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Batman vs Superman Fight For Flight
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Batman vs Superman Fight For Flight

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Axm's Coaster and Ride Build Collection
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Welcome to Gotham Park, a complete themed amusement attraction center surrounded by Snake River complete with three thrill rides, a scenic railroad, and plenty of drink and food shops along with a food court area for guests needing a place to rest. Batman and Superman are back to take flight as they play cat and mouse through a layout full of traps racing side by side towards the finish in the ultimate friendly superhero duel in 'Fight For Flight'.

The Rides
Batman Flight - type: Invert 4 seat Rival, prestige 1289, synced coaster, 6 trigger points, 17 items , stats: duration-175.4, lenght-4605 ft., inversions-11, airtime-1, E-6.74, F-5.00, N-3.03
Superman Flys - type: flying Stingray, prestige 1289, synced coaster, 11 trigger points, 25 items, stats: duration-110.2, lenght-4884 ft, inversions-9, airtime-2, E-6.53, F-4.99, N-2.44
Riddlers Laser Tag - 45 triggered items
Harley Quinn Scenic Railroad - 3 trigger points, 36 items

Batman Station Coaster Backdrop Logo Created by Robino

The Park
Shops include Chief Beef, Hot Dog Squad (loacted at center food court), various Vending Machines, Staff Room, and many Restrooms all loacted at various points around the Park. Park has mutiple speakers using Adventure Game Music. There are green path risers that are used for path guides and path height placement. Just start any path at any food or drink shop that is loacted on a riser and follow the riser guide.

Custom Music, Images, & Videos
To get the full effect of the POV ride and the attraction as it was intended, you will need the files listed below. Both coasters have their own ride theme music that fades & syncs with the station music when leaving and entering station. The music files are mp3 format. The video files are webm format.

Ride Logo[]
Batman Poster[]
Batman Flight Que[]
Superman Poster[]
Superman Flys Que[]
Superman Flys Que Video Screen[]
Batcave Video Screen One[]
Batcave Video Screen Two[]

Station Que Music[]
Batman Flight RTM[]
Superman Flys RTM[]

Disclaimer:These sound files have been created for private home personal use in the game of Planet Coaster. Any other misuse, including commercial use, of this audio material is strictly prohibited.

Music Credits

Superman Flys Ride Theme Music
Superman March (newly recorded previouly unreleased) - Superman The Movie OMPS-SE - John Williams
Decent into Mystery - Batman OMPS - Danny Elfman

Batman Flight Ride Theme Music
Superman March - Superman The Movie OMPS-SE - John Williams
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me - Batman Forever Music from the MP - U2

Station Music
Superman March - Superman The Movie OMPS-SE - John Williams
Decent into Mystery - Batman OMPS - Danny Elfman
A Batman Overture - Batman & Robin OMPS - Elliott Goldenthal
Batman v Superman DOJ - Official Movie Trailer Music - L'Orchestre d'Academie
Their War Here - BvS DOJ OMPS - Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL
A Watchful Guardian - Batman Begins OMPS - Hans Zimmer
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Axm  [author] Jul 17, 2018 @ 2:16pm 
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spiralguy Jul 17, 2018 @ 7:54am 
This looks like fun ma friend :)