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Human NPCs
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Human NPCs

Human NPC's v2.24

ID - 1443404076

Human NPCs add Humans to the world of Ark.
You can tame them, they like to eat most things.

Tame NPCs can guard your land and as they patrol it or while set in turret mode
they can collect resources that are in the area as well as look after your crops.

They will look after your Forge, Campfires, Cook Meat, Put the correct stuff into Perserving Bin and Crop Plots and even catch fish.

They are only primitive at this point but as time goes on
I’m sure they will learn to do many more things such as Riding and Trading

NPCs can be set Friendly, Savage or somewhere inbetween
They are here to stay so you will just have to get used to them

Please respect their culture -
Wild NPCs believe -
Animals that allow themselves to be ridden are evil and must be destroyed
You must walk with your animal in their presence
Anyone not from their tribe is bad!

Just add the MOD and your ready to go and if you need to tune it then adjust the GameUserSettings.ini


If you feel like donating and showing your support click on this link

GameUserSettings.ini Setup

--Modes of Play & Waving--
--Modes of Play & Waving--

--Walking Tame--
How to do Walking Tame

How to use an Emote

Add TamingMode=0
Options (0,1,2)
0 = Both walking and knockout
1= Walking tame only
2= Knockout tame only

I added a short video showing how to calm the NPCs down using the wave emote

--Resource Management--
NOTE -- Harvest Resources must be enabled

While the NPCs are harvesting they will go to their respective storage items and deposit items and resources that they have harvested.

Poop no longer goes in storage boxes unless you name a storage box poopbox
then only poop will go into that storage box

The NPCs will also remove made items and transfer items to where they go, Cooked Meat to Preserving Bin, Iron Ingots to Storage Box and so on.

If you do not require this add NoResourceManagement=1 to the GUS.ini -- help link below

I added a short video showing how to use Resource Management

Added HarvestDamage=10 (0 to 100) Default is 10, the higher the number the more damage you make.

How to get them Harvesting
To get them to harvest goto the menu select Harvesting and enable harvest resources
Then select Send Harvesting then select the range you want them to stay around.

They will not harvest if they are set to follow.
They will start as soon as you get them to not follow.
Even if they leave the area chasing enemys they will return back to where they were told to harvest.

To get them to harvest in a new area just take them to the area and tell them to harvest again

Bow and Spear -- Guard - Turret mode or patrol - Just set them on harvest and the will protect the workers
Noweapon (Punch), Bola and Club are used to knockout dinos and will not harvest corpses

Hatchet -- will gather stone, metal, flint and more.
Sword -- will gather wood and thach and more.
Noweapon -- will gather berries, poop and seeds,Knockout Dinos.
Bola -- will randomaly instigate an attack with Moschops, Parasaurs, Phiomias and Sheep to get meat.
Club -- will gather poop.
Bow -- will randomaly instigate an attack on small dinos to get meat.
Spear -- will catch fish.

NoFireArrow=0 -- (0 = Fire Arrows Allowed, 1 = No Fire Arrows Allowed)

NOTE -- The NPCs will still use Fire Arrows against Tames and Ridden Dinos

--Please Vote--
Dont forget to vote it up if your enjoying the Mod

--Join Human NPCs Discord Channel--

If you feel like donating and showing your support click on this link

Update v2.24
Fixed - walking and crouch foot step animation timing
Fixed - Club NPCs not gathering Thatch

Update v2.23
HotFix - NPCs will only put small or human poop in the compost bin
Updated - Club NPCs will gather more Thatch

Update v2.22
Updated - Poop no longer goes in storage boxes unless you name a storage box poopbox then only poop will go into that storage box
Updated - NPCs will not pickup poop if they already have 6
Added - NPCs can add raw meat, raw fish and thatch to full containers
Added - NPCs now can crouch
Added - Tamed bow and bola NPCs randomaly instigate attacks when crouched (Hunt)
Fixed - Club NPCs will no longer gather berries
Fixed - Vanila hats some not correct type

Update v2.21
Fixed - Spear NPCs can now be carried
Fixed - Melee damage can now be leveled up
Added - Stone Huts

Update v2.2 Xmas Update
Added - Extinction spawn points - recommended Total_NPCs 1000 plus
Added - Hats and helmets on wild NPCs
Added - Extra clothing option, You can now set types of NPCs to wear complete outfits
Added - Extra Status multipliers
Note ---
Added - Bow NPCs will randomaly instigate an attack on small dinos when harvesting
Added - Bola NPCs will randomaly instigate an attack with Moschops, Parasaurs, Phiomias and Sheep when harvesting
Added - Spear NPCs now catch fish and Club NPCs collect poop
Note ---
Fixed - Status multipliers now keep their stats on server restart
Fixed - Wild NPCs will stay around their village
Fixed - Some NPCs were naked on server restart
Updated - Tuned harvesting and most of the other code
Added - NPCs torches now go out when swimming
Added - Noweapon (Punch), Bola and Club are used to knockout dinos and will not harvest corpses
Fixed - Harvest corpses not working some times
Fixed - Random tames wandering off to the middle of the map
Fixed - Slowed down swimming
Fixed - Hair and Beards will only be removed if hat requires it
Updated - Resource Harvesting is now ON by default, turn it off if you want the NPCs to only patrol
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May 19 @ 8:00pm
make these guys breedable
sketcherskt |
< >
chldusqns May 19 @ 2:15am 
what is the npc's spawn code? I can't read English well so I couldn't read the introduction
Thorin Oakenshield May 15 @ 3:19pm 
Can they use compound bow?
GamerXDevision May 9 @ 9:39am 
@Deadpath if mod is installed simply be patient they will be rare at first but after awhile you will begin seeing em almost everywhere :) as for spawn codes check the discussions section above comments section and there will be ini tweaks posts as well as the spawn codes for each one and type as well as gender hope this helps
GamerXDevision May 9 @ 9:37am 
@Juan Carlos if your riding a dino like an argent you can pick them up atleast ive tested this with tamed ones they can be picked up no issues in both beak and talon as for jumping he may add it idk if he did it may end up being like the ravager because no npc in the game of all 300+ vanilla dinos jump on their own except ravagers and they only do it during combat and screws up your strategy because they jump over your head so that would be a bit tough to add a way for them to know an object is there as even random jumps would make em look strange and could lead to issues of itself like accidently jumping off cliff cause they are moving forward when they random jump being ridden sorta like piggy back riding em could work although would be comical lol also a great idea again he will need to see if it is worth it to add hope this helps
GamerXDevision May 9 @ 9:33am 
@Juan Carlos their gathering capabilities also depend on the settings in the ini you can tweak them to be more effective also you servers harvesting rates and also the location on the island there is a place near the ice area on top left side of map just before you go to snow and ice biome that is like a tropical beach / forested region it is perfect i had 8 of em set up near about 5 large storage boxes far away from my building area and they were gathering TONS of wood thatch and a decent bit of stone

as for weapons he is planning on adding more modern weapon type ones as a form of upgrade like modern weapon types etc he may add the metal picks and axes to his list as well as seperate humans
Deadpath May 7 @ 10:10pm 
how to find the human? or spawn the human???
JuanCarlos May 7 @ 7:32am 

Mod is good, but still bad.

As a resource gathering, even with 1000% Melee, harvest setting at 100, they harvest too few resources, wont worth it, adding Speed stat helps a little bit, like they bump into stuff and gather it, but still not good enough, a possible fix can be allow the harvest setting to pass 100, or allow to equip ascendant pick.

As a dino, you cant ride or pickup them, would be cool to allow it, even if its not realistic.

They get stuck everywhere on follow or wander, would be cool to allow them jump frequently to unstuck itself, like bunny hopping around.
GamerXDevision May 5 @ 1:08pm 
@Alphear you cannot change their weapon or weapon type but increasing their melee damage could increase amount of stuff they gather if it works same as us and some other dino types up to a reasonable amount for example ark hard coded how much we can gather from resource types like trees and rocks to a limit example could be at default rates increasing our melee attack to idk 200% may be the resource gathering limit basically we get 2x more resources than normal but cant exceed that so if we went to 300% we wont get 3x just 2x more stuff at 100% we could just get 1x this is pure example not fact but having a small army of gatherers in a large filled resource area could wield TONs of resources in moments set their gather to high in an area filled with trees and rocks and dont build there and just set a few storage boxes a few hours later 8 to 10 of em had all the large storage boxes filled and was still gathering
GamerXDevision May 5 @ 1:03pm 
@WrothRegent58 it can be on any map but its hard to say how they will spawn or react on maps that are custom it can be used on all vanilla maps the island scorched aberration and extinction and ragnarok and the center as of right now and possibly all modded maps they worked on map genesis which i love and i believe still do ive even seen them on Procedurally Generated maps during some testing i did so i believe they can spawn on all maps just take note that some maps may have strange spawn points and that could make them spawn strangely in places you may not expect etc as ark and its maps folks make are a strange thing and there is a science between all maps and their creation for example if somebody made a spawn location in the oceon for sme land creatures they could spawn in middle of the oceon as an example hope this helps