Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition

Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition

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Deus Ex Setup Guide for modern systems
By Saleck
This guide will help you get Deus Ex running with the New Vision Mod which will greatly enhance your Deus Ex experience, the Deus EXE udated Executable and Direct3D10 drivers to get the game running optimally.
This guide will help you in setting up Deus Ex on your computer. It's fairly straight forwards in getting Deus Ex set up so let's get to it!
Getting Started
First of all, make sure your copy of DirectX is up to date. You can find the Web Installer to install the latest updates here[]

You will also need to install Microsoft C++ 2015 Runtime Libraries[] on your machine.

Even if you have any of the above installed and aren't sure about it, you can reinstall them safely as they will either update the current version installed or just reinstall itself.

There are two ways to go from here. You can either:
  • Install the New Vision mod which applies upgraded textures and bugfixed maps OR
  • Skip the New Vision mod completely and have the default Deus Ex experience
I will explain how to install New Vision first, if you are uninterested in the mod. Please skip to the 'Updating Deus Ex' section below.
The 'New Vision' Mod
New Vision is THE Deus Ex mod you should have for your Deus Ex experience.

Not only does it add brand new textures (that stick to the original's artstyle) but it also comes with Bug fixes and a brand new Executable file with advanced functionality for getting Deus Ex looking good and behaving with the high resolution monitors of today.

Head to The New Vision ModDB Page and download the mod. It weighs in at around 1.15GB.

Once you have the mod, Double click the EXE to install it.

Click Next and read the text on the next page carefully.

When you have read the text, press Next.

On the next page, we can choose what renderers and optional extras we want to install.
Here is my personal preference and what I'll be using for the remainder of this guide.

Now the installer will want to know where your copy of Deus Ex is installed. When you have selected the folder your copy is installed in, press Next.

Next, the installer will ask you if you want to install the latest version of DirectX and the Visual C++ runtime libraries (Note that the version of C++ that gets installed with the mod is 2010. The reason I got you to install C++ 2015 libraries will be explained in a while)

I would advise clicking No on both if you've already got these installed but Yes if you are unsure if you have. It doesn't matter either way which you do.

Finish off the installer and close it. We're almost there to getting Deus Ex running but first we need to update the Kentie launcher (which is in the mod) to a newer version which uses Visual C++ 2015 runtime libraries.
Applying fixed levels and unofficial patches
(Thanks for Spectre of Woe for the following information)

Deus Ex 1.112FM GOTY Edition ended up shipping with older versions of some levels. Levels in the previous update were more up-to-date than the levels that everyone gets through Steam. Somebody has gone and provided the newer versions of those levels as a seperate download. You can grab them here.

Download from Saleck dot net[]
Download from DXM[]
Download from Dropbox[]

Either use the automatic installer to install them or grab the 7-zip file and use 7-zip to extract the files into your Deus Ex game folder.

You can also grab the Unofficial Deus Ex V2 patch which only fixes original game bugs from here.

Download DeusExV2 from Saleck dot net[]
Download DeusExV2 from Dropbox[]

Extract this into your Deus Ex "System" folder and overwrite when prompted.
Updating Deus Ex
This section is for people who have just installed the 'New Vision' mod and for people who don't want to use New Vision.

You will need to go to Deus Exe page[] and update your copy of Deus Ex with this new executable file.

Windows XP users can only update to v5.3 of the Deus Exe.
Windows Vista / 7 and up users can use whatever the latest version is.

Simply download the correct zip file and extract it to your Deus Ex "System" folder, overwriting everything Windows asks you (If you want to make a backup of the old files first though, go ahead).

It is also important to make sure that the D3D10DRV drivers are at their latest version. You can find that here[]

Open it in your Zip extracting software, go into DeusEx and extract the contents of that folder into the Deus Ex "System" Directory.

Keep checking back as DeusExe and the D3D10DRV files are constantly being updated.
Configuring the updated Deus Ex
So now, we finally have Deus Ex ready to go!

Go ahead and launch it (either through Steam or just double-click DeusEx.exe in the Deus Ex\System folder) and you'll see the following menu.

You will see this new window every time you launch Deus Ex from now on. Click Configure.

This new configuration menu will allow you to get the most out of Deus Ex.

Here is a run down of what all the settings are:

Raw Input (Disable mouse acceleration for camera): Down to you if you want to have this on or off. Most people will not want to alter this setting.

Widescreen cinematic subtitle fix: Leave Enabled.

Use custom GUI scaling: This setting will keep the user interface (and menus) at their original sizes. This is good for low to mid resolutions like 640x480 or even 1280x720 but beyond that, you're going to struggle to read on-screen text.

1920x1080 example (No/1x Scaling)

1920x1080 example (x2 scaling)

Video options
Renderer: you can choose OpenGL support, Direct3D 10 support and the likes here. Direct3D 10 is recommended.

FPS Limit (0 for off): Change this to 60 for the best experience. Values have no effect on game's running speed anymore so there's no more running around like Sonic the Hedgehog.

You can also set resolution and Full-screen mode here. Those are self-explainatory.

Latency: Best left alone. If you have audio problems or crackling, try changing the value to other recommended numbers

Use DirectSound Recommended to leave enabled.

Use single CPU: Recommended to leave disabled.

Choose 32 bit colour and leave Detail textures enabled.

Field of View
Recommended to leave on 'Automatic (updates FOV on window resize)' for best results.
Custom Launch Options
Having a new DeusEx.exe allows for more flexibility and new launch options can be given to the new EXE to change how it works at startup.

To launch Deus Ex with a Launch Opttion, right click on the game in Steam and click Properties. In General, click Set Launch Options...

You will be given a box where you can enter in commands.

Here are some launch options you can use to further customize Deus Ex.

Games nowadays will save a lot of their information in the 'My Documents' folder but, for people with Solid State Drives or are fussy where their game files go (i.e me), we want the game save files to be stored where Deus Ex is installed.

The new Deus Ex exe saves content inside the 'My Documents' folder by default but it can be changed back to how the original game behaved (saving its content inside the local game directory) by adding the launch option -localdata

This option will completely skip the window you see when starting the new Deus Ex executable which allows you to configure game settings. Use this once you're happy that you have Deus Ex set up the way you want it and you'll no longer have to click 'Play' every time you start the game!
That's it!
OK So when you have all finished configuring your game, click OK to save your options and click Play to start the game.

Enjoy a better, prettier, almost bug-free, and more immersive Deus Ex experience!

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Vicious Feb 5 @ 1:52pm 
Just an FYI, the New Vision textures cause a stutter in the game for me. Reinstalled and skipped New Vision mod, vanilla textures work fine. i7 4790k, gtx980.
ZumZoom Jan 31 @ 8:29am 
Thanks for the guide. I have a small but unpleasant problem: The menu lags for a second or two when hitting Esc or steam overlay. Is there a solution for that? Windows 10 x64, using d3d10 (tried the others - same lag), borderless window
microwave ovens Jan 29 @ 2:44pm 
Deus Ex frame drops when I use the new vision mod
Denker Jan 28 @ 10:20pm 
Followed every step, and now I don't have the lagging issues with the main menu anymore. Thank you very much!
Fredbob Jan 21 @ 3:41pm 
Having an annoying issue. Initially launched the game using the reccomended Direct3D 10 rendering, but had an issue where I couldn't adjust the brightess. Tried changing to OpenGL, and while that fixed that issue, I found the game was now a bit jittery. Tried to switch back to D3D10, but now it wont launch anymore when I click play, saying "Init: Initiallizing Direct3D failed" Any idea what's up?
Phantom Aspect Jan 16 @ 10:48am 
I don't recommend the d3d10 render, the HDR effect destroys the quality too much and it looks weird, using the 3dfx Glide render with dgVoodoo 2.54 is far better and the shading looks superior, also dgVoodoo uses DX11 after emulating the old graphics cards so if you want to add bloom effects you can with something like Reshade 3.08's d3d11.dll, again a much better option to the d3d10 render
Mono Jan 14 @ 2:18pm 
Oz Jan 14 @ 3:05am 
Super helpful guide, cheers
zlkOrioN Jan 5 @ 10:40am 
Thank you for your help man! great guide :)
TParis Oct 15, 2017 @ 5:02am 
@Cyclone Dusk: Read the page of Kentie's launcher again. You forgot to install the VC redist.