Gothic II: Gold Classic

Gothic II: Gold Classic

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Console Commands Guide
By Gaby and 2 collaborators
Hello I made this guide for those who just want to have some fun in Gothic 2! Hope you enjoyed my guide :D
How To Activate Cheat Mode
To activate the cheat mode you have to press the B key and type MARVIN then press B again, Now you have activated MARVIN-MODE
To activate the game console, you must press F2
To insert an object type insert(this applyes for NPCs too)
e.g insert ItMw_1H_Sword_01

Here i will leave all objects codes in different sections because they are a lot :D

Governor’s Double ITAR_Governor
Judge’s Robe ITAR_Judge
Smith’s Clothing ITAR_Smith
Landlord’s Clothing ITAR_Barkeeper
Citizen’s Clothing ITAR_Vlk_L
Citizen’s Clothing ITAR_Vlk_M
Citizen’s Clothing ITAR_Vlk_H
Citizen’s Clothing 1 ITAR_VlkBabe_L
Citizen’s Clothing 2 ITAR_VlkBabe_M
Citizen’s Clothing 3 ITAR_VlkBabe_H
Light Militia Armor ITAR_Mil_L
Heavy Militia Armor ItAr_MIL_M
Knight’s Armor ItAr_PAL_M
Paladin’s Armor ItAr_PAl_H
Farmer’s Clothing 1 ITAR_Bau_L
Farmer’s Clothing 2 ITAR_Bau_M
Farmer’s Dress 1 ITAR_BauBabe_L
Farmer’s Dress 2 ITAR_BauBabe_M
Light Mercenary Armor ItAr_Sld_L
Medium Mercenary Armor itar_sld_M
Heavy Mercenary Armor ItAr_Sld_H
Crawler Plate Armo ITAR_DJG_Crawler
Light Dragon Hunter’s Armor ITAR_DJG_L
Medium Dragon Hunter’s Armor ITAR_DJG_M
Heavy Dragon Hunter’s Armor ITAR_DJG_H
Female Dragon Hunter’s Armor ITAR_DJG_Babe
Novice’s Robe ItAr_NOV_L
Fire Mage’s Robe ItAr_KDF_L
Heavy Fire Robe ItAr_KDF_H
Leather Armor ITAR_Leather_L
Medium Bandit’s Armor ItAr_BDT_M
Heavy Bandit’s Armor ItAr_BDT_H
Robe of the Dark Arts ITAR_Xardas
Lester’s Robe ITAR_Lester
Diego’s Armor ITAR_Diego
Cor Angar’s Armor ITAR_CorAngar
Dark Cloak ITAR_Dementor
Water Mage’s Robe ITAR_KDW_H
Convict’s Clothing ITAR_Prisoner
Pirate clothes ITAR_PIR_L_Addon
Pirate armor ITAR_PIR_M_Addon
Captain’s clothes ITAR_PIR_H_Addon
Armor for Raven’s guard ITAR_Thorus_Addon
Raven’s armor ITAR_Raven_Addon
Ore baron armor ITAR_OreBaron_Addon
Armor of the ‘Ring of Water’ ITAR_RANGER_Addon
Broken armor ITAR_Fake_RANGER
Light CoW ITAR_KDW_L_Addon
Bloodwyn’s armor ITAR_Bloodwyn_Addon
Old armor ITAR_MayaZombie_Addon
Magic armor ItAr_FireArmor_Addon
Leather belt ItBE_Addon_Leather_01
Mercenary’s belt ItBE_Addon_SLD_01
Sash of preparedness ItBE_Addon_NOV_01
Militia belt ItBE_Addon_MIL_01
Sash of Fire ItBE_Addon_KDF_01
Minecrawler belt ItBE_Addon_MC
Belt of Force ItBe_Addon_STR_5
Belt of Strength ItBe_Addon_STR_10
Belt of Skill ItBe_Addon_DEX_5
Belt of Dexterity ItBe_Addon_DEX_10
Belt of Protection ItBe_Addon_Prot_EDGE
Belt of Defense ItBe_Addon_Prot_Point
Belt of Magic Defense ItBe_Addon_Prot_MAGIC
Belt of the Firewalker ItBe_Addon_Prot_FIRE
Belt of Protection ItBe_Addon_Prot_EdgPoi
Protector’s belt ItBe_Addon_Prot_TOTAL
Amulets and Rings
Amulet of Fire ItAm_Prot_Fire_01
Harness Amulet ItAm_Prot_Edge_01
Amulet of Oak Skin ItAm_Prot_Point_01
Amulet of Spiritual Power ItAm_Prot_Mage_01
Amulet of Ore Skin ItAm_Prot_Total_01
Amulet of Agility ItAm_Dex_01
Amulet of Strength ItAm_Strg_01
Amulet of Life ItAm_Hp_01
Amulet of Magic ItAm_Mana_01
Amulet of Power ItAm_Dex_Strg_01
Amulet of Enlightenment ItAm_Hp_Mana_01
Franco’s amulet ItAm_Addon_Franco
Amulet of the healer ItAm_Addon_Health
Amulet of the priests ItAm_Addon_MANA
Amulet of the warriors ItAm_Addon_STR

Flame Protection Ring ItRi_Prot_Fire_01
Fire Ring ItRi_Prot_Fire_02
Ring of Wooden Skin ItRi_Prot_Point_01
Ring of Stone Skin ItRi_Prot_Point_02
Ring of Iron Skin ItRi_Prot_Edge_01
Ring of Ore Skin ItRi_Prot_Edge_02
Ring of Spirit ItRi_Prot_Mage_01
Ring of Defense ItRi_Prot_Mage_02
Ring of Inconquerability ItRi_Prot_Total_01
Ring of Invincibility ItRi_Prot_Total_02
Ring of Skill ItRi_Dex_01
Ring of Dexterity ItRi_Dex_02
Ring of Life ItRi_HP_01
Ring of Liveliness ItRi_Hp_02
Ring of Force ItRi_Str_01
Ring of Strength ItRi_Str_02
Ring of Magic ItRi_Mana_01
Ring of Astral Power ItRi_Mana_02
Ring of Enlightenment ItRi_Hp_Mana_01
Ring of Power ItRi_Dex_Strg_01
Ring of the healers ItRi_Addon_Health_01
Ring of the healers ItRi_Addon_Health_02
Ring of the priests ItRi_Addon_MANA_01
Ring of the priests ItRi_Addon_MANA_02
Ring of the warriors ItRi_Addon_STR_01
Ring of the warriors ItRi_Addon_STR_02
Tengron’s Ring ItRi_Tengron
Constantino’s Ring ItRi_Prot_Point_01_MIS
Guild ring ItRi_Addon_BanditTrader
Dagger ItMw_1h_Vlk_Dagger
Poker ItMw_1H_Mace_L_01
Sickle ItMw_1h_Bau_Axe
Walking Stick ItMw_1h_Vlk_Mace
Cudgel ItMw_1H_Mace_L_03
Heavy Branch ItMw_1h_Bau_Mace
Axe ItMw_1h_Vlk_Axe
Smith’s Hammer ItMw_1H_Mace_L_04
Militia Short Sword ItMw_ShortSword1
Spiked Club ItMw_Nagelknueppel
Wolf balde ItMw_1H_Sword_L_03
Rough Short Sword ItMw_ShortSword2
Small Scythe ItMw_Sense
Sword ItMw_1h_Vlk_Sword
Fighting Pike ItMw_1h_Nov_Mace
Woodcutter’s Axe ItMw_2h_Bau_Axe
Pick-axe ItMw_2H_Axe_L_01
Rusty Sword ItMw_1h_MISC_Sword
Rusty Axe ItMw_1h_Misc_Axe
Rusty Two-Hander ItMw_2H_Sword_M_01
Rough Broadsword ItMw_1h_Mil_Sword
Rough Hatchet ItMw_1h_Sld_Axe
Rough Sword ItMw_1h_Sld_Sword
Rough War Axe ItMw_2h_Sld_Axe
Rough Two-Hander ItMw_2h_Sld_Sword
Paladin’s Sword ItMw_1h_Pal_Sword
Paladin’s Two-Hander ItMw_2h_Pal_Sword
Light Orc Axe ItMw_2H_OrcAxe_01
Medium Orc Axe ItMw_2H_OrcAxe_02
Heavy Orc Axe ItMw_2H_OrcAxe_03
Brutal Orc Axe ItMw_2H_OrcAxe_04
Lizard Sword ItMw_2H_OrcSword_01
Orcish War Sword ItMw_2H_OrcSword_02
Short Sword ItMw_ShortSword3
Spiked Cudgel ItMw_Nagelkeule
Wolf’s Tooth ItMw_ShortSword4
War Cudgel ItMw_Kriegskeule
Judge’s Staff ItMw_Richtstab
Fine Short Sword ItMw_ShortSword5
War Hammer ItMw_Kriegshammer1
Halberd ItMw_Hellebarde
Heavy Spiked Cudgel ItMw_Nagelkeule2
Ship Axe ItMw_Schiffsaxt
Pirate’s Cutlass ItMw_Piratensaebel
Rough Longsword ItMw_Schwert
Staff Mace ItMw_1H_Common_01
Staff Mace ItMw_Stabkeule
Light Two-Hander ItMw_Zweihaender1
Stonebreaker ItMw_Steinbrecher
Skullsplitter ItMw_Spicker
Light Battleaxe ItMw_Streitaxt1
Fine Sword ItMw_Schwert1
Longsword ItMw_Schwert2
Double-Bladed Axe ItMw_Doppelaxt
Beard Axe ItMw_Bartaxt
Mace and Chain ItMw_Morgenstern
Rough Bastard Sword ItMw_Schwert3
Fine Longsword ItMw_Schwert4
Rapier ItMw_1H_Special_01
Rapier ItMw_2H_Special_01
Rapier ItMw_Rapier
Ruby Blade ItMw_Rubinklinge
Mace ItMw_Streitkolben
Two-Hander ItMw_Zweihaender2
Rune Sword ItMw_Runenschwert
Raven’s Beak ItMw_Rabenschnabel
Fine Bastard Sword ItMw_Schwert5
Inquisitor ItMw_Inquisitor
Battleaxe ItMw_Streitaxt2
Rune Power ItMw_Zweihaender3
El Bastardo ItMw_1H_Special_02
El Bastardo ItMw_2H_Special_02
El Bastardo ItMw_ElBastardo
Heavy War Hammer ItMw_Kriegshammer2
Master Sword ItMw_Meisterdegen
Torturer’s Axe ItMw_Folteraxt
Orc Slayer ItMw_Orkschlaechter
Heavy Two-Hander ItMw_Zweihaender4
War Axe ItMw_Schlachtaxt
Cutlass ItMw_Krummschwert
Barbarian Battleaxe ItMw_Barbarenstreitaxt
Stormbringer ItMw_Sturmbringer
Berserker’s Axe ItMw_1H_Special_03
Berserker’s Axe ItMw_2H_Special_03
Berserker’s Axe ItMw_Berserkeraxt
Dragon Slicer ItMw_Drachenschneide
Rough Ore Blade ItMw_1H_Special_04
Rough Ore Blade ItMw_2H_Special_04
Rough Ore Blade ItMw_1H_Blessed_01
Blessed Ore Blade ItMw_1H_Blessed_02
Wrath of Innos ItMw_1H_Blessed_03
Rough Ore Blade ItMw_2H_Blessed_01
Sword of the Order ItMw_2H_Blessed_02
Holy Executioner ItMw_2H_Blessed_03
Wolf Knife ItMW_Addon_Knife01
Magician’s wand ItMW_Addon_Stab01
Magic wand ItMW_Addon_Stab02
Wand of Water ItMW_Addon_Stab03
Ulthar’s wand ItMW_Addon_Stab04
Typhoon ItMW_Addon_Stab05
Machete ItMW_Addon_Hacker_1h_01
Old machete ItMW_Addon_Hacker_1h_02
Giant machete ItMW_Addon_Hacker_2h_01
Old giant machete ItMW_Addon_Hacker_2h_02
Wind cudgel ItMW_Addon_Keule_1h_01
Storm cudgel ItMW_Addon_Keule_2h_01
Good dagger ItMw_FrancisDagger_Mis
Ring of Water’ Quarterstaff ItMw_RangerStaff_Addon
Plank breaker ItMw_Addon_PIR2hAxe
Cutlass ItMw_Addon_PIR2hSword
Boarding pike ItMw_Addon_PIR1hAxe
Boarding knife ItMw_Addon_PIR1hSword
Bandits’ rapier ItMw_Addon_BanditTrader
Betty ItMw_Addon_Betty
Beliar Claw ItMw_BeliarWeapon_Raven
Bows and Crossbows
Arrow ItRw_Arrow
Bolt ItRw_Bolt
Crossbow ItRw_Mil_Crossbow
Bow ItRw_Sld_Bow
Shortbow ItRw_Bow_L_01
Willow Bow ItRw_Bow_L_02
Hunting Bow ItRw_Bow_L_03
Elm Bow ItRw_Bow_L_04
Composite Bow ItRw_Bow_M_01
Ash Bow ItRw_Bow_M_02
Longbow ItRw_Bow_M_03
Beech Bow ItRw_Bow_M_04
Bone Bow ItRw_Bow_H_01
Oak Bow ItRw_Bow_H_02
War Bow ItRw_Bow_H_03
Dragon Bow ItRw_Bow_H_04
Hunting Crossbow ItRw_Crossbow_L_01
Light Crossbow ItRw_Crossbow_L_02
Crossbow ItRw_Crossbow_M_01
War Crossbow ItRw_Crossbow_M_02
Heavy Crossbow ItRw_Crossbow_H_01
Dragon Hunter’s Crossbow ItRw_Crossbow_H_02
Magic arrow ItRw_Addon_MagicArrow
Fire Arrow ItRw_Addon_FireArrow
Magic bow ItRw_Addon_MagicBow
Firebow ItRw_Addon_FireBow
Magic quarrel ItRw_Addon_MagicBolt
Magic crossbow ItRw_Addon_MagicCrossbow
Bosper's bow ITRW_BOW_L_03_MIS
Mana Essence ItPo_Mana_01
Mana Extract ItPo_Mana_02
Mana Elixir ItPo_Mana_03
Essence of Healing ItPo_Health_01
Extract of Healing ItPo_Health_02
Elixir of Healing ItPo_Health_03
Elixir of Strength ItPo_Perm_STR
Elixir of Dexterity ItPo_Perm_DEX
Elixir of Life ItPo_Perm_Health
Elixir of Spirit ItPo_Perm_Mana
Speed Potion ItPo_Speed
Embarla Firgasto ItPo_MegaDrink
Potion of mental alteration ItPo_Addon_Geist_01
Potion of mental alteration ItPo_Addon_Geist_02
Pure life energy ItPo_Health_Addon_04
Pure mana ItPo_Mana_Addon_04
Holy Light ItRu_PalLight
Small Healing ItRu_PalLightHeal
Medium Healing ItRu_PalMediumHeal
Large Healing ItRu_PalFullHeal
Holy Arrow ItRu_PalHolyBolt
Banish Evil ItRu_PalRepelEvil
Destroy Evil ItRu_PalDestroyEvil
Teleport to secret room ItRu_PalTeleportSecret
Teleport to Harbor City ItRu_TeleportSeaport
Teleport to Monastery ItRu_TeleportMonastery
Teleport to Onar farms ItRu_TeleportFarm
Teleport to Xardas ItRu_TeleportXardas
Teleport to Pass of Khorinis ItRu_TeleportPassNW
Teleport to Valley of Mines Pass ItRu_TeleportPassOW
Teleport to Castle ItRu_TeleportOC
Teleport to Ancient Demon Tower ItRu_TeleportOWDemonTower
Teleport to Tavern ItRu_TeleportTaverne
Light ItRu_Light
Fire Arrow ItRu_FireBolt
Heal Light Wounds ItRu_LightHeal
Create Goblin Skeleton ItRu_SumGobSkel
Fireball ItRu_InstantFireball
Ice Arrow ItRu_Icebolt
Summon Wolf ItRu_SumWolf
Wind Fist ItRu_Windfist
Sleep ItRu_Sleep
Heal Medium Wounds ItRu_MediumHeal
Lightning ItRu_LightningFlash
Large Fireball ItRu_ChargeFireball
Summon Skeleton ItRu_SumSkel
Fear ItRu_Fear
Ice Block ItRu_IceCube
Thunder Ball ItRu_ThunderBall
Awaken Golem ItRu_SumGol
Destroy Undead ItRu_HarmUndead
Large Fire Storm ItRu_Pyrokinesis
Fire Storm ItRu_Firestorm
Ice Wave ItRu_IceWave
Summon Demon ItRu_SumDemon
Full Healing ItRu_FullHeal
Fire Rain ItRu_Firerain
Breath Of Death ItRu_BreathOfDeath
Wave of Death ItRu_MassDeath
Holy Missile ItRu_MasterOfDisaster
Army of Darkness ItRu_ArmyOfDarkness
Shrink Monster ItRu_Shrink
Deathbolt ItRu_Deathbolt
Deathball ItRu_Deathball
Concussionbolt ItRu_Concussionbolt
Storm ItRu_Thunderstorm
Dust Devil ItRu_Whirlwind
Geyser ItRu_Geyser
Waterfist ItRu_Waterfist
Ice Lance ItRu_Icelance
Beliar’s Wrath ItRu_BeliarsRage
Steal energy ItRu_SuckEnergy
Root Snare ItRu_GreenTentacle
Insect Swarm ItRu_Swarm
Cry of the Dead ItRu_Skull
Create Zombie ItRu_SummonZombie
Create Guardian ItRu_SummonGuardian
Holy Light ItSc_PalLight
Small Healing ItSc_PalLightHeal
Holy Arrow ItSc_PalHolyBolt
Medium Healing ItSc_PalMediumHeal
Banish Evil ItSc_PalRepelEvil
Large Healing ItSc_PalFullHeal
Destroy Evil ItSc_PalDestroyEvil
Light ItSc_Light
Fire Arrow ItSc_Firebolt
Ice Arrow ItSc_Icebolt
Heal Light Wounds ItSc_LightHeal
Create Goblin Skeleton ItSc_SumGobSkel
Fireball ItSc_InstantFireball
Small Lightning ItSc_Zap
Summon Wolf ItSc_SumWolf
Wind Fist ItSc_Windfist
Sleep ItSc_Sleep
Oblivion ItSc_Charm
Heal Medium Wounds ItSc_MediumHeal
Lightning ItSc_LightningFlash
Large Fireball ItSc_ChargeFireBall
Create Skeleton ItSc_SumSkel
Fear ItSc_Fear
Ice Block ItSc_IceCube
Awaken Golem ItSc_SumGol
Destroy Undead ItSc_HarmUndead
Large Fire Storm ItSc_Pyrokinesis
Small Fire Storm ItSc_Firestorm
Ice Wave ItSc_IceWave
Summon Demon ItSc_SumDemon
Heal Heavy Wounds ItSc_FullHeal
Fire Rain ItSc_Firerain
Breath of Death ItSc_BreathOfDeath
Wave of Death ItSc_MassDeath
Army of Darkness ItSc_ArmyOfDarkness
Shrink Monster ItSc_Shrink
Transform into Sheep ItSc_TrfSheep
Transform into Scavenger ItSc_TrfScavenger
Transform into Giant Rat ItSc_TrfGiantRat
Transform into Field Raider ItSc_TrfGiantBug
Transform into Wolf ItSc_TrfWolf
Transform into Lizard ItSc_TrfWaran
Transform into Snapper ItSc_TrfSnapper
Transform into Warg ItSc_TrfWarg
Transform into Fire Lizard ItSc_TrfFireWaran
Transform into Lurker ItSc_TrfLurker
Transform into Shadowbeast ItSc_TrfShadowbeast
Transform into Dragon Snapper ItSc_TrfDragonSnapper
Apple ItFo_Apple
Cheese ItFo_Cheese
Ham ItFo_Bacon
Bread ItFo_Bread
Fish ItFo_Fish
Raw Meat ItFoMuttonRaw
Fried Meat ItFoMutton
Stew ItFo_Stew
Thekla’s Stew ItFo_XPStew
Beer ItFo_CoragonsBeer
Fish Soup ItFo_FishSoup
Sausage ItFo_Sausage
Honey ItFo_Honey
Water ItFo_Water
Beer ItFo_Beer
Gin ItFo_Booze
Wine ItFo_Wine
Milk ItFo_Milk
Clam meat ItFo_Addon_Shellflesh
White Rum ItFo_Addon_Rum
Genuine seaman’s grog ItFo_Addon_Grog
Lou’s Hammer ItFo_Addon_LousHammer
Double Hammer ItFo_Addon_SchlafHammer
Looks dangerous! ItFo_Addon_SchnellerHering
Red tear-pepper ItFo_Addon_Pfeffer_01
Fire strips ItFo_Addon_FireStew
Steaming meat stew ItFo_Addon_Meatsoup
Weeds ItPl_Weed
Turnip ItPl_Beet
Swampweed ItPl_SwampHerb
Fire Nettle ItPl_Mana_Herb_01
Fireweed ItPl_Mana_Herb_02
Fire Root ItPl_Mana_Herb_03
Healing Plant ItPl_Health_Herb_01
Healing Herb ItPl_Health_Herb_02
Healing Root ItPl_Health_Herb_03
Goblin Berries ItPl_Dex_Herb_01
Dragonroot ItPl_Strength_Herb_01
Snapperweed ItPl_Speed_Herb_01
Dark Mushroom ItPl_Mushroom_01
Digger Meat ItPl_Mushroom_02
Blue Elder ItPl_Blueplant
Woodland Berry ItPl_Forestberry
Meadow Berry ItPl_Planeberry
Meadow Knotweed ItPl_Temp_Herb
King’s Sorrel ItPl_Perm_Herb
The green novice ITWr_Addon_Joint_01
Weed Masher ItMi_Stomper
Rune ItMi_RuneBlank
Mandible ItMi_Pliers
Lab Water Bottle ItMi_Flask
Hammer ItMi_Hammer
Spoon ItMi_Scoop
Pan ItMi_Pan
Pan ItMi_PanFull
Saw ItMi_Saw
Raw Steel ItMiSwordraw
Red Hot Steel ItMiSwordrawhot
Red Hot Blade ItMiSwordbladehot
Blade ItMiSwordblade
Broom ItMi_Broom
Lute ItMi_Lute
Brush ItMi_Brush
A stalk of swampweed ItMi_Joint
Packet ItMi_Packet
Leather Satchel ItMi_Pocket
Lump of Ore ItMi_Nugget
Gold ItMi_Gold
Old Coin ItMi_OldCoin
Gold Candlestick ItMi_GoldCandleHolder
Gold Necklace ItMi_GoldNecklace
Silver Ring ItMi_SilverRing
Silver Chalice ItMi_SilverCup
Silver Plate ItMi_SilverPlate
Gold Plate ItMi_GoldPlate
Gold Chalice ItMi_GoldCup
Blood Chalice ItMi_BloodCup_MIS
Gold Ring ItMi_GoldRing
Silver Dish ItMi_SilverChalice
Jewel Casket ItMi_JeweleryChest
Gold Dish ItMi_GoldChalice
Casket ItMi_GoldChest
Statue of Innos ItMi_InnosStatue
Sextant ItMi_Sextant
Silver Candlestick ItMi_SilverCandleHolder
Silver Necklace ItMi_SilverNecklace
Sulfur ItMi_Sulfur
Glacier Quartz ItMi_Quartz
Pitch ItMi_Pitch
Rock Crystal ItMi_Rockcrystal
Aquamarine ItMi_Aquamarine
Holy Water ItMi_HolyWater
Coal ItMi_Coal
Black Pearl ItMi_DarkPearl
Apple tobacco ItMi_ApfelTabak
Mushroom tobacco ItMi_PilzTabak
Double Apple ItMi_DoppelTabak
Honey Tobacco ItMi_Honigtabak
Herb tobacco ItMi_SumpfTabak
Gold nugget ItMi_GoldNugget_Addon
Pearl ItMi_Addon_WhitePearl
Green Novice ItMi_Addon_Joint_01
Baltram’s Shipment ItMi_BaltramPaket
Package for Skip ItMi_Packet_Baltram4Skip_Addon
Bromor’s golden bowl ItMi_BromorsGeld_Addon
Jingling package ItMi_Addon_Lennar_Paket
Black ore ItMi_Zeitspalt_Addon
Gaper clam ItMi_Addon_Shell_01
Spiny clam ItMi_Addon_Shell_02
Ball-shaped Fish ItSe_ErzFisch
Heavy Fish ItSe_GoldFisch
Small Fish ItSe_Ringfisch
Light Fish ItSe_LockpickFisch
A leather bag ItSe_GoldPocket25
Cavalorn’s leather bag ItSe_ADDON_CavalornsBeutel
A leather bag ItSe_GoldPocket50
A leather bag ItSe_GoldPocket100
A leather bag ItSe_HannasBeutel
Torch ItLsTorch
Burning Torch ItLsTorchburning
Torch ItLsTorchburned
Torch ItLsTorchFirespit
Bloodwyn`s Head ItAt_Addon_BCKopf
Bug Meat ItAt_Meatbugflesh
Sheep Skin ItAt_SheepFur
Wolf Skin ItAt_WolfFur
Field Raider Mandibles ItAt_BugMandibles
Claws ItAt_Claw
Lurker Claw ItAt_LurkerClaw
Teeth ItAt_Teeth
Minecrawler Mandibles ItAt_CrawlerMandibles
Wings ItAt_Wing
Stinger ItAt_Sting
Reptile skin itat_LurkerSkin
Warg Skin ItAt_WargFur
Boarskin ItAt_Addon_KeilerFur
Horn of a Dragon Snapper ItAt_DrgSnapperHorn
Minecrawler Plates ItAt_CrawlerPlate
Hide of a Shadowbeast ItAt_ShadowFur
Skin of a Swampshark ItAt_SharkSkin
Troll Hide ItAt_TrollFur
Hide of a Black Troll ItAt_TrollBlackFur
Tongue of Fire ItAt_WaranFiretongue
Horn of a Shadowbeast ItAt_ShadowHorn
Teeth of a Swampshark ItAt_SharkTeeth
Troll Tusk ItAt_TrollTooth
Heart of a Stone Golem ItAt_StoneGolemHeart
Heart of a Fire Golem ItAt_FireGolemHeart
Heart of an Ice Golem ItAt_IceGolemHeart
Goblin’s Bone ItAt_GoblinBone
Skeleton’s Bone ItAt_SkeletonBone
Heart of a Demon ItAt_DemonHeart
Undead Dragon’s Soul Stone ItAt_UndeadDragonSoulStone
Heart of an Ice Dragon ItAt_IcedragonHeart
Heart of a Rock Dragon ItAt_RockdragonHeart
Heart of a Swamp Dragon ItAt_SwampdragonHeart
Heart of a Fire Dragon ItAt_FiredragonHeart
Dragon Blood ItAt_DragonBlood
Dragon Scales ItAt_DragonScale
Land Map of Jharkendar ItWr_Map_AddonWorld
Land Map of Khorinis ItWr_Map_NewWorld
Land Map of Khorinis Dexter ItWr_Map_NewWorld_Dexter
Map of Caves in Khorinis ItWr_Map_Caves_MIS
Map of the Holy Shrines ItWr_Map_Shrine_MIS
City Map of Khorinis ItWr_Map_NewWorld_City
Orcish War Map ItWr_Map_Orcelite_MIS
Map of the Valley of Mines ItWr_Map_OldWorld
Garond’s Mine Map ItWr_Map_OldWorld_Oremines_MIS
A very old map ItWr_ShatteredGolem_MIS
Treasure map ItWR_Addon_TreasureMap
Nefarius’ map ItWr_Map_NewWorld_Ornaments_Addon
Sea Chart to Isle of Irdorath ItWr_Seamap_Irdorath
Art of Fighting ItWr_EinhandBuch
Fighting Tactics ItWr_ZweihandBuch
The Divine Power of the Stars ItWr_Astronomy_Mis
Book of Knowledge ItWr_Addon_BookXP250
Book of Knowledge ItWr_Addon_BookXP500
Book of Knowledge ItWr_Addon_BookXP1000
Addon book1 ItWr_Addon_BookLP2
Addon book2 ItWr_Addon_BookLP3
Addon book3 ItWr_Addon_BookLP5
Addon book4 ItWr_Addon_BookLP8
Runebook of the Water Mages ITWR_Addon_Runemaking_KDW_CIRC1
Runebook of the Water Mages2 ITWR_Addon_Runemaking_KDW_CIRC2
Runebook of the Water Mages3 ITWR_Addon_Runemaking_KDW_CIRC3
Runebook of the Water Mages4 ITWR_Addon_Runemaking_KDW_CIRC4
Runebook of the Water Mages5 ITWR_Addon_Runemaking_KDW_CIRC5
Runebook of the Water Mages6 ITWR_Addon_Runemaking_KDW_CIRC6
Runebook of the Fire Magicians ITWR_Addon_Runemaking_KDF_CIRC1
Runebook of the Fire Magicians2 ITWR_Addon_Runemaking_KDF_CIRC2
Runebook of the Fire Magicians3 ITWR_Addon_Runemaking_KDF_CIRC3
Runebook of the Fire Magicians4 ITWR_Addon_Runemaking_KDF_CIRC4
Runebook of the Fire Magicians5 ITWR_Addon_Runemaking_KDF_CIRC5
Runebook of the Fire Magicians6 ITWR_Addon_Runemaking_KDF_CIRC6
Letter StandardBrief
StandardBook StandardBuch
Xardas’ Letter ItWr_XardasLetterToOpenBook_MIS
The Halls of Irdorath ItWr_HallsofIrdorath_Mis
The Halls of Irdorath ItWr_HallsofIrdorath_Open_Mis
Dusty Book ItWr_XardasSeamapBook_Mis
Crumpled Letter ItWr_UseLampIdiot_Mis
Ship Bill ITWr_ForgedShipLetter_MIS
Xardas’ Warning Letter ItWr_XardasErmahnungFuerIdioten_MIS
Old letter ItWr_Krypta_Garon
Black Magician’s Scroll ItWr_LastDoorToUndeadDrgDI_MIS
Recipe ItWr_Rezept_MegaDrink_MIS
Diary ItWr_Diary_BlackNovice_MIS
Old letter ItWr_ZugBruecke_MIS
Sealed Message ItWr_SaturasFirstMessage_Addon_Sealed
Opened message ItWr_SaturasFirstMessage_Addon
Martin’s letter of recommendation ItWr_Martin_MilizEmpfehlung_Addon
Orders ItWr_RavensKidnapperMission_Addon
Vatras’ letter of recommendation ItWr_Vatras_KDFEmpfehlung_Addon
Lucia’s farewell letter ItWr_LuciasLoveLetter_Addon
Delivery ItWr_Addon_BanditTrader
Message ItWr_Vatras2Saturas_FindRaven
Opened message ItWr_Vatras2Saturas_FindRaven_opened
Paybook ITWR_Addon_FrancisAbrechnung_Mis
Greg’s log book ITWR_Addon_GregsLogbuch_Mis
Recipe for magical essence ItWr_ManaRezept
Pass ItWr_Passierschein
Stinking Note ItWr_HalvorMessage
Vatras Sealed Message ItWr_VatrasMessage
Vatras Message Open ItWr_VatrasMessage_Open
Peace Offer for the Paladins ItWr_Passage_MIS
Bandit Letter ItWr_BanditLetter_MIS
Wanted Note ItWr_Poster_MIS
Lehmar’s book of debts ItWr_Schuldenbuch
A letter to Lord Hagen ItWr_PaladinLetter_MIS
Milten’s Note to Gorn ItWr_LetterForGorn_MIS
Silvestro’s Note ItWr_Silvestro_MIS
Bloodflies’ Venom ItWr_Bloody_MIS
Note of Debenture ItWr_Pfandbrief_MIS
Song lyrics ItWr_Manowar
A message ItWr_KDWLetter
Gilbert Letter ItWr_GilbertLetter
Letter of authorization for Pyrokar ItWr_PermissionToWearInnosEye_MIS
The Halls of Irdorath ItWr_XardasBookForPyrokar_Mis
Cornelius Diary ItWr_CorneliusTagebuch_Mis
Almanac of the Possessed ITWR_DementorObsessionBook_MIS
Pyrokar’s Magic Letter ItWr_PyrokarsObsessionList
Letter to Babo ItWr_BabosLetter_MIS
Picture of Woman ItWr_BabosPinUp_MIS
Bundle of Papers ItWr_BabosDocs_MIS
Diego’s letter to Gerbrandt ItWr_DiegosLetter_MIS
Letter ItWr_MorgahardTip
Khorinis Ore Mine Share ItWr_MinenAnteil_Mis
Judge’s Assignment ItWr_RichterKomproBrief_MIS
The Spirit of the Wine ItWr_VinosKellergeister_Mis
Important message ITWr_Addon_Hinweis_02
Pure life energy ITWr_Addon_Health_04
Pure mana ITWr_Addon_Mana_04
Important hint ITWr_Addon_Hinweis_01
Note ITWr_Addon_William_01
Recipe ITWr_Addon_MCELIXIER_01
Greasy note ITWr_Addon_Pirates_01
Recipe for Lou’s Hammer ITWr_Addon_Lou_Rezept
Recipe for Lou’s Double Hammer ITWr_Addon_Lou_Rezept2
Hasty Herring ITWr_Addon_Piratentod
A piece of paper Fakescroll_Addon
Instructions for a bandit axe ItWr_Addon_AxtAnleitung
Summoning ‘Quarhodron’ ItWr_Addon_SUMMONANCIENTGHOST
Stone Tablets
Stone Tablets
Stone tablet of Strength I ItWr_StrStonePlate1_Addon
Stone tablet of Strength II ItWr_StrStonePlate2_Addon
Stone tablet of Strength III ItWr_StrStonePlate3_Addon
Stone tablet of Dexterity I ItWr_DexStonePlate1_Addon
Stone tablet of Dexterity II ItWr_DexStonePlate2_Addon
Stone tablet of Dexterity III ItWr_DexStonePlate3_Addon
Stone tablet of Life Energy I ItWr_HitPointStonePlate1_Addon
Stone tablet of Life Energy II ItWr_HitPointStonePlate2_Addon
Stone tablet of Life Energy III ItWr_HitPointStonePlate3_Addon
Stone tablet of Magic I ItWr_ManaStonePlate1_Addon
Stone tablet of Magic II ItWr_ManaStonePlate2_Addon
Stone tablet of Magic III ItWr_ManaStonePlate3_Addon
Stone tablet of One-Handed Combat I ItWr_OneHStonePlate1_Addon
Stone tablet of One-Handed Combat II ItWr_OneHStonePlate2_Addon
Stone tablet of One-Handed Combat III ItWr_OneHStonePlate3_Addon
Stone tablet of Two-Handed Combat I ItWr_TwoHStonePlate1_Addon
Stone tablet of Two-Handed Combat II ItWr_TwoHStonePlate2_Addon
Stone tablet of Two-Handed Combat III ItWr_TwoHStonePlate3_Addon
Stone tablet of Archery I ItWr_BowStonePlate1_Addon
Stone tablet of Archery II ItWr_BowStonePlate2_Addon
Stone tablet of Archery III ItWr_BowStonePlate3_Addon
Stone tablet of Crossbow I ItWr_CrsBowStonePlate1_Addon
Stone tablet of Crossbow II ItWr_CrsBowStonePlate2_Addon
Stone tablet of Crossbow III ItWr_CrsBowStonePlate3_Addon
To use Waypoints type in console ,,Goto [desired waypoint],,
Locations from Gothic 1
Locations from Irdorath
Other Cool Commands
Again you type insert for NPCs too!
edit abilities-Brings up a sub-menu where you can edit player abilities.
edit focus-Brings up a sub-menu where you can edit focused npc,object.
cheat god-Enables god mode.
cheat full-Heals player.
invisible-Invisible to all enemies.
zhighqualityrender-Makes the game look slightly better.
kill-kills focused enemy
insert gold-1000 gold for 100 exp
Set Time XX:XX-let you set a certain time
Insert pc_itemfeller-An npc with all items
Insert pc_rocketfeller-Strong npc that has all swords bows and armors
Insert sh-Storyhelper an npc that lets you choose any chapter
Insert ch-CharacterHelper an npc that helps you raise your character level skills, chose a guild etc.
T-shows info about that NPC,Object
O-Lets you take control of the focused npc
K-Moves hero forward
F8-Bigger Jump
F9-Stops Time
Play Ani Commands
Play Ani Commands lets you apply a certain animation to the Hero
Play ani [animation]

Faceani shows face emotion
Faceani [animation]
Hero Animations
This will apply animations for hero but after load or save the animation will become to normal
apply overlaymds [animation code]
e.g apply overlaymds humans_mage
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Gaby  [author] Jun 3, 2020 @ 4:05am 
The only method that i know is that you drop the mod's item and open console and write edit focus and on the top you can see the item code
Ravielsk Jun 2, 2020 @ 11:06am 
Is there any command to find out codes for items dropped in the world? You know in cases when mods add new items.
Gaby  [author] Mar 4, 2020 @ 8:50am 
thanks i added the command
Piromaru Mar 4, 2020 @ 4:23am 
Bosper's bow : ITRW_BOW_L_03_MIS
Dante Feb 22, 2020 @ 7:00am 
A very complete guide for item insert commands, and very helpful too.
Thanks mate.