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The Unliscensed Überanzug
Created by ZoraKirby
This is a Halloween 2011 Item

This is one of the miscs for "The Zombie Fortress of Dr. Nedic" pack, which was only a pseudo-pack last year.

"Who needs a REAL doctor when ya got the Medic and his scary needles?"

Item set links:
Primary: http://ste...
Bro Plate
Created by Svdl
An extremely flared steel helmet with an attached brow-plate....
The Big Sister's Sting
Created by boomsta
Pokey pokey, the medic's gonna steal your Adam. Mostly just made solely as a mod, which can be obtained here:

Model by me
Texture by Sparkwire...
Heavy Defender
Created by Svdl
A metal body armor for the Medic, somewhat based on trench armors seen during the first world war.

Misc item, though could be used as a syringe gun replacement to get some passive defense thing going....
The Uncivil Servant
Created by Daimao
That Medic's one hell of a butler.

Three LoDs as usual and compatible with the most eye-scorching of paints.

Model, texture, concept by me.
Rigging and SFM render by MaxOfS2D....
The EZ Breather
Created by Psyke
Free yourself from your ever-crippling Mysophobia and breath easy thanks to this portable respirator!

Comes with lods!
Virtually No clipping!
Doesn't Require MAIR!...
The Head Prize
Created by CoreVixen
Big foxes need big bullets. Coincidentally the only thing left is the head.