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How do i get the the dog?: Place down the module in the editor (its in modules under other)

How does the dog work?: Hover an enemy and attack option will appear; Getting into a car a "get it" option will appear getting out the opposite. It was made to be quicker

Thank you for trying the mod!

To get this mod to work drop the K-9 module in the map and sync it to a handler

What the mod has to offer:
-Bomb detection
-Multiplayer compatibility
-A dog that kills tangos
-A working dog!!

At first it doesnt seem much at first, but once you get in a fire fight or clearing buildings here is were the fun part comes in.

Once you step into the building the dog will clear it with you and kill an enemies he finds.

In a fire fight? no problem you can always send you dog out there to attack enemies, but are enemies getting to close? dont worry any enemies that gets within 15m of the handler or dog the dog will automatically target them.

Scared of bombs/IEDs? dont worry the dog will raise hell and will never shut the ♥♥♥♥ up while near one, so you will always know when one is around

Thanks BruceALMIGHTYY for using my mod in a video!
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SFG.Daniel  [author] Dec 13 @ 8:39am 
korda unfortunately yes it is for the second
korda Dec 13 @ 1:39am 
Is the mod abandoned ? :steamsad:
Headpin Dec 2 @ 8:58am 
Features like stay or move there mould be awesome. Maybe a camera on the back of the dog would be nice, so you can for example send the dog into a house to scout.
Pierre Nov 5 @ 11:18am 
Ok thx
SFG.Daniel  [author] Nov 5 @ 10:58am 
Pierre Im no longer activiely working on it ( Im planning on making a come back ) .... But to spawn the dog is .... place the K-9 module in the map and sync it to a handler
Pierre Nov 5 @ 9:06am 
Very good addons ! Easy to use but I don't understand how to spawn the dog in multiplayer. Are you currently working on this mod ? :)
SPECFOR Nov 1 @ 7:23pm 
Hey SFG.Daniel, i found this screenshot ( ) and i'm wondering where this dog vest is coming from? any idea? Thanks
Dark Frostmare© Oct 29 @ 5:50am 
SFG.Daniel great then i won't be all like:csgo_despair: to figure it out and end up being :csgo_dead:
Taichou Itami Oct 28 @ 3:16pm 
Awesome thank you.