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Surviving Mars

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Silva's Mods for Surviving Mars
This collection contains all my best and updated mods. I work hard to create various "game friendly" mods, essentially new buildings and sponsors. Each building has its own new 3D model and textures.I keep update my mods with every patchs. Enjoy!

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Silva - Essential files
Created by Silva
This mod contains various LUA functions, Assets and other gameplay elements to avoid conflicts and the duplicate content between my mods.

Don't forget : Before enabling any mod, make a backup of your savegame!

This mod doe...
Silva - Language Pack
Created by Silva
This is a collaborative mod to translate my mods in various languages. If you want you can help me to write the translations in your native language or make corrections.

Google sheet (no connection required)
Silva - Modular Apartment
Created by Silva
Provides living space. Build other housing modules to increase capacity.

New building : Modular Apartments
Type : Residential, Inside building
Upgrades : 3
Tech required : Modular Engineering (SILVATECH)
Base comfort : 50
Silva - Medium Air & Water Tanks
Created by Silva
This mod introduce medium size tanks for both water and oxygen.

New building : Air & Water Tanks
Type : Storages, Outside building
Tech required : No
Capacity : 400 (600 with Storage Compression)
Workers : No
Upgrades : No

Silva - Retro Cinema
Created by Silva
Broadcast old sci-fi movies to entertain your colonists. Increases lot of the service comfort and is usable by children.
Service interests : +Social, +Relaxation, +Luxury

New building : Retro Cinema
Type : Service Dome, Inside buil...
Silva - Geothermal Power Plant
Created by Silva
Geothermal Power Plant generates lot of energy and small heat area. It requires Geologists and water to work.

New building : Geothermal Power Plant
Type : Production (Electricity), Heater, Outside building
Tech required : Martian ...
Silva - Automated Extractors
Created by Silva
These automated extractors don't need workers or dome nearby but its production is reduced.

New building : Automated Metals Extractor
Type : Production (Metals), Outside building
Tech required : Automated Systems (SILVATECH)
Silva - Fuel Refinery Spire
Created by Silva
Produces lot of Fuel from Water but, make a lot of noise. The colonists dislike it.Decrease by 20 the Comfort of all Residences in the Dome.

New building : Fuel Factory Spire
Type : Production (Fuel), Spire, Inside building
Tech : ...
Silva - Panoramic Restaurant
Created by Silva
A Luxury Restaurant spire with great comfort and lot of slots for dinner.
Service interests : +Social, +Dinning, +Luxury

New building : Panoramic Restaurant
Type : Service Dome, Inside building
Workers : 5
Tech required : Low-G E...
Silva - Fueled Reactor
Created by Silva
Fueled Reactor produces electricity by burning fuel and generates heat. You can adjust the quantity of fuel to determine power of the reactor and the heat.

New building : Fueled Reactor
Type : Production (Electricity), Heater, Outsi...
Silva - Waste Rock Factories
Created by Silva
Two new buildings available when you have reasearched the Liequefaction tech : Waste Rock Extractor & Concrete Plant.
Now, you need to use the Concrete Plant to transform the Waste Rocks into Concrete. You can improve the production of waste rocks with th...
Silva - Arcology Skyline One
Created by Silva
A huge upgradable residential spire with a great capacity and good comfort.

New building : Arcology Skyline One
Type : Residential, Inside building
Upgrades : 3
Tech : Modular Engineering (SILVATECH)
Base comfort : 60
Capacity : 5...
Silva - Halloween Nightclub
Created by Silva
Add a new Service Dome building to celebrate Halloween on Mars in this Pumpkin Nightclub. And Victor Vran is here!!

New building : Halloween Nightclub
Type : Dome Service
Service Comfort : 60
Sanity : +10
Interests : Social, Drinki...
Silva - Large Universal Depot
Created by Silva
Stores 80 units of each transportable resource.

New building : Large Universal Depot
Type : Storage, Outside building
Tech : Advanced Storage (SILVATECH)
Capacity : 80 (each resource)

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Silva - Medium Apartments
Created by Silva
Provides living space for Colonists. Cramped quarters grant less Comfort during rest.

New building : Medium Apartments
Type : Residential, Inside building
Upgrades : 1
Tech required : Low-G Highrise
Base comfort : 40
Capacity : 7...
Silva - Toys Store
Created by Silva
My Xmas gift for the Surviving Mars Community, Merry Christmas.

A place to purchase various toys and gaming rooms. Consumes Polymers on each visit.
Service interests : +Gaming, +Shopping
Available for Children & Adults

Silva - Forest Greenhouse
Created by Silva
Use the photosynthesis to make oxygen. Production is down during duststorm and the night. Coldsensitive. Can works without workers. Each worker give a production bonus.

New building : Forest Greenhouse
Type : Production (Oxygen), Li...
Silva - Martian Observatory
Created by Silva
Name: Martian Observatory
Description: Scan the sky to make money or/and research points and start the Cosmos Project(event)!
Type: Research Lab, Outside
Menu: Silva - Outside buildings
Cost: 10 Concretes, 30 Metals, 10 Electronics
Consumption: 15 Ele...
Silva - Extra Large Water Tank
Created by Silva
New building : Extra Largre Water Tank (2,000 capacity). Can store a large amount of Water. Doesn't work during Cold Waves.

My first mod for Surviving Mars is back after being suspended after DaVinci update. I reworked the textures and mesh, added sound...
Silva - Cosmos Project Event
Created by Silva
Add serie of events inspired by the scifi-movie Contact. This mod adds 3 new buildings : Martian Observatory, Wormhole Device and Geareactor and 2 new Breakthroughs.
Cosmos Project,is a serie of events and start when you build the first Martian Observator...
Silva - GeoReactor
Created by Silva

Add new unique (wonder) building : GeoReactor produces a large amount of electricity. Normally this building is used and unlocked in the Comos Project Event mod. But you can play without event.

Name: Geaoreactor
Silva - Hall of Fame
Created by Silva
Pay tribute to space pioneers or great scientists (and fictional characters). Your colonists have one chance to get +10 moral for 2 Sols for each visit in the building. More rarely, he can get Great Motivation (+20 moral).

New buildi...
Silva - Advanced Fuel Refinery
Created by Silva
New building : The Advanced Fuel Refinery produces more fuel with less water than generic refinery.

Production : 20 fuel per Sol
Water consumption : 1.5
Electricity consumption : 10
Maintenance : 2 Machine Parts
Cost : 6 concrete...
Silva - Orion Heavy Rocket
Created by Silva
The Orion Rocket it's a heavy rocket and can be exported lot of Rare metals but uses more fuel and the travels take more time. This rocket can only be built on Mars after researching the Advanced Rocketry tech.

Cost : 180 Metals, 20 ...
Silva - Mega Apartment
Created by Silva
New residential spire. Provides living space for numerous Colonists, granting high Comfort.

Mega Apartment vs. Arcology Skyline
I would like create a variant of Skyline (my other mod). Because I prefer to create new buildings with the vanilla gameplay ...
Silva - Automated Factories
Created by Silva
Add 3 new automated factories to produce Polymers, Machine Parts and Electronics. Don't require workers or dome nearby but its production is reduced.

Automated Polymer Factory
Tech required : Automated Systems (SILVATECH)
Silva - Super Computer
Created by Silva
This building gives some bonus for all buildings in its radius (24 hexes).

Tech: Quantum Computing (SILVATECH)
Cost: 4 Concretes, 10 Metals, 10 Electronics
Maintenance: 2 Electronics
Workers: 9 Engineers (3 per shift)

- Decreases...
Silva - Agridome
Created by Silva
This small dome is specialized to produce a large amount of foods, it works like a farm you can chose the crops. There are four fields and one water reclamation system (-20% water consumption).

Type : Production (Food & Oxygen), Life...
Silva - Dome Kit Assets
Created by Silva
New dependency used by some of my mods and contains various textured/animated assets (ONLY) and scripts to create domes.
If you are a modder you can re-use these assets. I separated this dependency with my main (Essential files) for various reasons becaus...
Silva - Aquarium
Created by Silva
Fish on Mars! This Aquarium is a Dome Service building to offer Relaxation, Social and 60 service comfort for your young and adult colonists.

- Cost : 4 concretes 2 polymers
- Visistors by shift : 5
- Power : 1
- Maintenance : 1 Polymer
- No worker...
Silva - Passage Hub
Created by Silva
This passage hub can connect 6 domes or other hubs. Your colonists can use the hubs for emigration, service, work and join the training building.(More details below)

- Cost: 20 concretes, 10 metals
- Consumption: 3 power, 0.3 water, 0.3 oxygen
- Maint...
Silva - T-Rex Pet
Created by Silva
Add new pet, the T-Rex! Available in 9 variants (3 different sizes and 3 different colors for each size).

Created for the modding contest by Paradox Interactive.
-= Vote for me! =-

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Silva - Martian Policy
Created by Silva
New feature to manage your colony with the policies you can boost your economy, production, research... with various effect. Build the new type of building "Administrative Building" to generate "Administration Points (AP)".
For the moment there are few po...
Silva - Wastewater
Created by Silva
New feature to manage the Wastewater in your colony. Place one collector inside of your Domes to collect the Wastewater and build your first Recycler to clear the wastewater into fresh water! This is an useful feature to increase water conservation.

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Lord Dogmann 2 hours ago 
I just can't go back to vanilla anymore.
daniel 15 hours ago 
you have great mods silvva
G.naTonic Oct 18 @ 8:20pm 
You are really talented! Thank you for sharing your talent with the community!
Meat and Cheese Oct 18 @ 2:31pm 
I havent even played the game yet and ended up downloading all your mods ! :steamhappy::lunar2019piginablanket:
dirkudesu Oct 8 @ 9:57am 
Thanks so much! You make the game even more enjoyable.
Eclipse_uk Oct 7 @ 12:12pm 
Thanks for the time and effort for making these epic mods.:steamhappy:
Talys Oct 2 @ 9:55pm 
Silva, your SM Mods are EPIC!
mankol Oct 2 @ 4:23am 
Thank you. Can you add some more Meteor Defense Towers, something cheaper like autocannon tower, to help defend the colony at the beginning?
Ghost Fox Sep 30 @ 3:34pm 
Check the "Waste Rock Factories" mod.
byte me Sep 18 @ 12:56am 
@Silva. A few months? That's cool. I know how to be patient. I just have one tiny request. Could you hurry up and release it in a few hours, a few days at the most? It's not that I'm impatient. It's more that I want it NOW! A reasonable request. I'm certain you agree. Yes. Certain. Remember, I'm more than willing to have you work around the clock if necessary. It's really no problem for me. Yes. Really. =P