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Bad Wolf
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May 6, 2013 @ 11:33am
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Bad Wolf

''I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words; I scatter them in time and space … a message to lead myself here.''

Updated on December 28th, 2013 for the Twelfth Doctor!

ATTENTION. I did NOT make the TARDIS mod!
That is TheShatteredSteel's TARDIS mod[].
It is too big for the Workshop, which is why it's a Nexus exclusive.

Now then, onto the Bad Wolf mod:

This mod serves three purposes:
The First, to make a Doctor Who joke.
The Second, to make wolves slightly more awesome.
The Third, to offer an ongoing quest to gain a familiar-looking amulet.

In my adventures in Skyrim, wolves started out as formidable but became nuisances like Skeevers
Level 1:
Wolf: ''Grrr I'm a Wolf!''
Me: ''AAAAA Take my money and don't hurt me!''

Level 42:
Wolf: ''Grrrr I'm a Wolf!'''
Me: ''Yeah, that's great. you're dead now.'''

Level 63:
Wolf: ''Grrr I'm dead now.''
Me: ''Did you hear something, Serana?''
Serana: ''Yes? What'd you need?''

So I thought, ''Gee, a leveled wolf would be cool. What would it be called though? Well, duh. Bad Wolf. It HAS to be Bad Wolf. Allons-y!''

The Bad Wolf will always be 80% of your level and want to devour your face.
Oh, and they don't replace the vanilla wolves, they simply add to them. So you'll still encounter normal wolves, but every so often there will be a nastier one nipping at your knees.

Also on the Nexus[]

Check out my Torchwood mod, too!

Oh, and I'm playing one of my characters as A Time Lord in Skyrim[]

As River Song says, ''Spoilers!''
I've added a video that explains the location of 11 instances of the words ''Bad Wolf,'' with the help of a good friend:

And here's a video explaining the two that were added with the 50th Anniversary edition:

There is a 42% chance that a Bad Wolf will be holding a special key. This key can be used to open the 13 strongboxes scattered throughout Skyrim next to 13 instances of the words ''Bad Wolf.'' Each strongbox contains a gem fragment.
If you can find 12 fragments, you can smelt them with a gold or quicksilver ingot into the Two-Heart Amulet, which fortifies your health and healing rate.

The Two-Heart amulet is modeled after an object from Doctor Who. As to what it is...well...let's just say there's a lot of human nature involved. ;)
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FevantRumble11 Jul 24, 2017 @ 11:37am 
Look For the Lower Case 'L' And You
Will Be Kissed Tomorrow:
*Now Look For The Q And Your Wish
Will Come True:
*This Is Really Hard, Now Find The 'N':
*Now Find The Mistake:
*Something You Really Want, After the
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Now Close Your
Eyes And Make A Wish! ;*;*;*;*;*;* Now
Paste This On 9 pages And Your Wish
Will Come True! Hurry, You Have 20
minutes! Or What You Wished For Will
Be The Opposite
Roi Evoli (Marié à Christine) Jan 22, 2017 @ 1:50pm 
Azazel Aug 3, 2016 @ 4:23pm 
@JKalenad you should make a mod that adds the Tenth Doctor's outfit and the 11th's too, maybe even some voiced followers that look like companions from doctor who? :3
Intense Screaming Dec 20, 2015 @ 6:38am 
pls make doctor who costume mod with fez and 11th and 10th doctor outfits plssssss
Ferd Co. Aug 13, 2015 @ 8:19pm 
Level 100:
wolf: "Gerr im going to piss you off by appearing everywhere and biteing you to make your screen flash red!" :steammocking:
me: :steamfacepalm: (Finally goes into inventory and finds a wepon to kill wolf)

Superpyrocharged Dec 25, 2014 @ 8:44pm 
teenkitten279 Dec 20, 2014 @ 11:19am 
yes im a whovian yes its the best desicion iv ever made
Dank Lord Chloe Nov 1, 2014 @ 11:07am 
this was last edited on my birthday im so special
carl_jones22 Oct 18, 2014 @ 12:25pm 
Ninja Aug 22, 2014 @ 12:30pm 
Hello Children Of Gallifrey Come Join The Time Lord Academy First 5 become a High Council Memeber!