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ACE Compat - RHS United States Armed Forces
Created by acemod
Adds compatibility between ACE3 and RHS: United States Armed Forces...
ACE Compat - RHS AFRF + Key
Created by [DNR]Ozone

Adds compatibility between ACE3 and RHS: AFRF with Server Key!!!

All rights @ acemod!

Original Mod: [url]http://steamcommunit...
ACE Compat - RHS: GREF
Created by acemod
Adds compatibility between ACE3 and RHS: GREF...
Created by acemod
ACEX package. This is a mod aimed at adding in extra and optional modules on top of ACE3.

At the moment ACEX is focused on gameplay that the ACE team considers added value, but does not properly fit within the main project itself. The initial release co...
ADV - ACE Medical (only for ace³ versions until 3.12.6)
Created by [SeL] Belbo
This mod will most likely not be updated to the new ACE versions <3.13.0, Medical Rewrite


This mod will most likely not be updated to the new ACE versions <3.13.0, Medical Rewrite


Again: This mod will most likely not be update...
Created by Kex
Advanced Rappelling
Created by duda
Adds support for helicopter rappelling. SP & MP Compatible.

Completely optional, but if you want to give back for any of my addons, I would greatly appreciate [url=
Advanced Sling Loading
Created by duda
SP & MP Compatible. Full replacement for in-game sling loading.

Completely optional, but if you want to give back for any of my addons, I would greatly appreciate [url=
Created by DerZade
BackpackOnChest is a mod, which adds the functionality of carrying an extra backpack on your chest.
- Various modules and functions for mission creators (wiki)
- Implementation through ACE-SelfInteractionMenu
- TFAR compatibility (radio settings are pre...
Breaching Charge
Created by Ampersand
The Breaching Charge allows the infantry to quickly and safely demolish walls and open doors with minimal collateral damage. The Door Wedge enables secure control over entry points. Both are powerful tools in MOUT/FIBUA situations.

Works on doors locke...
Created by CBATeam
CBA: Community Based Addons for Arma 3
Current version: 3.15.1
What does the name Community Base Addons mean? It is a system that:
  • Offers a range of features for addon-makers and mission designers.
  • Aims to have community w
CTab Blufor Tracker v2.2.3
Created by IceBadger
Original code by Riouken, edit by IceBadger
Thanks to those who have worked on this mod!

Hopefully this fixes any errors the mod used to throw, for now this is all this version of the mod does. I may plan to add more features in the future. (Like more ...
CUP Terrains - Core
Created by CUP Team
This is the TERRAINS - CORE pack, the successor of "A3MP" and "All in ArmA - Terrain Pack (AiA TP)". It contains all the core data for maps from Arma1, Arma 2, expansions and DLC's.

This pack contains:
  • all terrains c
CUP Terrains - Maps
Created by CUP Team
This is the TERRAINS pack, the successor of "A3MP" and "All in ArmA - Terrain Pack (AiA TP)". It contains 16 maps from Arma: Arma: Armed Assault and the expansion, Arma 2 and the expansion and DLC's.

For credits and other inform...
CUP Units
Created by CUP Team
This is the Units pack. It contains all the units of the original Arma 2 and Arrowhead as well as the DLC. Right now, there are a lot of placeholder units that do not look like the original ones but are instead stand-ins using d...
CUP Vehicles
Created by CUP Team
This is the VEHICLE pack. It contains all the vehicles from Arma 2 and the expansion
and DLC's. All vehicles are ported with Arma 3 standarts and features.

For credits and other information, see our web page.

This pack con...
CUP Weapons
Created by CUP Team
This is the WEAPONS pack. It contains all the weapons, assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns, grenade launchers, pistols, sniper rifles, and whatever else goes "boom" in Arma 2 and the expansion and DLC's. All weapons are stripped...
Enhanced Movement
Created by AppleCalypsoNow

Enhanced Movement - BETA


Created by TeTeTe3
This is the BETA release branch of the F/A-18 Super Hornet. Find the documentation at our wiki at and this google doc (which contains also outdated information)
GEARSOC - Deluxe Edition
Created by BravoSix™
For years the community enjoyed the GEARSOC, a pioneer, a unique and innovative mod, the first to bring realistic cryes and oakley gloves nicely worked, now a new beginning, a new opportunity. GEARSOC is back to the community.

What is the GEARSOC
KAT - Advanced Medical REWRITE
Created by Tomcat
Author is Katalam.
Authors of the rewrite are kygan, Tomcat and Yethe Samartaka.

The ACE Advanced Medical System REWERITE is a working version of the KAT Advanced Medical System thought for the ACE version 3.13.2 and CBA version 3.15.0. We are with t...
L3-GPNVG18 Panoramic Night Vision
Created by Teeha
L3-GPNVG18 Night Vision Goggles are specialized to give their operator a wider Field of View by extending the the number of image intensifier tubes from two to four.
This extended FOV will give any unit operating at night a significant advantage working ...
MCC Sandbox 4 - Mission Making The Easy Way
Created by shay_gman
Join our Discord Channel and our server

MCC Wikia page

So what is MCC Sandbox exactly?
VSM All-In-One Collection
Created by jarrad96 [4SFG]
This is the VSM-All-In-One Collection, that contains all MLO/VSM Mods in a single download, for easier management. The purpose of theses packs is to add even more gear variety to the game.


Military Gear Pack
Created by Adacas
This is a personal project of mine for Arma 3 community. I aim to bring additional assets for character customization in Arma 3. This mod will cover new uniforms, vests, headgear and other related stuff.
I will be making completely new models and also po...
Multi-play Uniforms
Created by Zabb
The name changed according to teriyaki request, nothing else will change.

If you are using an older version, it may become incompatible(mission files) with the ne...
NIArms All in One
Created by Nam
This was made possible by the generosity of the people who're backing this through Patreon.
If you'd like to see more of this stuff, why not pitch in a couple of bucks? Through Patreon [] If you can't or don't wa...
Naval Boarding Actions - Breachable ships
Created by Infallible Kitten
About "Naval Boarding Actions"

NBA Offers a fully walkable and enterable Cargo Ship with more versions planned in the future.
This modification was made in hopes to expand the amount of naval actions for multiple communities.
Currently this ...
Personal Arsenal
Created by Drakeziel
This addon allows you to access the Virtual Arsenal at your leisure, to test weapons, loadouts, or to equip Zeus units to specs on the fly. To activate press "U" or "CTRL+U" for override of any scripts.

*If you are having issues with your screen b
Project OPFOR
Created by Keeway
The Project OPFOR brings you new factions and armies, which were/are involved in recent military events in past few yearrs. For now to use this mod you only need three mods made by Red Hammer Studio - Armed Forces of Russian Federation, United States Armed...
Created by Red Hammer Studios
# RELEASE 0.5.5: RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
changelog available here -


Re-uploads of any RHS content ...
Created by Red Hammer Studios
# RELEASE 0.5.5: RHS: GREen Forces
changelog available here -

RHS: GREF requires 2 mods to run
* RHS...
Created by Red Hammer Studios
# RELEASE 0.5.5: RHS: Serbian Armed Forces
changelog available here -

RHS: SAF requires 2 mods to run
Created by Red Hammer Studios
# RELEASE 0.5.5: RHS: United States Armed Forces
changelog available here -


Re-uploads of any RHS content (in part or ...
Created by KeyboardOreos
Special operations equipment. With more support comes more gear.

Gurdy-tons of help
Zeealex-weighing and help
MistyRonnin-Recovering lost files
Sabre -Textures
Spartan -Textures
Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1
Created by Vin.

BI Forums Thread[]

Swim Faster
This mod make you swim faster. Have fun!
Diving with wetsuit is also faster.

1.5x faster than vanilla.
TFAR Animations
Created by ASmallDinosaur
ACRE Version

I don't personally use TFAR and haven't done much testing, so you may encounter bugs, or this mod may break due to updates without me noticing it. If that happe...
Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!)
Created by Dedmen Miller
This is the ONLY official upload of the TFAR 1.0 beta builds on Steam workshop.
Discord server for latest updates and support:

This is a beta release! Please keep in mind that Bugs...
Created by massi
This addon provide US-NAVY units to BLUFOR side; It adds several new camouflage for uniforms plus custom helmets, platecarriers and gear in order to represent US-NAVY units in following factions:
- NAVY units: including ship-CVN-SUB crews, c...
USP Gear & Uniforms AIO
Version: 0.7.8

After nearly two years of development, we are pleased to present USP Gear and Uniforms! We have curated Special Operations Equipment from the top of the line manufacturers for use in ArmA 3.

Current contents include:

USP Gear...
USS Nimitz
Created by Rory
The USS Nimitz is a mod for Arma 3. It adds the nuclear powered carrier USS Nimitz to the BLUFOR side.

The ship is a static structure, does not move and is not pilotable. It is provided with explicit permission of its creator, Tetet.


Created by Fabrizio_T
2015, February 16th: bCombat UPDATED to v0.18 FINAL. See CHANGELOG.

bCombat is an all-in-one Single Player infantry AI mod.
It aims to achieve both a more aware and human-alike infantry AI. It features an unique ecosystem, includin...
iFatigue: No sway and stamina
Created by iEnemY
This mod removes:
- Weapon sway (aimCoef = 0.01)
- Stamina
- Fatigue

Planned features (maybe in 2019):
- Automatically deactivate ACE Advanced Fatigue (if advanced fatigue addon loaded)
- CBA settings implementation to fine-tune sway

It also wor...
Chemical Warfare
Created by Assaultboy
This mod adds Chemical Warfare to Arma III.

Github Link[]
I noticed a lack of any chemical warfare mods and I decided to fill the void the best I could. This mod will allow ...
Enhanced Soundscape
Created by LAxemann
-Reuploading this mod is _not_ permitted-

If you enjoy our content, feel free to Donate[] <- (Click). Donations will be shared 50/50 with jokoho. :)

GGE: NVG Animation
Created by goobin
Adds an animation when enabling/disabling night vision goggles.

Like all of my GGE mods, this is a WIP and will be updated/changed over time.

Huge thanks to CAGE and Taxer Milsim for helping me test features and providing feedback and suggestio...
GGE: Captive Animations
Created by goobin
Adds animations for escorting a captive with ACE.

Like all of my GGE mods, this is a WIP and will be updated/changed over time.

Huge thanks to CAGE and Taxer Milsim for helping me test features and providing feedback and suggestions.

GGE: Core
Created by goobin
Contains common functions and assets utilised by Goobin's Gameplay Enhancement mods.

I will try to fix issues and add new GGE mods when I have time.

Thanks to Iceman, SpartanSix and Valentine there is now a Discord for GGE mods!

Check it out: ...
Hatchet H-60 pack - Development Version
Created by Project Hatchet
This is a work in progress. Please do not redistribute.
Early testing build of the H-60 Pack - not representative of the final product.

The Hatchet H-60 Pack is a helicopter pack that brings realistic H-60 series helicopters to Arma 3, using ...
Hatchet Framework - Development Version
Created by Project Hatchet
This is a work in progress. Please do not redistribute.

A vehicle scripting framework for arma 3, with support for config based interior interaction.

RR Immersive Maps by LAxemann
Created by LAxemann
Re-Uploading the mod is NOT permitted!

Bug reports:

What does it do?
Someone in my community (RosenRudel, or short: RR) jokingly said "we have ACRE animations, now all we need are map a...
G.O.S Dariyah
Created by GOS_Makhno
20 x 20 km of sand dunes and rocky mountains.

There are intentionaly no road, as AI tends to stick to them, and it would make vehicle patrols of the kind the LRDG used to do less intersting. Also it's a greater challenge for land navigation, especialy i...
Mull of Kintyre
Created by Ice
Based "very" loosely on the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland.

24 x 24km
2m Objects

!!! New key rof_mok_1.2 !!!

You are not allowed to edit or reupload on the workshop or elsewhere.

Q. Can you remove cup?
A. No

Q, Can I edit it / reuploa...
Federally Administered Tribal Areas
Created by MrSocomDude
10x10 km Map, Based in Tribal Areas, Pakistán.

Credits: Minimalaco

Created by Temppa
Anizay v0.08

Size: 10km x 10km
Cell size: 5
410k objects

Fictional desert terrain.

Need Cup terrain core

Thanks Jonekone, Blahh and

Drongos Map Population
Created by Drongo
Quickly and easily populate an entire map with any faction, no scripting required

Discord for my mods[]

  • Quickl
Simple MapTools
Created by POLPOX
Adds some simple tools to navigate yourself in the warzone.

To use: Ctrl + Right Click, and follow the instructions.

Client side....
Hellenic Armed Forces Mod (HAFM) - NAVY
Created by Aplion
After long period of efforts finally HAFM Naval mod came to a point that I and my friend Devastator_cm dreamed.

Version 2.0 practically is a totally new mod replacing the previous 1.5 version (in case both versions will be used at same time there will b...
HAFM NAVY Core & Weapons part
Created by Aplion
A requirement for HAFM submarines and Ships mods (not to be downloaded individually).

Current version 2.0

Main MOD (Ships) :

Operations manual (also included) external link: https://...
Hellenic Armed Forces MOD - Submarines
Created by Aplion
This is version 2.0 of a completely working Submarines set for ArmA 3.

A long time effort for a MilSim part that I believe that was missing from this game and which would not been possible to be achieved without my friend Devastator_cm whi...
KKA3 Injured Animations
Created by Kola
KKA3 Injured Animations WORK IN PROGRESS
made by KokaKolaA3

If a unit is hit by a bullet, it will react to it with an animation.
The hit regestration is a bit rough at the moment, so you will need to shoot someone...
Created by SFG.Daniel
How do i get the the dog?: Place down the module in the editor (its in modules under other)

How does the dog work?: Hover an enemy and attack option will appear; Getting into a car a "get it" option will appear getting out the opposite. It was made...
Moe Pilot Gear Suite
Created by 556Moe
Moe Pilot Gear Suite
I'm not a professional 3D artist / animator, everything I make for this mod I make as a hobby. So if you like my work, please consider buying me a coffee at:

Every bit of help is greatly appreci...
Created by honger
I wish I could read your comments, but Steam is fcuking with me and shows that comments are disabled, along with links etc.

Reupload of "Arctic" terrain (by Variable.A) from Armaholic: If you're reading this, Variable...
CUP All Aircrafts Sound Improve
Created by [TW]Aaren
New Update
Original GAU-8 settings
Add Logo

What Does It Do?
This MOD Changes All CUP Aircrafts Sounds
You Will Hear Rotor Sound When You're Turning Hard
I make them More Louder And More Realistic
F/A-18 Super Hornet Sound Improve
Created by [TW]Aaren
Add Volume Controller Compatibility (Download)
Change M61A2 gun run sounds

What Does It Do?
Add new gun sound
Add new sonic boom
Add G-Force Brea...
RHS A-10A GAU-8 Improve
Created by [TW]Aaren
New Updates
Fix Volume Controller Compat

Fire Sound(For Cockpit)
Source From JSRS2.2 DrangonFyre

Add G-Breating Sound
If G-Force became heavier so the breathing sound will be louder and quicker

What does it do?[/h
RHS Air-Planes Sound Improve
Created by [TW]Aaren
New Update
Original GAU-8 settings

What Does It Do?
This MOD improves
All RHS AirPlanes
(Planes,jets,etc) and A-10 Gun run sounds

I make Them More Louder And More Realistic

Add G-Force Breathing Sound Effect...
RHS Helicopters Sound Improve
Created by [TW]Aaren
Add Volume Controller Compatibility (Download)

What Does It Do?
This MOD Change
All RHS Helis
Sounds Gatling Fire Sounds
You Will He...
G.O.S Song Bin Tahn
Created by GOS_Makhno
The map is 15 x 15 km of dense jungle with many major and smaller rivers.

I made this map to do recon/sabotage/COIN missions, like SOG or LRRP did in vietnam. also like the SAS intervention in Borneo.
ILBE Assault Pack - Rewrite
Created by Grezvany13
ILBE Assault Pack - Rewrite

This mod is a rewrite of the ILBE Assault Pack (TFAR) mod made by Raspu.
With permission from Raspu I have rewritten several parts of the s...
FATA Tunnels
Created by [USML] Kicillof
This Addon incorporates the tunnels and caves from FATA (Federally Administred Tribal Areas, Pakistán). I'm not the author. All the credit to Minimalaco.

You can find all the assets in Eden inside Structures > Village.
FATA Tunnels does not r...