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Slenderman SNPC
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May 8, 2013 @ 5:56pm
May 9, 2013 @ 3:41pm
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Slenderman SNPC

This SNPC is meant to scare you. It looks like Slenderman but had different traits, for instance instead of teleporting he walks ever closer to you, he has a few different sounds added in that aren't related but I think he will give you a good scare on any dark map.

By popular demand he can now run after you FASTER, 5 times as fast as before which is 5 times as scary!

Goes great with the Slender Forest Map

If for some reason you cant see it in the Entities tab you might have a conflicting addon, it should be working. I would advise disabling addons that are giving errors or just disable all addons, re-enable essential addons and then selectivly re-enable addons until something breaks. Known incompatibilities exist between slenderman and Half-life Renaissance and Doom npcs.

Thanks to Constipated Pikachu for helping me test it and his knowledge of all things creepypasta, NECROSSIN for his base code on the scp-106 SNPC, and the Hidden: Source for some sounds.

EDIT: Thank you everybody, we broke 100,000 subscribers!
EDIT2: Thanks to Rezix for testing this, everyone having problems with the static overlay effect, a known fix is to delete your gmod folder after deleting local content from steam and reinstall.
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Ricochet 18 hours ago 
The Babel Immolator can probably take the bastard out.
n64nastalgia1984 Jun 3 @ 9:53am 
Horrendous Chyka, just press Z on the keyboard to undo Slenderman, When Things kill me repeatedly I just press Z, you probably already know this though. Its not that hard to figure out. But wait wasn't there a Slenderman Mod for Gmod? Where he teleported around normally and jumpscared you with the static death screen? I can't find that specific type...
n64nastalgia1984 Jun 2 @ 1:05pm 
I know SlenderMan came first in his series, But when is a Slendrina Mod, going to be made? I know Slendrina and Granny, which I used to call Slendrimam/Slendrimom. I know Slendrina is a knock- off of Slenderman,but Slendrina is more terrifying! THINK ABOUT IT... Mod Creators.
Chaoz May 29 @ 1:59pm 
So...You are saying...the only thing that can kill him is, not the Sexyness Admin Gun, not the FREAKING, BLACK HOLE CREATING, CAN KILL ANYTHING WITH WIPE INFINITY GAUNTLET, but the secondary fire from a gun you get by default.....GOD HELP US
Delycan May 23 @ 10:23am 
O.o oh no
TRON May 22 @ 6:33pm 
HOLY SH!T ITS IMMUNE TO THE GAUNTLET! I REPEAT ITS IMMUNE TO THE MOTHERF#CKING INFINITY GAUNTLET!!(at least make it affected by the wipe ability, the i nfinity beam, and the timeline erasure)
TRON May 22 @ 5:30pm 
i know it's weakness besides the pulse rifle... the infinity gauntlet
jblockman_59 May 18 @ 10:21am 
besides the pulse rifle
jblockman_59 May 18 @ 10:19am 
it sucks you cant kill him with guns considering he only ever atacks unarmed peple
Joe May 7 @ 9:38am 
Hey I was just wondering if I could use this code to fix the original scp 106 mod since there is a bug of him going invisible.