed. This also works vice versa. Both solutions are in this guide to help you out. Getting one but not the other will still allow you to get the Sum Total achievement. Note that there is still a cube bit in the Sewer QR Room you still need to grab.

The Past Throne Room is explainedin Part 8 of this guide.

The Sewer QR Room is explained in Part 9 of this guide.
Hi! Welcome to my guide! This is my first one! FEZ is a VERY confusing game, so I am here to help you out. This guide WILL have spoilers, so be careful! I hope you enjoy this guide.

P.S.---Note that this guide is not complete at this time, but I will make constant updates.This guide is now finally complete!!! Sorry for the long wait!
P.P.S.---Please leave comments about my guide. The more help I get, the merrier!
First of all, you need to know how to move!

Arrow Keys --- Move Gomez
I, J, K, and L keys --- Pan View (Also used to control camera in First-Person Mode)
Space Bar --- Jump
Down Arrow Key + Space Bar --- Jump Down a Ledge
Left Ctrl --- Interact (pick up objects, open chests, etc.)
Left Shift --- Talk
A --- Shift Dimension To The Left
D --- Shift Dimension To The Right
Tab --- Inventory
Esc --- Map
Enter --- Pause Menu
Right Alt --- First-Person View (New Game + only)
Up, Up, Up, Up + Space --- Fly Cheat (New Game + only)
FEZ is huge, period. That means only one thing. There's a lot to collect! The whole point of this game is to collect the cubes so that you can rebuild the great, holy, awesome hexahedron! So it should be important to know what you're collecting.

These are the easiest to collect. They are all over. There are 32 total.

However, some cubes are split even further into bits.

Collecting 8 of these will form a full cube. To find all cubes, you must find all bits!

These are much harder to collect. These will require you to solve challenging puzzles in order to obtain them.

WARNING: There is a gltch. There were supposed to be 32 anti-cubes, but for some reason there are 33! If you want to see the alternate ending, you MUST ONLY COLLECT 32 OF THEM! Collecting the final one will gltch out the ending. After the ending, you can grab it and get the achievement.
UPDATE: Glitch is fixed. See Patch 1.07 notes for details.

Red Cubes
These are the rewards for the hardest puzzles! There are only 3 in existence! Can you find them all?

There are 4 of these. Finding each one gives you their own special achievement!
PC-Xbox Code Translation Key
Since this subject is always being asked about in the comments, I am making this section for people who want to know which keyboard buttons work in a tetris code. Here's a key.

XBox Button/PC Button

LT = A button
RT = D button
A = Space
Left Analog stick directions (Up, Down, Left, Right) = Arrow Keys
If you're just here for achievements, here they are!

Sum Total
This should be your last achievement to obtain. You must collect all:

-Regular Cubes
-Red Cubes

Getting all of these wil net the achievement!

Kill Screen
Thsi is the achievement you get when you complete the game for the first time. It's as simple as that. If you need more details, see Part 8.

Get A Cube
This is too obvious to explain!!!

Same as Sum Total minus the Red Cubes and the Artifacts.

Haikus Not Epics
Obtain the Tome Artifact. See Part 10 for more details.

Obtain the Skull Artifact. See Part 11 for more details (near the end).

Mightier Than the Sword
Obtain the Writing Cube Artifact. See Part 3 for more details (near the end).

A Numbers Game
Obtain the Number Cube Artifact. See Part 10 for more details.

Equal and Opposite
Slightly harder, but still easy. Alll you have to do is find one anti-cube. That's it.

Warp Zone
Discover all 5 major hub areas to get this achievement.

Find any map in the game. The easiest one to get is in a chest in the Boiler Room in the Village.

Achievement Unlocked
The definition is itself a code! The beginning of Part 2 has more details.

That's all 12 of the achievements!
Part 1: The Journey Begins! (Before the Fez)
We open the game with a view of Gomez, our hero!

This old man (Geezer) sends down a letter to you. It says that he wants to talk to you. Meet him at the top of the village.

You can use this time to get used to the controls. Reach Geezer and something unexpected happens!

The great, all-powerful hexahedron now speaks to you! However, you have no idea what he's saying. He is speaking in a language in which I call "Fezian". For the sake of this being a secrets guide, I have translated it for you.

"Hi there! How are you? I will be your hexahedron today.

"So this is just a routine procedure, but I do need someone here just in case some thing goes wrong.

"If something does go wrong, you are going to have to clean up the mess.

"Hey, wait a minute! Can you even understand what I am saying? And what is wrong with your head?

"Oh well. You are here now. Might as well do this thing. Prepare to have your mind blown."

Cue Mind-Blowing Moment!!!

"All right. Welcome to the club. Enjoy your free hat.

"I kind of thought maybe this would not work because of your wierd head, but everything seems AOK from over here!

"Thanks for the hand! You can go home now. It was very nice to meet you!"

You can now shift dimensions! Try it out a couple of times!


The game will now crash! THIS IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!

"Start" the game again to go back to a view of Gomez sleeping again! Wait a minute. He still has the fez! Walk outside.
You will now meet Dot. He will now explain what you need to do to save the hexahedron!

Well, let's get to it!!!
Part 2: The Village and Beyond! (Intro Zones)

Before anything, I should teach you about codes. In some puzzles, you must input a code to reveal an anti-cube or red cube. When I list the code, I will list it like this:

LT, RT, A, Up, Down, Left, Right, etc.

These are XBox 360 buttons, not keyboard buttons!

-LT---Shift Left
-RT---Shift Right
-Up, Down, Left, Right---The Up, Down, Left, and Right directional keys, respectively

Anyways, let's start.

First, stand anywhere. Now put in this code.


This will reveal an anti-cube. Grab it to get 2 achievements right off the bat!

Achievements unlocked: Achievement Unlocked, Equal and Opposite

Awesome! Anyways, there are 4 easy-to grab bits outside. Grab them. Don't forget to shift!

The top 2 tiers of buidings should have the other 4 bits, forming your first cube!

Achievement unlocked: Get A Cube

There should be a chest on an island. Open it to find a key!

Enter the house on another island. This is Geezer's home! Talk to him for a farewell. What's with all the owl pictures...

Go to the house below the locked door.

Top Hat Room

Shift so the fireplace is facing forward. Now shift twice and walk through the hole to appear in an area with a chest! It contains a key!

Go back to the main room and shift so that you can see the painting with the fez-donning people.

Code Alert!!! (From now on, I will put this when a code is needed.)
The painting reveals the code. Here it is.


This reveals an anti-cube!

Now go back outside and open the locked door with one of your 2 keys.

Boiler Room

Grab the map to obtain another achievement!

Achievement unlocked: Cryptographer

Code Alert!!!
This is impossible to solve on your own without the sunglasses, which you can only get on a NEW GAME +! Thankfully, I have the code!

Up, RT, Left, A, Right, LT, Down, RT

This reveals an anti-cube!

That everything in the village! Go outside and shift until you see some vines. climb them down to reach the door.

First Steps

There are 8 bits to grab here on your way up. They should be easy to collect. Go through the door at the top to enter a wierd room.


This room has many cube doors! You should have enough cubes to enter the 4-cube door, so do so now.

Ancient City
There are only 4 bits in this entire area! That's it! There is also a room that can introduce you to black holes. Don't touch them!

Anyways, return to the Gateways and go up top to enter the world of FEZ!
Part 3: Blue Skies and Crying Waterfalls (Blue Sky Zone --- Waterfall Branch)
Blue Sky Hub

The Blue Sky Zone is the biggest zone, and because of that, I am splitting it into branches. First, we will go to the waterfall branch. The door to it should be on the plane you entered in but to the left of the enterance.

Crying Waterfall (Waterfall Hub)

First of all, there are some easy-to-grab bits to collect. Then, go to the statue and wait for nighttime. An owl will land nearby. Talk to it with the Left Shift button to get a vague clue.

Remember Geezer's owl paintings? They show 4 owls at different locations. When we talk to all of them, something may happen...

Anyways, the statue has a code.

Code Alert!!!
This is a Tetris code. It holds shapes that represent different buttons. Anyway, here's the code!

Left, LT, Right, RT, Up, A, Down, RT, RT

Unlike other codes, this will not reveal an anti-cube but a secret door! Oooh!

Water Control
You can change the water level here! Just grab onto the lever (Left Ctrl) and shift! Lower it all the way down to reveal a door!

Hidden Teasure Cove
A chest with an unusual map. Enough said. Head back outside and shift right. At night, a Tetris code shines nearby.

Code Alert!!!
The code is...

Left, LT, Left, Right, RT, Down, Up, LT

A door opens...

Beat Blocks

The platforms appear and disappear to the beat of the music. Climb up to the next big platform and shift to find a door.

Beat Tuning Fork
Code Alert!!!
Stand on the tuning fork to hear vibrations from the left and right. They tell a code...


This reveals an anti-cube! Go back to the previous room and climb all the way to the top! Enter the door there.

Beat Climb
Climb up to the top to grab an anti-cube! You'll also find your first small portal.

Small portals are one-way gateways back to the current zone hub. Use this one now.

Back at the Blue Sky Hub, you must have realized by now that lowering the water cintrol lowered the entire ocean! Go back to the Waterfall, jump down from the entrance, and shift to find a door that was before hidden by the ocean! Enter! You are about to get your first red cube!

Security Question Room

The pillar asks a question. The answer is METATRON. You must rearrange the blocks so that they spell Metatron BACKWARDS. They must also be evenly spaced on all planes. Shift to check their spacing. You can push the blocks and even pick them up with Left Ctrl! To softly put them down, press Down + Left Ctrl. Here's a picture I Googled to help out people who still don't understand the Fezian alphabet.

A red cube will now appear! Grab it!

Go back outside.There is a doorway on the ground that is blocked by a rock wall. Above it should be a bomb. Climb up, pick up the bomb, climb back down, and put the bomb by the doorway to blast it open! Enter.

Bomb Mine Entrance
There is just one bit to collect here. Use bombs to blow up walls. They can reveal bits, walkways, and even secret doors! Blow up the big rock wall to continue into the mine.

Bomb Mine Climb
There are a few more bits here. There is also a cube on top! You are going to have to time your shifts to reveal the entire walkway. After collecting the cube, do NOT use the small portal! Instead, jump all the way down and find a doorway you can blow up!

Bomb Mine Treasure
There are a few bits and a treasure. The puzzle should be easy to solve. Just blow up the wall and climb the ladder! The chest contains a treasure map!

Now go all the way back to the Waterfall.

Go back to the bomb. You should see another door nearby that is blocked by a stone wall. pick up the bomb, use shifting to reach the door, and blow it up! Enter.

Infinity Waterfall
Collect all of the bits and the cube.

Code Alert!!!
The platforms themselves are a Tetris code!

Right, LT, Right, A, RT, Down, A, Up

An anti-cube will appear where the cube was! Go back outside.

Now go all the way to the top of the waterfal to find a secret door in a tree!

Alphabet Tree
Grab the bit here. You can jump from here to reach a chest containing an artifact and an achievement!

Achievement unlocked: Mightier Than The Sword

And with that, we are finally done with the Waterfall Branch! Yay! Anyways, go back to the Blue Sky Hub.
Part 4: Something Rings A Bell... (Blue Sky Zone --- Bell Tower Branch)
Before we do anything else, there should be a door at the Blue Sky Hub that was once hidden by the water. Enter it.

Black Monolith Room
Sadly, without the sunglasses, this puzzle is just too fustrating. We will come back later on. Go back outside and shift until you can see a bell tower in the distance (not a lighthouse). Go through the door on that plane.

Bell Tower (Bell Tower Hub)

First of all, there should be a door below you. Enter it.

As crazy as this room looks, this is just simple platforming. If you're stuck, shifting can help. There is one point where a platform wil start to crumble. Just shift and jump up to the next platform to avoid falling. At the end is an anti-cube! Definitely use the small portal!

Go back to the Bell Tower and shift 180 degrees to find another door. Enter.

Lone Tree Island
Shift 180 degrees for a big surprise! BAM!!!

A 64-cube door! It should be obvious that we can't do anything here at this time. Go back to the Bell Tower.

Climb up the bell tower (collecting some bits along the way). Reach the bell for an anti-cube puzzle!

Code Alert!!!
The symbols on each side of the bell represent Fezian numbers! Ring (Left Ctrl) the bell...

1 time...

6 times...

3 times...

and 10 times to get...

an anti-cube! Climb above the bell to find a door.

Floating Walls
On the first floating wall, there should be a bit and a door. Enter.

Tetris Block Room
This one is hard to explain. The blocks must be rearranged so that they match the shape below it. If you need help, watch this video:


Afterwards, you get an anti-cube!

Go back outside and climb to the top, collecting bits along the way. There's a door at the top. Enter.

Donut Wall
Collect all of the bits here. There is also a chest here that contains a key. There is also another door at the bottom.

Holey Walls
Climb to the top, collecting bits along the way, to reach a cube! DO NOT USE THE SMALL PORTAL YET! Instead, go to the nearby tree to find that it has a door!

No-Shift Zone
You can't shift here! Go up to the lever. Holding it will allow you to shift. Shift right once to collect the bits. Shift right again to find another door.

Block Fitting Puzzle Room
This one is easy. You must put a certain block in each spaces. The lines must align. The last block is on the ground. You must use the pillars to carry the block up to put it in. Solving the puzzle should reveal a door.

Block Fitting Secret Room
An anti-cube! That's it. That's everything in the Bell Tower Branch. Use the small portal at the Holey Walls to get back to the Blue Sky Hub.
Part 5: How Can Arches Float? (Blue Sky Zone---Broken Arch Branch)
Shift until you can see a broken arch in the distance. Enter the door in that plane.

Broken Arch

Climb to the top. There are some bits along the way. Bypass the door for now and keep climbing. At the top is a chest with a key. There is also another chest, but we cannot reach it at this time. We need a certain map from later in the game (or wait until New Game + for the flying cheat).

Go back down to a crate you can pick up. Put it on the pressure switch to reveal a secret door!

Floating Blocks
Simple. There are some bits to collect. Grab the crate and put it by the tree to help grab the bit up there. Now put it on the pressure switch to reveal another door.

Simple Switch Cavern
Carry the block to the top using the pillars for help. That's it. Go through the door that appears.

Simple Cube Cavern
Grab the cube. Use the small portal and go back to the Broken Arch. Go to where the switch is. There's a regular door nearby. Go through it.

Floating Pillars
Climb a little bit and you'll spot a door.

Super Secret Chest Cavern
Grab the chest (it has a key) and get out. There's nothing else here. Climb to the top of the Floating Pillars for bits and a cube. that is all of the Broken Arch Branch that we can do for now. Use the small portal to go back to the Blue Sky Hub.
Part 6: A Light to Guide Us (Blue Sky Zone---Lighthouse Branch)

First, there is a door below the lighthouse.

Sublighthouse Tuning Fork
There's a tuning fork here!

Code Alert!!!
Stand on the tuning fork and use this code.


This reveal an anti-cube! Go back outside. Go to the statue-obelisk-looking-thing.

Code Alert!!!
You need sunglasses to see the code on the ground. The code is this.

Up, LT, RT, Up, LT, Up, RT, Up

Another anti-cube! Grab the bit by the trees, then use a key to go inside the lighthouse.

Lighthouse Interior
Shift twice to find another door! Grab the chest and bit here and move on. (Note: The map in this chest is what helps us reach the unreachable chest in the Broken Arch Branch. However, we won't go back yet. We'll have an easier way later on.)

Lighthouse Climb
Clib to the top, collecting bits along the way. Go through the door at the top. You'll be back at the Lighthouse. Grab the lone bit, then jump to the floating island to find a door. Go through it.

Blue Sky Exit
There's a door below you near the water.

Mystery Owl Room
Code Alert!!!
I myself did not find this code. It was found by Steam user Dracula (umbrella symbol). Here's the code.


Congrats on another anti-cube! Go back outside and turn the crank once. Start climbing up and collecting bits. This area is called Blue Sky Exit for a reason. Going through the door at the top will lead you to a new zone!!!
Part 7: A Cube Assembly Line! (Industrial District)
Indusrial Entrance
Grab the bits and get to the top. There is a chest here, but it's completely unreachable without a certain map. We don't have that map yet. Go through the door.

Industrial Hub

There are 2 houses you can enter. They are easily identifiable as a brown block with a door on it. Each one has one bit. Afterwards, face the plane with the big smiling face and shift one right. Enter the door on that plane.

There are some bits to collect.

NOTE: One of those mysterous owls appear here. Wait until nighttime and then talk to it for something to happen...

Enter the windmill.

Windmill Interior
Note that I wasn't in the room when the screenshot was taken. It's the one centralized on the screenshot.

Wait for the door (shift to find it) and the turning pole to line up to form an entryway.

Windmill Secret Cave
There is a chest in here to grab. Go back outside. There should be a door below you to enter.

Crank Town
There are some bits to collect. You need to turn the ladders so that they face away from the central block. You can now climb to the top. Jump to the furthest pillar from the central block and shift to find a door.

Unfair Platformer
These platforms are hard to climb up, and all you get is a bit! That is so unfair! Go back to the previous area and drop to the central block to find a door.

Turning Entryway
Turn the cranks so that the blocks line up with the door. It's mostly trial-and-error, but it's still pretty easy. Enter the door that appears.

Cave Climb
Climb up while collecting bits along the way. Enter the door at the top. You appear at the previous area next to a cube! Grab it and use the small portal to go back to the Indusrial Hub. Face the smiling face and shift left this time to find another door.

Platform Rides
Get to the top of the first structure to find a door. We won't enter it yet, but we will soon. Get to the top of the area. Don't forget to collect the bits. Up there is a door to enter.

Turning Ladder Cave
Turn the ladders with the cranks so that their ladders line up. Climb to the top and shift to collect the bits and reach the door.

Moving Platforms
Climb up and grab some bits and a cube. Use the small portal to go back to the Industrial Hub. Face the smiling face and shift 180 degrees to find another door.

Twisting Platforms
Time your jumps as you jump from platform to platform. Collect bits along the way. Once you reach the cranks, get to the top of the first one and jump to the nearby chest. You can shift to shorten the distance. The chest has a map inside! The first crank will automatically move down so that you can jump to it. Crank to the top to find a door.

Simple Ladder Cavern
Grab the cube and use the small portal to go back. Simple. Remember that door we skipped earlier. It's time to enter it. Face the smiling face and shift left. Enter the door there. Get to the top of the first structure to find that door.

Big Pipe
They call it a well, but it looks like a pipe to me. Anyways, get on top of the pipe. Time to be like Mario and enter the pipe by pressing down.
Part 8: Intermission (1st Playthrough Ending)
NOTE!!!: We are getting to the point in which we have about 32 cubes and anti-cubes total. We are now going to work on completing our first playthrough so that we can start New Game +. First, let's start the sewers.

Sewer Entrance
Use the crank to lower the water. Grab the bit and enter the door.

Sewer Hub
Collect the bits here. Use the cranks to raise the water when needed. Stand in front of the blue side of the big cube at the top to warp back to the Blue Sky Hub. Enter the Gateways and open the 8-cube door.

Ancient Neon City
Some of the rooms have bits. Some don't. One room is special.

City Classroom
Code Alert!!!
It's the right tetris code on the blackboard. The code is...

Up, Left, RT, A, LT, Right, A, Down

This reveals an anti-cube! Once you found everything, go back to the Gateways and enter the 16-cube door.


Everybody here speaks Fezian. Wow. Anyways, before anything, DO NOT ENTER THE 32-CUBE DOOR YET. It's a point of no return. We don't want that yet. First, collect the two bits outside. Then, explore the rooms. Some have bits, some don't. There is also a room with a chest that contains a key. Although it looks like it, there are no secrets in the owl room. There is one other room that's special.

Past Throne
Note that by solving this room, the Sewer QR Room will become unsolvable. However, it will still be marked as completed. See the Patch 1.07 Notes section of this guide for more details.

Code Alert!!!
The code is on the wall. You can only see it through the sunglasses. Input the code while on the throne itself and facing forward. The code is...


This reveals an anti-cube! Once you've found everything, enter the 32-cube door.

Star Gate
I won't spoil the normal ending. I will be as non-descriptive as possible. Anyways, Approach the Star Gate and talk to Dot to activate the Star Gate. Enter when you can.


Gravity is sharply reduced. Climb to the top. Jump into the white part of the floating cube. The game will "crash" again.

Once "reloaded", Climb to the top of the village. The graphics will change. This is normal. Once at the top, wait.

After a long cutscene, the credits roll. You also get an achievement!

Achievement unlocked: Kill Screen

After the credits, the main menu will appear. Choose your save file. Choose the new option called "Start New Game +".

The game will start the same, but instead of a fez, you get some sunglasses! These babies allow you to look into first-person mode!

Once the game "reloads", you will find all of the items you have collected thus far back in your inventory.

Congratulations! We're half-way done!

Now we are going to go backtrack for some missing stuff. Go to the Broken Arch Hub. Go to the top. You should see a chest on a farawy platform. We are going to use a cheat to get it.

Press Up, Up, Up, and then Up + Space to start flying upwards. Let go of Space while still holding Up to start falling. You can move left or right while falling. You can hold Space again to start going upwards again.

Use this cheat to float up to the platform and open a chest with an anti-cube!

Now go back to the Black Monolith Room.

Black Monolith Room
Code Alerts!!!
This one is complicated. Use the sunglasses to look at the floor. There are two swirls. You need to stand on the swirl center that is just an empty square. Shift and look to line it up. The code is:

Up, RT, Up, A, Down, LT, Up, Down

A black monolith will appear. Position yourself on the other swirl center and input this code:

Down, Down, LT, RT, RT, A, Up

A red cube will appear! Grab it!

Now go back to the room right before the Industrial District, with the spinning ladders. Go to the top. Use the flying cheat to reach the chest high above. It contains an anti-cube!

We're done backtracking! Time to go back to the Sewer Hub!
Part 9: It Stinks Down Here! (The Sewers)
Back at the Sewer hub, grab all the bits if you haven't yet. Go through the bottommost door.

Hidden Sewer Treasure Room
Jump on the platform and ride it up to open a chest with a key. Go back. Enter the third-highest door. (The second-highest door leads back to the entrance of the Sewers.)

Crank & Platform
Lower the water until the other crank is revealed. Turn the other crank twice in any direction. Raise the water back up until the floating platform is just above the stick-out platform. Let go of the crank and shift right once. Now turn the crank left. The platform will now rest on the other platform. Lower the water so you can turn the other crank another two times. Raise the water. You can now jump on the floating platform to some vines to open a chest with a regular cube!
Go back. Go up the ladder next to you. Enter the door under the warp gate.

Sewer Hallway
Jump from platform to platform. On the last one, shift and jump to the new platform. Shift again to grab a bit. Go through the next door.

Sewer Sub-Hub
Collect all the bits. One bit is hard to get. It's on the floating pillar. To reach it, raise the water until it is just below the bit. Then, jump onto the floating platform and shift to reach the bit. Afterwards, enter the bottommost door (the other one, not the one we came from).

Sewer Tuning Fork
Code Alert!!!
Stand on the tuning fork and use this code.


This reveals an anti-cube! Go back. Climb up to the next tier and enter the door in that tier.

Sewer Geyser Treasure Room
Use the geysers and your shifting powers to reach a chest with a key. Go back and enter the highest door.

Sewer Geyser Cube Room
Grab the cube and use the small portal to go back to the Sewer Hub. Enter the door below the highest crank.

Sewer Tetris Code Door
Lower the water to reveal a coded door.

Code Alert!!!
The code on the door is...

Right, Up, Left, Down, A, LT, RT, A

This opens the door! Enter it. Once entered, shift left to find another door to enter.

Lava Tuning Fork
Code Alert!!!
Here's the code.


This reveals an anti-cube! Go back to the previous room.

Lava Climb
This room is an overused cliche in almost all platformers. When you start, you have to climb as fast as you can to avoid the lava. There are no collectables to distract you, so just focus on climbing. Also, if you die, you have to start over. Twist the crank to begin.

First, climb the ladders and vines unitil you reach the vine wall. Avoid the glowing red blocks by shifting. After some more ladders and vines, you reach some rotating platforms. You need to climb on them when it's horizontal, and jump off of them when it's vertical. Finally, stand on the striped platform and wait for the lava to rise. The platform will float the rest of the way up. Avoid the glowing red block during the ride. Once the lava stops rising, jump to the door and enter it.

Lava Skull Room
Climb to the top and grab an anti-cube! Use the small portal to get out of here! Now enter the highest door (which is locked, by the way).

Sewer QR Room
First of all, grab the bit here. Now, if you followed this guide and you solved the Throne Room back at Zu, then you're done here. If you didn't, there will be a QR code to scan for a code for an anti-cube.

If you want to know why this is, please read the Patch 1.07 section of this guide.

Code Alert!!!
Scan the QR code with a phone to decrypt the code, which is... (Thanks to Power of Seven for finding the code.)


You'll get an anti-cube (if possible)!

Anyways, after that, the Sewers are completed! Use the warp gate in the Sewer to go back to the Blue Sky Hub. There's a door in the tree above the warp gate! Enter.
Part 10: An Archeological Find! (Ruins of Zu) Part 1
Tree Base
Climb to the top. Collect the bits along the way. Enter the next door.

Tree Climb
Climb up while collecting bits. Stop at the cabin. Don't enter it yet. We'll come back here eventually, but for now, go on top of the cabin using the mushroom platforms nearby. Now wait until nighttime for another owl to appear. Talk to it. Afterwards, go to the obelisk nearby.

Code Alert!!!
The tetris code is on the ground on a nearby platform. The code is...

Right, RT, Left, LT, Left, Up, Down, A

This reveals an anti-cube! Enter the door right below the obelisk.

Tree Treasure Climb
Use the crumbling platforms to reach a chest with a map! Go back to the Tree Climb. Climb to the top using the bouncy mushroom platforms. Enter the door at the top.

Tree Summit
I forgot if there were bits here or not, but it should be obvious. Approach the obelisk.

Code Alert!!!
The code is on the ground next to it. It's...

LT, A, RT, Up, Down, LT, RT, A

This reveals an anti-cube! Go through the next door.

Divine Statue Room
Collect the bits here. Use the trees to get on top of the statue. Enter the door to the side.

Divine Tetris Block Puzzle Room
You need to do an arrangement that is not listed on the pillar. Once you got it, shift back and forth a liitle bit for the game to register it. Way too hard to explain. Here's a link to a picture that's helpful. Thanks to Elissar for the image.


It reveals an anti-cube! Go back outside and enter the door in front of the statue.

Temple Cave
Collect the bits here. Stand by the obelisk.

Code Alert!!!
The code (on the floor on another platform) is...

Left, Left, Down, Down, Right, Right, Up, Up

This reveals an anti-cube! Enter the next door.

Ruins of Zu Hub

This place should seem familiar. Anyways, go through all doors that are not on an island by itself. Most lead to bits. Enter the crumbled 32-cube door for some more bits. One room is special.

Zu QR Room
I honestly have no idea what this is for. Somebody please comment me help for explanation. If you followed my guide, then it's already completed for some reason. I don't know. Anyways, enter the island door at the bottom of the area.

Next to you is a timed crank. Turn it 4 times to the right. Then climb up the revealed vines as fast as you can. Collect the bits along the way. Halfway up is another door.

Use the timed crank and climb to the top.Jump on top of the tree.

Owl Alert!!!
Wait until nighttime and talk to the owl that lands here. This is the 4th and last owl.

Enter the door embedded in the tree.

Tetris Rosetta Stone Room
This room helps you translate the tetris codes.

Code Alert!!!
The code on the pillar is...

Up, A, RT, LT, A, Down, LT, RT

This reveals an anti-cube! Go back outside and enter the temple.

Planetary Corridor
Nothing here. Go through the next door.

Planetary Tresure Room
Open the chest for an artifact, and and achievement!

Achievement Unlocked: A Numbers Game

Go back outside and climb to the top of the temple for a cube. Use the blocks with eyes on them. When they line up. they close together. Go back to the Observatory. Climb to the top, collecting the bits along the way. Enter the door to the building.

Telescope Room
This room has the hardest puzzles in the game. Let's start with the anti-cube one.

Code Alerts!!!
The tetris code are in the sky which you can see with the telescope. The code is...

Right, RT, Left, RT, RT, A, A, Right

This reveals an anti-cube! Now for the red cube. There are two stars that blink in a certain pattern that translates to binary code that translates into the code! o_o Honestly, I just looked this code up on the Internet. :( Sorry! The code is...


This reveals the final red cube! Go back outside and climb to the top of the building to grab another cube. Use the small portal to go back to the Ruins of Zu Hub. Go through the highest island door to continue.

In the next area, use the eye blocks to get up to the next platform. Once on that platform, Shift a couple times to find a door to enter.

Museum Exterior
There is one bit on top of the museum to grab. Afterward, go inside.

Museum Interior
Shift 180 degrees, stand in front of the bookcase, and press Left Ctrl to reveal a secret doorway!

Secret Globe Room
Turn the globe left once to find a bit. Turn the globe twice more to find another hidden doorway!

Secret Study
Jump down to the chest and open it for an artifact and an achievement!

Achievement unlocked: Haikus not Epics

Go back to the area before the Museuem.
This section is so big that I maxed out how much content I can put on this section! I will now carry on to Part 2.
Part 10: Ruins of Zu Part 2
Climb to the top collecting the bits along the way. Use the crank at the top to raise the pillars to climb up and grab the cube. Jump back down to the clock.

Each side of the clock is its own clock. When a clock reaches the 12 o'clock position, an anti-cube appears. You can change the PC clock to make it faster. What makes the four clocks different are how long their cycles are.

The red one has a cycle of 1 minute.

The blue one has a cycle of 1 hour.

The green one has a cycle of 1 day.

The gray one has a cycle of 2 days!

Just press Alt + Tab to minimize the game and change your PC clock to get these anti-cubes. Grab the four anti-cubes when you can.

With that, we are finally done with the Ruins of Zu!
Part 11: Is This Lordran? (The Catacombs)
Go back to the Tree Climb area and enter the cabin.

Creepy Cabin
Go back through the same door you went through to enter a new area.

Catacomb Entrance
Grab the bits and enter the other door.

Catacombs Hub
Entering this area unlocks the last warp gate, which unlocks an achievement!

Achievement unlocked: Warp Zone

Anyways, grab the bits in this area. Enter the lowest door (not the one you entered through).

Owl Altar
If you were wondering why the owls were important, you're about to find out! If you found all four owls, a secret door will open! Grab the bit and enter it.

Owl Secret Room
Grab the anti-cube! Backtrack to the Catacombs Hub and enter the next highest door. It's on the island beside the warp gate (not above).

One of the lower islands has a door. Enter it.

Scary Islands
Climb up to the second island. There is a door here that you can enter.

Scary Tower
Grab the bits as you climb and grab the cube at the top. Don't use the small portal and instead go back to the previous area. Climb up to the highest island to find another door. Use the bomb to clear a way to the door.

Lonely Island
Grab the bit(s) here and grab the cube. Backtrack to the Graveyard. Ignore the locked door for now. Use the trees as platforms to reach some invisible platforms which you can use to reach the final chest (Yay!!!) for the final map (Also yay!!!). A door is also on this island. Enter it.

Scary Bit Island
Grab the bits. That's it. Go back and unlock the last locked door (Yay again!!!).

Tomb Raider Puzzle
Here we are, the last hard puzzle in the game! This puzzle requires some explanation.

Open the Tab Menu and go to your maps. Four of these maps are used for this puzzle (the grid-looking ones). There are Fezian numbers on each map that tell you which doors to enter at which order. Where you exit out is random. What matters is not what doors you exit from but what doors you enter into. If you want help, here's a link to a video.


Anyways, entering the fourth correct door will take you to a secret room!

Blood Lake
Swim to your initial right. (By "initial", I mean before you shift at all.) It's a long swim! Find a chest (Whoops, I forgot this was a chest! Oh well.) and open it to grab the skull artifact and an achievement!

Achievement unlocked: Phrenologist

Go back to the Catacombs Hub and enter the door above the warp gate.

Rotating Skulls Room
Now for the fianl stretch! Grab the bits here. These are the last bits in the game! You should now have all of the regular cubes! Now to solve this puzzle.

There are 4 skull statues you can rotate by grabbing with Left Ctrl and shifting. Make them all face the same direction to reveal the next door.

Secret Skull Room (also known as the BIG Finale Room!)
Time to end this!!! Grab the obvious anti-cube to 100% the game!!! Dot will now give congrats to you! You will also get the last two achievements at once!

Achievements unlocked: Hexahedronaut, Sum Total

However, it's not over yet! There are a couple more things you can do.
Part 12: What Now? (Post-Game)
Now that the game is complete, we can do a couple extra things.

First, return to the area with the 64-cube door. If you forgot how to get there, Go to the Blue Sky Hub and enter the Bell Tower Hub. As soon as you enter, shift 180 degrees to find the door to the area with the 64-cube door.

64-Cube Door Island
You can now open the 64-cube door! Enter it.

Red Heart Room
Climb up, stand under the heart, and snap a screenshot. This screenshot is hard proof that you have collected all regular, anti-, and red cubes! Awesome!

Lastly, having all 64 cubes unlocks an alternate ending! To watch it, Just go back through the Star Gate like the normal ending.

And with that, WE ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry it took so long to finish this guide, but it's finally done! Thanks for reading!
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yoda473 Mar 29 @ 9:33pm 
Red cubes are not necessary for the "Sum Total" achievement. I got it with only one red cube (where the hell is the other half to that map? I know it's written here somewhere but I want to be legit)
!D Jan 19 @ 8:58am 
Brilliant. I tried at least 4 other walkthroughs before finding your masterpiece. Thank you so very much. Completely professional.
Finoxe Jan 14 @ 10:54am 
Thank you for this fantastic comprehensive guide! Cheers m8! :corncob:
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I did the hardest puzzles easy by pressing all the buttons! :steamhappy:
trochezjl Dec 28, 2017 @ 1:12am 
thanks i like a boss
Deyen Dec 12, 2017 @ 1:29am 
Hey man! I found something actually unique! You don't need the flying cheat in the entrance to the Industrial Zone to get the chest high above the turnable ladders. If you climb as high as you can, then jump off the right side, you will land on an invisible platform. Then if you jump to the left of the platform you are on, you will land on another one. then you can just zigzag your way up by jumping back and forth on invisible platforms until you reach the chest.

I don't know if you care anymore, but I thought it was super cool!!
Roboradu Nov 24, 2017 @ 4:20am 
Super duper guide, dude! You're the best! Thanks!
ContraMuffin Nov 22, 2017 @ 4:28am 
Awesome guide! For the Ruins of Zu QR code, it's another one of those "complete either puzzle to complete both." I know this because I did the Ruins of Zu QR puzzle first before following your guide. I believe it completes one of the tetris code anticubes found in a small room in...well... I can't quite remember. I do know it was one of the tetris code rooms completed on your first playthrough in the guide though.
Pmf98 Jul 24, 2017 @ 9:10am 
Thank you! It was really helpful.
Garfield Enthusiast Jun 21, 2017 @ 8:04pm 
This is the best guide to fez i could ask for it helped me a whole lot getting theat 209.4%