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Jul 14, 2018 @ 1:21am
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Gotland. Sweden largest island in the Baltic Sea.

Between 1878 and 1960, a railway network of 600mm narrow gauge trains existed on the island. The largest track was about 30 km long. Today. only a small part of the network is left and is used by a museum train.

On the estern part of the map, small parts of the Swedish mainland exist, Nynäshamn in the north and Oskarshamn in the sout to create air and sea traffic to the mainland.

All preview pictures were taken form a running game, about 12 years after game stard. Several mods were used.

Experimental map size must be turned on (experimentalMapSizes = true in settings.lua).
If you do not use the "NoInitalRoads" mod, you should delete the AI-created bridges at game start.

Manual download link (without Steam, manual installation):

Verion History:
1.0 Inital release
1.1 Repositioned a few town, added Lärbro

Size:6145x6145 pixel
Cities: 13
Industry: No (manual)
ExperimentalMapSize: Yes
NoInitialRoads: optional
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T3k_Qc Jul 16, 2018 @ 8:53pm 
Mainland : I should have put the [lag part] with the boat line stop registration delay, nothing is wrong there ;)

And yea, so I readt that big watery map are rough on route calculation.
Poked around you're other maps, you got eye's for fun map to play with (imho).
Thanks for sharing!
Toggelhase  [author] Jul 16, 2018 @ 9:13am 
@T3k_Qc: Thanks for your feedback. Regarding your issues:

Road under water: Yes, this happens in Slite, I have to move its location a bit more inwards.

Setting up boat lines: This is something in the game engine which I have encountered on several big maps with much water on it. Looks as if the engine needs quite a lot time to calcualte the route path.

Cliffs: Yes, this happens at Visby. I hab played around with the height data but could not find a good solution that produced a shallow beach and fits in the rest of the island there.

The "mainland". I have not encountered any prolblems with those, actually, I even build a tunnel train track from north to south. Or did you mean something else?

The oil wells: As its a map with no industry, I should have better placed them outside the map. Will have to update this as in theri current location, they do not make sense.
T3k_Qc Jul 15, 2018 @ 9:22pm 
- Seen at least one road under water (no initial roads on).
- 2 boat lines were taking like 30 second to register stops.
- a (few?) city on shoreline will not be accessible by docks because the ridge is a somewhat too cliffy (could be part of the challenge too, wich is ok by me). mega detour is possible too I guess.
- Good distance for the two satellite cities on main island, could the sea be too deep (lag) ?
- 2 oil wells under water (I dont think you can raise an island from under the sealine or dock to them). mods maybe ?

I might sounds criticizing, but I like the general layout and details on this one.