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Finnish Equipment Icons
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Jul 9, 2018 @ 10:25pm
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Finnish Equipment Icons


Welcome to the Finnish Plane Icons mod! In this mod i've replaced the base games black shadows for Finland's airforce with beautiful icons made all by yours truly. The mod is still technically in development so stay tuned for updates!

I've got some big goals for this mod. The next update will inclued jet icons for FInland and after that, carrier planes. In the far future i'd like to also make the Finnish tank tree and do Infantry equipment, I can even do portraits so maybe this mod will develop into a total GFX addion for Finland someday!

All planes here are historical planes and nearly all were actually used by the Finnish Air Force, however the dates are far from perfect and there might be better planes to use than I did, this was just a fun project for me so relax, anything is better than nothing :)

Another random note for you, if you enjoy seeing black and white photos restored in color then all the links on the side lead to my various colorizaton accounts

Q: I've seen some of these in Kaiserreich, are you a theif!?
A: No sir! It was me who made these icons for KR, however i never "Finnished" them during my time on the team but now I've come back to complete the planes for my own mod

Q: What's up with the swastikas?
A: Historical reasons only. The Finnish swastika is an ancient symbol of luck, used from the prehistoric times. It became popular in art in the national romantic era, when the Finnish nation and national imagery was under creation. And so the Swastika became the insignia of the Finnish Airforce in 1918 because Swedish count Eric von Rosen gave the Finnish government its first aircraft, when he flew his private plane to Finland in 1918. He had painted his personal symbol of luck on the plane, a blue swastika. The Finnish Aircraft had just been founded and this symbol was adopted as the insignia of the Finnish Aircraft in the same year.

Q: I have better questions not stated here!
A: Comment below or DM me and i'll resond ASAP

8-15-19 Version 3.1!
Updated to latest update (1.7.1)

7-11-18 Version 3!
Tanks have been added! Sadly Finland did not reall produce her own tanks so most of the tanks represent captured and copied or licensed tanks.

Tanks Added
-Renault FT
-Vickers-Armstrongs 6-Ton Tank
-Panzer IV
-Panzer III
-British Charioteer Mk VII
-Panzer V-Panther
-Tiger II

7-10-18 Version 2!
In todays update I've added jet icons to the mod! Because Finland did not produce her own jets I had to look beyond to other nations, jets added come from Germany, USSR, and the USA due to multiple reasons. The German jets hypothetically would've been captured and possibly copied, the USSR actually sold MiG-15s to Finland so no problems there. As for US jets we can assume they were liscenced or bought.

Planes added
-Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-9
-Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15
-Arado Ar 234
-North American B-45 Tornado
-Boeing B-47 Stratojet

7-10-18 Version 2.1
Fixed an error that swapped the MiG-9 and MiG-15
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Yeah no problem buddy
Elefants Nov 11 @ 6:06pm 
hey man im doing a fresh update and I know you've said yest to other but for me its just common courtesy to ask if I could possibly use this for the mod to tie it together in one nice package?
USAACWW2 Oct 28 @ 11:48pm 
can you please update this mod?:ss13ok:
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Hi, I would like to know if it was possible to use your mod in my project?
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Yeah dude
Ryravux May 30 @ 12:34pm 
Can I use your mod in a mod pack I'm making?
Friedhelm Jan 13 @ 7:27am 
Ah sorry, I forget something. If you want to do that. Can you do maybe a Road 56 version ?
Friedhelm Jan 12 @ 6:23pm 
Yeah that's cool, thanks :3
G.D.W  [author] Jan 12 @ 6:15pm 
It shall be done :]