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Bosses Only Endless Quest
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Bosses Only Endless Quest

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This mod adds a boss only endless quest that is available alongside the default Endless Harvest quest.

Bosses included:
The Thing From The Stars
Brigand Pounder
Drowned Crew
Swine God
After beating the quest "Brigand Incursion":
(low chance)
After beating the second Darkest Dungeon quest:
(extremely low chance)
Shuffling Horror
Templar Warlord & Templar Impaler

Kill count will now show the amount of bosses killed (summons etc. no longer count as kills)
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at first light Oct 5 @ 1:40am 
thank you kindly for this awesome experience ,i am patiently waiting for the CC bosses to be added whenever you feel like it.But don't feel pressured about it, also it's not bad if the bosses give you 2 the curse ,it's part of gameplay so don't be afraid to add their vanilla characters. Just imagine having to enter a fierce combat with the countess while your heroes are waisitng with no blood in your inventory... man the tention is thrilling!
Prince Gwythyr (Ezrik) Sep 27 @ 5:20am 
Do you only have to fight one boss per wave or is it boss after boss after boss?
uncleseifer Sep 22 @ 5:32am 
@Chogex I made a translation into Russian. Will you add it? yadi. sk/ d /jDAilLLqmfNm6w
Tyger Tac Aug 18 @ 7:06pm 
Do it give trinkets?(and baubles)
Scootz Aug 17 @ 12:56am 
I always felt like the bosses needed to come back - whether it was Darkest Dungeon style loot runs for awesome trinkets or as a shambler-esque encounter. Happy to see this!
jdvillegas2014 Jul 22 @ 8:40pm 
one question, is the difficulty from the bosses random? i just got a callous shrieker ( the apprentice one ). he hits me with 7 with his peck lul
Chogex  [author] Jul 19 @ 11:51am 
After the first boss, yes
El_Choripanero Jul 19 @ 11:08am 
Every time you kill a boss it gives you crystals?
Chogex  [author] Jul 17 @ 2:49pm 
All bosses, except for vvulf and the 2 ddq bosses have an equal chance of spawning. Mini-bosses are slightly more frequent due to them being able to spawn in any area. The final boss would feel out of place in this quest and I'd rather not have it be a part of this quest.

Only champion bosses here. This quest is quite a bit different from that mod due to the quest structure. The goal of this mod is not to beat all bosses in a single run, but to beat as many bosses as possible. You can face the same bosses multiple times and as such I feel like I can leave out some encounters that wouldn't fit this structure well.
Flamew1ng Jul 17 @ 11:04am 
Why do some of the bosses only have a low chance of showing up? Also, is there a reason for not adding the final boss?

I presume only the champion version of a boss can be encountered if it has one?